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February Food Holidays- Celebrating with Month with Food Days

Are you looking for special days in the month of February to celebrate with food? Then this list of February food holidays is for you!

There are 365 days of the year and almost every single one of them has a national day or foodie holiday associated with it!

And with Valentine’s Day in the middle of the month, and many food days in February dedicated to chocolate, this is a tasty month to celebrate!

Did you know chocolate is one of the symbols of Valentine’s Day? Head to our Valentine’s Day colors guide for more information about the holiday.

National days are always a lot of fun to celebrate, no matter the reason. But when you mention foods and tasty cocktails, everyone gets excited.

Unsure about what national days are? Check out my national days guide for more information.

Macarons on a plant with hearts and words Hello February.

If you are a foodie, you will certainly be aware of just how many days of the year are devoted to entertaining with a favorite food.

You will probably find that you are scouring the internet to find out the answer to this question: What national food day is it today? 

National days are a great way to bring together family and friends with special occasions. And we know that most of these include food.

Nothing quite says Valentine’s Day like a love potion cocktail, does it?

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What are national food days?

Do you like those diet cookbooks where you don’t have to make any choices since the author tells you what to eat on each day during the month? National food days are somewhat like this. 

Trays of party food on a table.

Food holidays are the internet’s way of telling you that you should cook a special food that day based on what the national day of the month is.

If you check out any national day list and look through the list, you will see how many of them are devoted to food? I’m going to make it even easier for you by making a list that includes only food holidays. 

Just browse this list below. Every day is associated with food or drink in some way. With this list you can’t go wrong with your party planning.

February monthly food observances

February is right in the middle of the cold part of the year for many of us, and this gives us a chance to use some of the foods that are hot or are considered comfort foods.

It is not just days of the month that are associated with food. Sometimes the whole month is known for a certain type of food. For February we observe these foods this month:

Chocolate background with text showing a list of February Monthly food observances.

  • National Snack Food Month
  • National Hot Breakfast Month
  • National Grapefruit Month 
  • National Cherry Month
  • Great American Pies Month
  • National Bake for Family Fun Month
  • National Canned Food Month
  • National Chocolate Lovers Month
  • National Potato Lovers Month
And drum roll….. National Margarita Weekend – oh YAY, Margaritas get a whole weekend!

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List of February national food days

Even though love is on our minds in February, the month is also filled with lots of other delicious food holidays as well.

Here is a list of all the February food holidays to look forward to. Most are labeled national days (or international days) and others are just labeled by the food itself.

I have also given you lots of ideas for recipes and other ways to celebrate these foodie national days. From cake pops to heavenly hash and nutella, these are all days to have fun!

Pizza and stuffed mushrooms with words Tasty Food Days in February.

List of February food days

Below is a list of the national food days in February. On some of the days, there are to recipes to help you celebrate, and on other days, there are links to products on Amazon that will help you get the most out of the national day.

This post may contain affiliate links. I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you if you purchase through an affiliate link.

February 1

  • National Cake Pops Day – Make cake pops easily at home with a cake pop maker.
  • National Baked Alaska Day – Watch a video about making this frozen dessert here.
  • National Dark Chocolate Day – Get a recipe for easy dark chocolate fudge.
  • Decorating With Candy Day – Use your candy to decorate these Valentine’s Day Cupcakes.

February 2

February 3

February 4

February 5

  • World Nutella Day – What better day to enjoy these Paleo Nutella Pudding Pops than today?
  • National Chocolate Fondue Day – Enjoy your homemade chocolate fondue in a heart shaped fondue set.

Cup of strawberry frozen yogurt.

February 6

February 7

February 8

February 9

February 10

Two chocolate brownies on a white plate.

February 11

  • National Peppermint Patty Day – Try Pearson’s Mint Patties in a huge jar.
  • National Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day – Don’t cry over it – use it to make a Kahlua Rumba Cocktail.

February 12

  • National Plum Pudding Day – Enjoy the taste of a Matthew Walker plum pudding, imported from the UK.

February 13

  • National Crab Rangoon Day – Enjoy these homemade crab rangoon appetizers made in phyllo cups today.
  • National Cheddar Day – It’s Copycat Time – These Cheddar Bay Biscuits taste almost like the real deal!
  • National Tortellini Day – Make some at home with Corabella Four Cheese tortellini.
  • National Italian Food Day – One of these Italian recipes is sure to hit the spot!

February 14

  • Valentine’s Day – Make some Tootsie Pop Flowers to celebrate.
  • National Cream Filled Chocolates Day – Treat your special someone to a box of cream filled chocolates to celebrate.

February 15

  • National Gumdrop Day – This gumdrop cookie recipe are great at the holidays or any time of the year.
  • National I Want Butterscotch Day – Indulge your sweet tooth with some butterscotch candy.

Variable food holidays in February

Some food days don’t have an exact date, but are celebrated based on the day of the week that they fall. Variable food holidays in February are these:

  • National Bubblegum Day (1st Friday) – Fill your Bubblegum Machine with Rain-blo bubblegum in all the colors of the rainbow.
  • Ice Cream for Breakfast Day – (1st Saturday) – Why go to the ice cream shop?  Make your own at home with an ice cream maker.
  • Oatmeal Monday (2nd Monday) – These strawberry oatmeal bars use whole wheat pastry flour.
  • National No One Eats Alone Day (2nd Friday) – Enjoy these recipes made for two people.
  • National Tartar Sauce – Date changes each year Friday after Ash Wednesday – February 24 in 2023)
  • Super Chicken Wing Day – This tasty holiday is celebrated on Super Bowl Sunday each year – 2nd Sunday of February. Get some facts about chicken wings and also some tasty recipes to honor both days.
  • National Pork Rind Appreciation – (Observed on Super Bowl Sunday – 2nd Sunday) – Indulge in some crispy pork rinds for the game.
  • Fat Tuesday (Day before Ash Wednesday) – Fat Tuesday is a religious celebration, of sorts. Find out why it’s celebrated.
  • National Chili Day (4th Thursday) – Do you like your super hot?
  • Open that Bottle Night (last Saturday) – You’ll need those bottles for these cocktail recipes.

