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Valentine Cupcake Decorations – Decorating Cupcakes

As Valentine’s Day gets closer, I thought it would be fun to show some of my favorite quick and easy Valentine cupcake decorations.

Cooking for Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite things to do. Decorating cupcakes is such a fun way to say “I love you” to your friends and family. And when the sweet saying is accompanied by a sweet treat? Even better!

We just celebrated National Carrot Cake Day on February 3. Now let’s decorate cupcakes for Valentine’s day.

Another day to share these cupcakes with your special person is with a love potion cocktail on National Spouses Day – January 26.

These 13 Easy Valentine Cupcake Decorations are great for some last minute Valentine's day decorating.

Cupcakes are a fun and easy dessert to make. Unless you want to go whole hog with a homemade dessert, you can use boxed cake mixes AND frosting.  

Then you get to spend your time doing what I consider the most fun part of cupcake making – the decorating part. All of these Valentine cupcake decorations are easy to do.  

Just get creative and start with a bowl of candy. The ideas will just come to you!

I was on a craft shopping trip for St. Patrick’s day supplies the other day and saw some fun heart shaped candy jellies. I instantly knew that they would end up being a topper for one of my Valentine cupcakes!  

After rummaging around in my candy and cake decorating bin, I came up with a lot more ideas, as well.

Just bake up your favorite cupcakes and get decorating for the holiday.  I love desserts that are quick and easy to make. With my busy lifestyle, I am more likely to make them again if I know that I can prepare them in a jiffy.

You can either use a prepared frosting, or make your own buttercream frosting and tint it with some food coloring. I knew I’d be spending a bit of time on the decorating part, so I opted for the easy way!

Time for some easy Valentine cupcake decorations

Decorating cupcakes to say “I love you” is as easy as making a batch of cupcakes and getting out some special Valentine’s Day candy and inexpensive craft supplies. Most of these ideas are done in a flash and yet still are effective.

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Cut Twizzlers into pieces and decorate a cupcake with them.

Cut red Twizzlers into small pieces and make a circle around your Valentine cupcake. Then use scissors to cut one piece into a flower for the center.

Basket valentine cupcake decoration

For this decoration, I used 1/2 of a Twizzler to make a basket handle and added a few small candies in it and added some red, pink and white sprinkles. This decoration would also work as an Easter cupcake!

Heart shaped cupcake with pearl sprinkles

More ideas for decorating cupcakes

Decorate a heart shaped cupcake by using red icing and small pearl candies. Simple but very pretty! See my tutorial on how to make heart shaped cupcakes.

Hearts are one of the main symbols of Valentine’s Day, so making your cupcake in a heart shape would be festive and full of meaning.

Add a cherry jelly heart to a heart shaped cupcake

This easy Valentine cupcake decoration uses white frosting on a heart shaped cupcake and a single red cherry heart shaped jelly candy. Yum!

Conversation hearts make a nice easy valentine cupcake decoration.

Large conversation hearts are great Valentine cupcake decorations. Just frost with some pink frosting and add a heart in the center. Get the recipe for the strawberry buttercream frosting.

Mini gumdrops make an easy Valentines cupcake decoration

Arrange red mini gumdrops in a circle and then sprinkle over pink sugar crystals for a pretty look.

Peppermint hearts in a heart shaped cupcake

What could be easier than this? A heart shaped cupcake is frosted with red frosting and then topped with a single round peppermint. Love the color match!

Sixlets in a circle on a Valentine Cupcake

Red and pink Sixlets in a circle make the perfect edging for this pretty Valentine cupcake.

Sprinkles on a red frosted Valentine Cupcake

Easy peasy time again! A heart shaped cupcake gets frosted with red icing and on go the red pink and white sprinkles! What could be easier?

Plus, red, white and pink are the three colors that symbolize Valentine’s Day. This decoration is not only easy, but super festive.

Make a heart edge with red and white sixlets

This time I took both red and white Sixlets and formed a heart shape around the edge of a heart shaped cupcake.  

Wilton heart sprinkles on a Valentine Cupcake

Wilton jumbo heart sprinkles and a single red Sixlet go perfectly together on this pretty Valentine cupcake.

White sixlets make a heart shape on this Valentine Cupcake

For this cupcake, I used red frosting and then added white Sixlets in a circle to decorate.  

Decorating cupcakes with an XO on a Valentine Cupcake

The last of my easy ideas for decorating cupcakes is made by using jelly sour candy that I cut into tiny pieces and formed the letters XO. Give this one to your special someone!

What says I love you better than these easy Valentine cupcake decorations? They are colorful, fun to do and easy as can be.

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