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National Flower Day – Celebrate by Learning 15 Flower Facts

Every year we welcome the arrival of spring with warmer weather, longer daylight hours and flowers starting to bloom. There’s even a National Flower Day to celebrate the flowers we see emerging at the beginning of spring.

National Flower Day occurs annually on March 21 and is one of the many national days of the year dedicated to flowers.

Unlike National Red Rose Day and National Mistletoe Day which are dedicated to specific flowers, National Flower Day celebrates every variety of flower.

To observe this March 21 national day, keep reading to learn the 15 flower facts below, and get creative ways to celebrate, including a free flower coloring sheet printable.

A clear vase with two pink flowers in it, against a dark teal wall with a text overlay to the left of it that says celebrate National Flower Day, March 21.

How to celebrate National Flower Day

Today is a great occasion to give a loved one a bouquet of flowers. You could either send them through a delivery service or hand deliver them. For other ways to observe National Flower Day, check out the list below.

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Flower facts to celebrate National Flower Day

Celebrate National Flower Day by learning interesting facts about flowers. Some may surprise you!

A white porcelain pitcher being used as a vase sitting on a wooden table against a blue background with various wildflowers in red, yellow, purple and white inside of it.

  • You can make cut flowers last longer by adding vinegar to flower water.
  • Historically flowers were used during a practice known as floriography to send coded messages, usually of adoration to their recipient.
  • Soil acidity determines the color of hydrangeas; this is why you can buy a blue hydrangea, only for it to turn pink after you’ve planted it.
  • Carnations are not only the birth flower of January but also former president William McKinley’s favorite flower.
  • In addition to being beautiful to look at, certain types of flowers are edible and are used in everything from herbal teas to dessert recipes.
  • The largest flower in the world is the rafflesia arnoldsii, which can weigh up to 15 pounds, with a diameter of up to 3 feet. 
  • In Greek mythology, the goddess Aphrodite was believed to have created the first red roses. When her love Adonis was killed, she ran to him and stepped on the thorns of white roses, bleeding on them and turning them red.
  • Sunflowers are named for their ability to follow the sun as it rises and sets. During the night their blooms face downwards.
  • Though eaten as vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts are all flower heads that are harvested before the buds have bloomed.
  • You can use flowers like marigolds, yarrow, cosmos, and chamomile to dye fabrics.

More facts about flowers

National Flower Day isn’t the only national day of the year dedicated to beautiful blooms. Nearly every month in the year has a national day dedicated to flowers, from National Daisy Day in January to National Poinsettia Day in December. 

In addition to being the focus of many national days, flowers are also symbolic of certain holidays. At the beginning of the year, roses are a symbol of Valentine’s Day, and orchids are a symbol of Chinese New Year.

During the spring, Easter lilies and dogwood flowers are two of the symbols of Easter. The year ends with poinsettias, mistletoe, and other types of greenery being symbols of Christmas.

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More March 21 national days

Did you enjoy learning about National Flower Day? You’ll be excited to know that there are over 150 national days in March!

Some observe food holidays, while others celebrate animals and items that you come into contact with. Be sure to check out this national days guide for more information about the history of national days and why we celebrate them.

A close up rectangular image of various tropical flowers arranged tightly together.

There are so many reasons to celebrate March 21, because it is host to more than just one national day! Here is a complete list of all the March 21 national days:

  • National French Bread Day
  • National California Strawberry Day
  • National Common Courtesy Day
  • National Fragrance Day
  • National Single Parent Day
  • National Countdown Day
  • International Day of Forests
  • Memory Day
  • National Flower Day
  • National Teenager Day
  • World Vermouth Day
  • World Down Syndrome Day
  • World Poetry Day

Make sure to watch this YouTube video to learn about more national days in March. 

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A blue sky with tulips of various shades of pink and purple beneath it, with a text overlay on the sky for National Flower Day, encouraging people to learn flower facts to celebrate.

Yield: 1 coloring sheet

Flower Coloring Sheet for National Flower Day

A square image of a flower coloring page, not colored in, featuring different types of flowers.

Celebrate National Flower Day and welcome the arrival of spring by downloading this free flower coloring sheet.

You can use any colors of the rainbow you like to fill in flower coloring page. Just grab your colored pencils, markers, or crayons and let your heart be your guide.

It's a fun, screen free, activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $1


  • Colored pencils, markers or crayons
  • Computer paper


  • Computer
  • Printer


  1. Load blank paper into your computer printer.
  2. Choose portrait layout and, if possible, "fit to page" in your settings.
  3. Print the flower coloring sheet and color in with colored pencils, markers or crayons.


Using this print function on this card will print a flower coloring page that fills about 3/4 of an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper.

To fill the entire page, choose "fit to page" on your printer if you have this setting, or use the link in the post above and print using the browser print feature.

A square image of a flower coloring sheet, not colored in, featuring different types of flowers.

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