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We are halfway through the month and look at all the national food holidays we have covered already! There is so much more to come, too!

Perhaps Indian pudding, wine, chocolate mint or another of these national days in the next two weeks will be right up your alley.

Margaritas and wine with words February Drink Holidays.

February 16

February 17

  • National Cabbage Day – Make a crunchy southern cabbage slaw at home for dinner tonight.
  • National Cafe Au Lait Day – Find out the difference between latte and café au lait and get lots of ideas to celebrate the day.
  • National Indian Pudding Day (also February 17, June 27 and November 13) – Make an Indian Pudding from scratch with this recipe.

February 18

February 19

  • National Chocolate Mint Day – What better way to celebrate than with some homemade chocolate mint cookies. Get the recipe and find out more about this tasty day.

February 20

February 21

Just a week left. Which day will you celebrate?

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February 22

February 23

Bartender making drinks.

February 24

February 25

  • National Chocolate Covered Nut Day – Eat a handful and check out Chocolate Covered Cashews Day, as well.
  • I-Hop National Pancake Day – Make your pancakes with bananas and pumpkin for a change.
  • National Clam Chowder Day – Try some ready to serve clam chowder from Bar Harbor, Maine.
  • Let’s All Eat Right Day – Check out these Heart Healthy Snack Ideas

February 26

  • National Pistachio Day – Treat yourself to this super tasty pistachio and almond pudding cake.
  • National Personal Chef Day (also July 16) – Do you like to cook? Find out how to start a personal chef business.

February 27

February 28

February 29 (leap year)

  • National Frog’s Legs Day (only occurs in a leap year.) – See how to French frog legs in this video.

Wine, chocolates and gift with words Lists of Food Holidays.

More food holidays lists

Each month has its own list of foodie national days and each month celebrates different food holidays. Here are some other national day food lists:

Do you like to do puzzles? We feature a free printable each month. Print out the February word search puzzle here

Plus, don’t forget to check out this Valentine’s Day word search and Valentine’s word scramble. Both of which have delicious foods to discover!

Red bokeh background with words National Days of the Year.

Monthly national day lists

It is not just food that is celebrated as a national day. Pets, activities, interesting occasions and so much more makes its way to a national day list.

There are over 2000 national days in the year and each month has about 150 -200 special days to celebrate. Get all the monthly lists here:

Pin the food days in February for later

Would you like a reminder of these February national food days? Pin this image to one of your food boards on Pinterest.

You can also watch our video on YouTube.

Heart shaped meat with tomatoes and chili and garlic with words February food holidays.

Yield: 1 National Days Menu Planner Printable

February National Food Holidays Menu Planner Printable

Shrimp on a plate with lemon and words Hello February.

Print out this planner to accompany the February list of food holidays, and fill in with your favorite national food days in February. It's a great way to keep track and plan your meals for the whole month.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $1


  • Heavy cardstock or printer paper


  • Computer printer


  1. Load your heavy card stock or glossy photo paper into your Deskjet printer.
  2. Choose portrait layout and if possible "fit to page" in your settings.
  3. Print out and use the to do list to plan your menus for the month.


Chocolate background with February meal planner calendar overylay.

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Ines Di Lelio

Friday 3rd of February 2023

"Alfredo and his Rome": February 7 special birthday event with the legendary fettuccine

"Alfredo and his Rome": this is the title of the special birthday event scheduled for February 7th in the prestigious venue de “The True Alfredo”, piazza Augusto Imperatore 30 in Rome, aimed at celebrate the 115th anniversary of the birth of the legendary “Fettuccine burro e parmesan all'Alfredo”, on the occasion of the USA “National Fettuccine Alfredo Day”. Deus ex machina of the event, the legitimate ones heirs of the glorious Di Lelio dynasty, Ines Di Lelio and her daughter Chiara Cuomo who perpetuate the family gastronomic tradition of their ancestors, which began in 1908 in a trattoria in Piazza Rosa, near the current Gallery Alberto Sordi by Alfredo Di Lelio 1 and his wife Ines. Protagonist of the evening Maurizio Canforini, writer and actor, who will perform in a performance dedicated to the “Emperor of Fettuccine” a which back in 1927, two movie stars of the 1920s, the Hollywood stars Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks donated cutlery gold engraved “To Alfred, the King of noodles”. The show will develop into an engaging and hypothetical "artistic journey" in the Trastevere of the past with its folk songs and thousands of anecdotes who have made that neighborhood the beating heart of Rome, the city eternal, placing a particular emphasis on the figure of Alfredo Di Lelio, young man from Trastevere of the early twentieth century, who with his ingenious simplicity, among the many experiences and lucky encounters, like that one with Ettore Petrolini, he became famous for his “double” fettuccine burro” created by him to support his wife Ines, strongly debilitated . Great party, next February 7, in honor of Emperor Alfredo Di Lelio 1 even in franchised restaurants “Alfredo of Rome” (Mexico City and Cozumel), waiting the opening of a new restaurant in a well-known city in the “land of the two holy mosques”.

Best regards Ines Di Lelio


Wednesday 27th of January 2021

Hi, Amazing article. Look like you are an expert chef and the recipe looks so delicious. I will definitely try it.

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