National Days in February – Love – Presidents – Food and More!

This calendar of National Days in February will give you an easy way to look over the month to find out which national days we will celebrate with food, drink or crafts.  This month we turn to thoughts of love, memories of our Presidents and even a peek at Punxsutawney Phil the Groundhog!This calendar of national days in February gives a handy overview of the month to help with planning.

Learning about the Month of February and its National Days

February is the second month of the year and the shortest with only 28 days, unless leap year gives it 29. It is the third month of winter in the Northern Hemisphere but the last month of summer in the Southern.

The name of the month comes from the Latin word “februum” which means purification. Along with January, it is one of the last two months added to the Roman calendar.

The birthstone of February is amethyst , birth flowers are violets and primroses and the zodiac sign is Aquarius up to February 19 and Pisces beyond that date.

The calendar below lists the National Days of February, day by day. Some of the days have links to pages on my site where you can find more information about that fun national day.

This is a page under constructions. All of the special days are shown below, but I am gradually adding pages with more information to the site. I update this page often with new links and fun facts about your favorite national day so be sure to check back soon.

National Days in February

I always love to look ahead on the current month’s calendar, so that I can plan my meals and fun things to do based on what national day is coming up that month.February calendar

For many of us, the month of February is all about love, since St. Valentine’s Day is right in the middle of the month. 

But there are so many more thing to focus on, from Groundhog day, which tells us when to expect the long awaited spring, to World Bartender day, when we can really test our cocktail making skills.

Here is a day by day list for the National days for the first half of the month of February:

February 1

  • National Baked Alaska Day
  • National Freedom Day
  • National Serpent Day
  • National Get up Day
  • National Texas Day
  • Decorating With Candy Day
  • Car Insurance Day
  • Change your Password Day
  • G.I. Joe Day
  • Hula in the Coola Day
  • Spunky Old Broad’s Day
  • Robinson Crusoe Day
  • Ice Cream for Breakfast Day – (1st Saturday)

February 2

  • National Heavenly Hash Day
  • National Groundhog Day
  • National Tater Tot Day
  • Crepe Day
  • California Kiwifruit Day
  • Hedgehog Day
  • Marmot Day
  • Self Renewal Day
  • Sled Dog Day
  • World Ukulele Day
  • World Wetlands Day
  • Dump your Significant Jerk Day (1st Sunday)
  • Superbowl Sunday (1st Sunday)
  • Super Chicken Wing Day (Observed on Superbowl Sunday)
  • Pork Rind Appreciation Day (Observed on Superbowl Sunday)

February 3

  • National Carrot Cake Day
  • National Day the Music Died Day
  • National Women Physicians Day
  • National Missing Person’s Day
  • National Wedding Ring Day
  • National Golden Retriever Day
  • American Painter’s Day
  • Elmo’s Birthday
  • Take a Cruise Day
  • National Football Hangover Day (day after Superbowl Sunday)

February 4

  • National Hemp Day
  • National Thank a Mail Carrier Day
  • National Homemade Soup Day
  • National Create a Vacuum Day
  • National Stuffed Mushroom Day
  • National Quacker Day
  • Liberace Day
  • Torture Abolition Day
  • World Cancer Day
  • National Safer Internet Day (1st Tuesday)
  • African American Coaches Day (1st Tuesday)

February 5

  • National Weather Person’s Day
  • World Nutella Day
  • National Shower a Friend Day
  • National Chocolate Fondue Day
  • Disaster Day
  • Western Monarch Day
  • National Girls and Women in Sports Day (1st Wednesday)

February 6

February 7

  • National Fettuccine Alfredo Day
  • National Periodic Table Day
  • National Send a Card to a Friend Day
  • Ballet Day
  • Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
  • International Clash Day
  • Wave all your Fingers at your Neighbors Day
  • Rose Day
  • National Wear Red Day (1st Friday)
  • National Bubblegum Day (1st Friday)
  • Give Kids a Smile Day (1st Friday)
  • Wear Red Day (1st Friday)

February 8

  • National Boy Scouts Day
  • National Kite Flying Day
  • National Potato Lover’s Day
  • National Iowa Day
  • National Molasses Bar Day
  • Laugh and Get Rich Day
  • Opera Day

pizza, kite flying and ballet dancer

February 9

  • National Toothache Day
  • National Pizza Day
  • National Bagel Day
  • Pizza Pie Day
  • Read in the Bathtub Day
  • Man Day (Sunday Before February 14)
  • World Marriage Day (2nd Sunday)

February 10

  • National Cream Cheese Brownie Day
  • National Have a Brownie Day
  • National Umbrella Day
  • National Home Warranty Day
  • Plimsole Day
  • Flannel Day
  • Teddy Day
  • National Clean Out Your Computer Day (2nd Monday)
  • Oatmeal Monday (2nd Monday)

February 11

  • National Inventor’s Day
  • National White Shirt Day
  • National Make a Friend Day
  • National Peppermint Patty Day
  • National Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day
  • National Shut in Visitation Day
  • Be Electrified Day
  • Get Out Your Guitar Day
  • Grandmother Achievement Day
  • Pro Sports Wives Day
  • Promise Day
  • Satisfied Staying Single Day
  • International Day of Women and Girls in Science
  • Extraterrestrial Culture Day (2nd Tuesday)

February 12

  • National Plum Pudding Day
  • National Lost Penny Day
  • NAACP Day
  • Paul Bunyan Day
  • Safety Pup Day
  • International Darwin Day
  • Lincoln’s Birthday
  • Freedom to Marry Day

February 13

  • National Break up with Your Carrier Day
  • National Crab Rangoon Day
  • National Cheddar Day
  • National Tortellini Day
  • National Italian Food Day
  • World Radio Day
  • Palentine’s Day
  • Employee Legal Awareness Day
  • Dream Your Sweet Day
  • Kiss Day
  • Get A Different Name Day
  • Madly in Love with Me Day

