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December Food Holidays – List of December Food Days to Honor

This list of December food holidays gives us so many recipes to share. From Eat a Red Apple Day to National Champagne Day, every day of this month has at least one food or drink day associated with it which makes it easy for us to celebrate. 

National days are fun to celebrate, no matter the reason. But add in some mention of foods and everyone gets excited. Unsure about what national days are? Check out my national days guide for more information.

The guide gives information about the history of national days, why we celebrate them and includes some fun facts about these special days.

Keep reading to find out more about the tasty national food holidays this month.

White coffee cup surrounded by cookies and words Hello December!

If you are interested in food, you are probably aware just how many days of the year are devoted to celebrating a favorite food. You will probably find that you are scouring the internet to find out what food today will celebrate. 

National Days are a great way to tie food and celebrations (monthly link)together. Nothing quite says the holidays like some candy cane cookies for National Candy Cane Day, does it?

What is a national food day?

Do you like those diet cookbooks where there isn’t anything to decide, but the author tells you what to eat on each day of the month? National food days are a bit like this. 

Food days are the internet’s way of telling you what you could cook that day based on what the national day of the month it is.

Check out the national day list for December and look through the list.  See how many of them are devoted to food? I’m going to make it even easier for you. 

Just browse this list below. Every day is associated with food or drink in some way. With this list you can’t go wrong with your party planning.

December food monthly observances

December is right at the start of winter for many of us, so it makes sense that the foods honored this month are geared for the cold weather and the holidays.

It is not just days of the month that are associated with food. Sometimes the whole month is known for a certain type of food. For December we observe these monthly food observances:

Gingerbread man, orange slices and cinnamon sticks with words December Monthly Food Observances and a list of four food terms.

  • Worldwide Food Service Safety Month
  • Root Vegetables and Exotic Fruits Month
  • National Pear Month
  • Worldwide Food Service Safety Month 

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List of December national food days

Even though Christmas and the holidays are on our mind in December, that is not all there is to celebrate. This month is also filled with so many other food days, as well. 

Here is a list of all the December food holidays to look forward to. Most are labeled national days (or international days) and others are just labeled by the food itself.

Apples, pies and popping corn with words Celebrating the national food holidays in December.

I have also given you lots of ideas for recipes  Have fun!

December food day list

Below is a list of the national food days in December. On some of the days, there are recipes and ideas to help you celebrate the food days, and on other days, there are links to products on Amazon that will help you get the most out of the national day.

(I earn a small commission if you purchase through those links but there is no extra cost to you.)

December 1 food holidays

  • National Eat a Red Apple Day – “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” was a common saying when I was a child. It is very easy to follow this rule with these apple recipes. There are 30 of them to try!
  • National Pie Day (also January 23) – Pies are often found on Christmas dessert tables and having this national day early in the month gives us plenty of time to prepare. From coconut cream pie, to cherry pie and blueberry pies to bake, the holidays will be very tasty this season.

December 2

  • National Fritters Day – Fritters date back to 1665 and can be either savory or sweet. Enjoy them as an appetizer, dessert, or entrée. They are very versatile and easy to prepare.
  • Business of Popping Corn Day – The first large-scale popcorn popper was invented in 1885 by Charles Cretors. Ever since then, families have been enjoying the treat of popcorn on its own or in snack mixes. Whether you enjoy movie theater popcorn, or make it at home, it’s a nation wide favorite.

December 3

  • National Green Bean Casserole Day – This holiday side dish is featured on many dinner tables for both Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. Check out my version of the green bean casserole which also uses mushrooms and bacon as ingredients.
  • National Apple Pie Day – Also celebrated on May 13  – This pie day is so popular we need two of them! One today and one is featured in May. It’s only fitting that we have two recipes to share – one for Dutch apple streusel pie with raisins and another for apple pie oatmeal bars.

December 4

  • National Cookie Day – Cookies are on everyone’s mind in December. We have cookie swaps and make so many varieties of Christmas cookies for the holidays. Why not kill two birds with one stone by making these snow flower meringue Christmas cookies and taking them to your cookie exchange this year?
  • Cabernet Franc Day – Cabernet Franc is a major black grape variety that is available around the world. It is mainly grown so that it can be blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. This wine variety has fruity flavors and a peppery finish. Although not as well known as Cabernet Sauvignon, it definitely deserves a place in our list of wine holidays to celebrate.

December 5

  • National Sacher Torte Day – Sacher torte Cake, also known simply as Sacher Cake, is a classic Viennese cake and perhaps the most famous chocolate cakes of all time. The main ingredients in a Sacher torte are chocolate sponge cake, apricot jam, and dark chocolate icing.

Christmas cookies and Sacher torte cake - two food holidays in December.

December 6

  • National Gazpacho Day – Gazpacho is a soup made with blended raw vegetables. It originated in the Iberian peninsula and spread to other areas. Often eaten in Spain and Portugal, gazpacho is a favorite meal during the summer months when it is very hot. The soup is normally eaten cold.

December 7

  • National Cotton Candy Day – also July 31 – Take a step back in time to nostalgic memories of childhood and trips to the local carnival. Today is the day to enjoy this spun sugar treat that melts in your mouth as soon as you try to eat it.

We have completed one week and there are still so many more food holidays to celebrate in December. Which is your favorite food holiday so far?

December 8 

  • National Brownie Day – Brownie textures fall into three general types – cakey, fudgy and chewy. No matter which way they come, there is one thing for certain – brownies are a popular dessert. Which type of brownie do you enjoy the most?
  • National Lard Day – Lard is rendered pig fat, and it can be made from different parts of the animal. Surprisingly, lard has 20 percent less saturated fat than butter, and is also higher in monounsaturated fats, which are good for cardiovascular health. Lard can be used for baking, sautéing, grilling, or frying. It is useful in cooking many items from eggs to biscuits, pie crusts and fried chicken.

December 9

  • National Pastry Day – From hot cross buns, to cinnamon crescents, pastries are enjoyed for so many holiday celebrations. There are 7 types of pastry dough to experiment with. They are puff pastry, short crust pastry, pate sucrée, phyllo pastry, rough puff pastry, hot water crust pastry, and choux pastry.

Lager with foam in a tall glass.

December 10

  • National Lager Day – Raise a glass today for the third most popular beverage after water and tea. Lager is a beer which has been brewed and conditioned at low temperature. It can be pale, amber, or dark. Lager has a clean and crisp taste, and is a light and mild tasting beer perfect for the summer.

December 11 food days to celebrate

  • National Have a Bagel Day – The bagel was created in Poland and is often eaten by Christians during Lent. The name comes from the Yiddish word bengal, which means ring or bracelet. Bagels are made from flour, salt, yeast and a sweetener. High-gluten flour gives the bagel its chewy texture. Bagels can be eaten plain but are often topped with peanut butter, cream cheese or avocado to name just a few ingredients.
  • Holiday Food Drive for Needy Animals Day – Every Christmas, various charities around the US have food drives for needy people. Today features needy animals instead of people. This drive focuses on collecting animal food and bringing to shelters and humane societies. You can join in this drive by taking some pet food to your local animal shelter.

December 12

  • National Ambrosia Day – Modern day ambrosia is an American fruit salad that originated in the Southern US. Ambrosia salads often contain pineapple, oranges, coconut and miniature marshmallows. Historically, ambrosia is described as nectar of the gods in Greek and Roman mythology.
  • Gingerbread House DayGingerbread houses originated in Germany during the 16th century and are thought of as a traditional symbol of Christmas around the world. They can be a simply decorated house made of just a few panels, or a masterpiece that takes hours to prepare. Whichever way you make one, the benefit of a gingerbread house is that you can eat it, too!

Ambrosia salad and decorated gingerbread house in a collage.

December 13

  • National Cocoa Day – Hot cocoa differs from hot chocolate because it is thinner, sweeter and creamier, whereas hot chocolate is much richer and denser. Fortunately for us, each of the beverages has its own national day – one in December and the other in January

December 14 food holidays to share

  • National Bouillabaisse Day – Seafood lovers have a reason to celebrate today. This delicious fish stew is on the menu. Bouillabaisse is a traditional French recipe that originated in the port city of Marseille. It can be eaten hot or cold.
  • Roast Chestnuts Day – It is not uncommon, on chilly December days, to find street vendors offering roast chestnuts to Christmas shoppers. This warming holiday treat has an earthy, spicy scent that is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit.