February 14

  • Valentine’s Day
  • National Cream Filled Chocolates Day
  • National Ferris Wheel Day
  • National Call in Single Day
  • National Have a Heart Day
  • National Organ Donor Day
  • Pet Theft Awareness Day
  • International Book Giving Day
  • League of Women Voters Day
  • Library Lovers Day
  • Race Relations Day
  • Read to your Child Day
  • International Winter Bike to work Day (2nd Friday)
  • National No One Eats Alone Day (2nd Friday)
  • The Inbox Day (2nd Friday)

February 15

  • National Gumdrop Day
  • National Singles Awareness Day
  • National Wisconsin Day
  • National Hippo Day
  • National I Want Butterscotch Day
  • Susan B. Anthony Day
  • St. Skeletor’s Day
  • World Whale Day (3rd Saturday)
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More National Days in the month of February

The month is over half way done. Have we mentioned your favorite national day?  If not, keep reading. There are many more special days to come this month.

Whether you want to Love your Pet, or celebrate with some chocolate covered nuts, I’ve got you covered!National days in February

February 16

  • National Almond Day
  • National Do a Grouch a Favor Day
  • National Innovation Day
  • World Whale Day (3rd Sunday)

February 17

  • National Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • National Cabbage Day
  • National Public Science Day
  • National PTA Founders Day
  • National Café Au Lait Day
  • My Way Day
  • Who Shall I be Day
  • World Human Spirit Day
  • National Indian Pudding Day (also February 17, June 27 and November 13)
  • National President’s Day (3rd Monday)

February 18

  • National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day
  • National Drink Wine Day
  • National Battery Day
  • Thumb Appreciation Day

February 19

  • National Chocolate Mint Day
  • National Lash Day
  • National Vet Girls ROCK Day
  • Prevent Plagiarism Day
  • International Tug of War Day
  • Iwo Jima Day

February 20

  • National Cherry Pie Day
  • National Love Your Pet Day
  • National Muffin Day
  • National Handcuff Day
  • National Student Volunteer Day
  • Clean Out Your Bookcase Day
  • World Day of Social Justice

February 21

  • National Sticky Bun Day
  • National Grain Free Day
  • Card Reading Day
  • Single Tasking Day
  • International Mother Language Day
  • National Caregiver’s Day (3rd Friday)
  • National Woman’s Heart Day (3rd Friday)

February 22

  • National Margarita Day
  • National Cook a Sweet Potato Day
  • National California Day
  • National Wildlife Day
  • Scouts Founders Day
  • George Washington’s Birthday
  • Walking the Dog Day
  • World Thinking Day
  • Be Humble Day
  • European Day for Victims of Crime

Barista, tennis player, handcuffs and dog walking

February 23

  • National Banana Bread Day
  • National Dog Biscuit Day
  • National Tile Day
  • National Rationalization Day
  • Curling is Cook Day
  • Play Tennis Day
  • Diesel Engine Day
  • World Understanding and Peace Day

February 24

February 25

  • National Chocolate Covered Nut Day
  • National Clam Chowder Day
  • Let’s All Eat Right Day
  • Quiet Day
  • Pistol Patent Day
  • National Spay Day (last Tuesday)
  • Fat Tuesday (Day before Ash Wednesday)
  • National Pancake Day – (I Hop – changes each year)

February 26

  • National Tell a Fairy Tale Day
  • National Pistachio Day
  • National Personal Chef Day (also July 16)
  • Carnival Day
  • Thermos Bottle Day
  • For Pete’s Sake Day
  • Inconvenience Yourself Day (4th Wednesday)
  • Ash Wednesday (changes each year.)

February 27

  • National Kahlua Day
  • National Strawberry Day
  • National Polar Bear Day (also International)
  • National Retro Day
  • National Anosmia Awareness Day
  • No Brainer Day
  • Pokemon Day
  • National Chili Day (4th Thursday)
  • National Toast Day (Last Thursday)

February 28

  • National Chocolate Souffle Day
  • National Floral Design Day
  • National Public Sleeping Day
  • National Tooth Fairy Day
  • National Science Day
  • Digital Learning Day
  • Car Keys and Small Change Day
  • National Skip the Straw Day (4th Friday)
  • National Tartar Sauce (Friday after Lent begins)

February 29 (leap year!)

  • International Sword Swallower’s Day (last Saturday)
  • International Tongue Twister Day (last Saturday)
  • Open that Bottle Night (last Saturday)
  • National Rare Disease Day USA (last day of February)
  • National Frog’s Legs Day (only occurs in a leap year.)

I hope you have enjoyed this February special days list.  As you can see, no matter here your interests lie, there is a national day for you to give some special love.

Just for the foodies!

If you are a foodie, I have some special National Day Calendars just for you.

Each month has its own list of Foodie National days and each month celebrates different food holidays. Here are some other foodie National Day Calendars that feature only food holidays to honor with your favorite recipes:

More to come later!

Do you celebrate National Days? Which day in February is your favorite day to honor?

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National Days Calendar Printables

If you like to plan ahead, be sure to check out my monthly printable calendars. Each one features one National Day that I have featured. It’s great for planning craft projects, recipes and outdoor activities to honor the special days.

For all my National Days Calendar printables check out these pages:

2021 calendars to come soon!

Monthly National Day Lists

There are over 2000 National Days in the year and each month has over 150 special days to celebrate.  Get all the monthly calendars here:

Need More Inspiration?

Looking for some inspiration for discovering more about all the National Days? Be sure to check out my National Days board on Pinterest.  It has lots of pins that lead to articles about the topic.

National Days board on Pinetrest

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