December 15 has three food holidays

  • National Cupcake Day – Historically, the cupcake was once referred to as the 1-2-3-4 cake because the recipe called for 1 cup of butter, 2 cups of sugar, 3 cups of flour, and 4 eggs, along with milk and a spoonful of baking soda. Today, the ingredient amounts may vary, but the popularity of cupcakes remains the same – it’s a favorite sweet treat. Try our Christmas tree cupcakes to celebrate today.
  • National Lemon Cupcake Day – We have not just one, but two cupcake national days featured this month. Today, it is the lemon cupcake’s turn to shine.
  • International Tea Day – Other than water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world! It can be found in almost 80% of US households. Tea is also most widely consumed beverage internationally, so it is fitting that it has it’s own International Day.

Cupcakes, lemon cupcake and cup of tea with words National food holidays in December.

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December food holidays with variable dates each year

Some national food days are not dedicated to a specific date, but happen on a particular day of the week each year, so their date changes. The variable date days in December are these:

  • National Rhubarb Vodka Day – (1st Saturday) Vodka has the distinction of being the most popular spirit in the world. The spirit is often infused with fruit, and today, it’s rhubarbs turn.
  • Gingerbread Decorating Day – (2nd Saturday) Earlier we celebrated Gingerbread House Day. Today, we focus on decorating gingerbread. It is not just a gingerbread house that can be decorated, gingerbread cookies can, too.

We are halfway through the month and look at all the national food holidays we have covered already! There is so much more to come, too! Perhaps one of these national days in the next two weeks will be right up your alley.

Some of the links below are affiliate links. I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you if you purchase through an affiliate link.

December 16

  • National Chocolate-covered Anything Day – Everything goes better with chocolate, or so the saying goes. We’ve put together a whole collection of chocolate covered recipes to celebrate today.

Maple syrup and spoon on a wooden slab with some maple leaves.

December 17

  • National Maple Syrup Day – Maple syrup comes from the sap of maple trees. Maple trees store starch in their trunks and roots before winter starts. This  starch is then converted to sugar and the sap is harvested in late winter and early spring. Enjoy maple syrup on waffles, pancakes and in your oatmeal. It is a delicious sweetener!

December 18 food holidays

  • National Ham Salad Day – Ham is a traditional Christmas protein. Today, we get to enjoy it a week earlier in the form of a delicious ham salad. This savory salad is wonderful when made into sandwiches or on top of crackers to serve as an appetizer.
  • Bake Cookies Day – Many people bake cookies in the month of December. Some even make a new cookie recipe each day of the month, and share them as homemade gifts with friends. Find our more about Bake Cookies Day here.
  • National Roast Suckling Pig Day – The meat of suckling pigs is more tender, juicier, and more gelatinous than that of adult pigs. Because of the size of these pigs, they are normally served for a large gathering.  Find out how to roast sucking pigs here.

Roast suckling pig on a platter.

December 19 has two food days to celebrate

  • National Oatmeal Muffin Day – Oatmeal muffins are loved by many because they are packed with rich flavor and have lots of health benefits. They become even more delicious when combined with other flavors such as blueberries, chocolate, or bananas. Check out this recipe for chocolate chip oatmeal muffins.
  • National Hard Candy Day – Lollypops, candy canes, peppermints, ribbon candy and other hard candy varieties are added to candy bowls and and used in recipes today for this tasty food holiday. Try some of our holiday peppermint bark for a delicious recipe using a favorite hard candy.

December 20

  • National Sangria Day – Sangria is an alcoholic beverage that originated in Spain and Portugal. It is typically made with red wine, some type of sweetener, a liqueur, a non-alcoholic mixer, and some fruit. 

December 21 food days to honor

  • National French Fried Shrimp Day – Seafood lover’s get to celebrate today. French fried shrimp is on the menu! The name does not refer to anything French, it simply means that the shrimp have been deep-fried in oil. Deep frying gives the shrimp a delightful texture and crunch.
  • Ribbon Candy Day – Ribbon candy is a particular favorite of mine and is on my Christmas wish list every year! This pretty holiday candy is a type of hard candy which acquires its shape by first being made into flat strips, that are then folded back and forth to form the hardened ribbon shape.

Ribbon candy and French fried shrimp are two food days in December.

Just a week left. Which food holiday will you celebrate?

December 22 food holidays to celebrate

  • National Date Nut Bread Day – Fancy types of bread are popular for all the holidays that we celebrate. Today, it is date nut bread’s turn. This delicious bread is also known as date walnut loaf. It is a traditional Scottish bread which became popular in the US in the 1920s.
  • National Cookie Exchange Day – Cookie exchanges, also known as cookie swaps, are popular for many holidays but especially popular at Christmas time. At a cookie exchange party, each guest brings some homemade cookies to share. At the end of the party, the guests leaves with a container of their favorite cookies to bring home.  Why not host a cookie exchange for the ones you love this year?

December 23

  • National Pfeffernusse Day – Pfeffernusse are small spice cookies. They are a favorite German holiday treat and also popular with Mennonites in North America. Denmark and the Netherlands also has their version of Pfeffernusse. Common spices in pfeffernusse cookies are nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, black pepper, mace, and anise. If you don’t want to try a recipe, you can buy these cookies on Amazon.

Pfeffernusse cookies with cinnamon stick and star anise.

December 24

  • National Eggnog Day – Eggnog is normally made with eggs, egg yolks, heavy cream, sugar, milk and vanilla. It’s often spiked with brandy and garnished with cinnamon sticks and grated nutmeg. Our recipe for today is eggnog muffins. Serve them tomorrow morning for a tasty Christmas breakfast!

December 25

  • National Pumpkin Pie Day – Pumpkin pies are one of the symbols of Thanksgiving and are often featured on Christmas menus too. The best pumpkin pie is made with homemade pumpkin puree which has a rich and delicious flavor.

December 26

  • National Candy Cane Day – Candy canes are a favorite holiday treat. They can be eaten, used in crafts, or hung on the Christmas tree. Do you have your supply of candy canes yet?

Candy canes on a wooden table with pine branches.

December 27

  • National Fruitcake Day – Fruitcakes are made with dried fruit, nuts, and spices, and often soaked in spirits. In the United Kingdom, they are sometimes frosted and decorated. Fruitcakes are served in celebration of weddings and Christmas and many people have a love-hate relationship with them. Are you a fan of fruitcake?

December 28

December 29

  • National Pepper Pot Day – Pepper pot soup, also known as Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup, was brought to the US by people from Africa, the West Indies and the Caribbean. It is a highly seasoned soup that is made with peppercorns, pieces of meat, tripe, vegetables, and broth. To sample the soup, try an authentic recipe, or purchase a spice mix on Amazon to make your own.

December 30

  • Bacon Day – It makes sense that we end the year with Bacon Day. It is a very popular meat and is served on 7 out of 10 restaurants in the USA. If you are looking for a different way to use bacon in recipes, check out this post for 20 best bacon recipes.

December 31

  • National Champagne Day – It is the last day of the year, and it’s time to celebrate with a glass of Champagne. Champagne is made only with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier grapes.  It is considered a sparkling wine and is often used to toast the New Year on December 31. For a different Champagne experience today, try these Champagne popsicles!

Two champagne glasses and fireworks.

It is not just food that has a national day celebrated with it during December. All sorts of topics get made into national days. Check out this list of national days of December to get the full list of days to celebrate.

If you enjoy doing puzzles, be sure to also check out our new puzzle category. We have a word search puzzle for the national days in December as well.

More national food holidays

Plate of cookies and words food day lists.

For other lists of national food days, check out these posts:

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Holiday food display with text reading December food holidays.

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Yield: 1 National Days Menu Planner Printable

December National Food Holidays Menu Planner Printable

Coffee mug with cookies and words Hello December!

Print out this planner to accompany the December calendar of food holidays, and fill in with your favorite national food days in December. It's a great way to keep track and plan your meals for the whole month.

Prep Time 15 minutes
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  • Computer printer


  1. Load your heavy card stock or glossy photo paper into your Deskjet printer.
  2. Choose portrait layout and if possible "fit to page" in your settings.
  3. Print out and use the to do list to plan your menus for the month.


Peppermint candy background with words December Food Holidays Menu Planner.

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