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What are the National Days of July? – Find Out With Our Calendar

This handy calendar of national days of July will give you a quick look at the month to find out how to celebrate your favorite national day with crafts ideas, as well as food and drink recipes.

Each time I cover a new and fun national day about July on the blog, I add links to the list below. Hopefully, this will give you new ideas for ways to celebrate these days.

If you would like a printable calendar of National days for the month of July, you can find it here: July Printable Calendar.

July is the seventh month of the year in our calendar.  For many, it is a time for outdoor activities.

In the Northern Hemisphere, July arrives right in the middle of summer, but in the Southern hemisphere it is associated with winter.

National Days of July text on picture of hand holding ice cream

Discovering July national days

July was ;named by the Roman Senate in honor of Roman general Julius Caesar. Before this, it was called Quintilis, since it was the fifth month of the earlier 10-month calendar.Statue of Julius Caesar. The month of July is named for him.

July is National grilling month, which is apt, since we often have barbecues to celebrate with friends this month. It is also National Hot Dog Month, National Ice Cream Month and National Picnic Month.

And these are just a few monthly observances. This is the full list:

  • National Hot Dog Month
  • National Ice Cream Month
  • National Cell Phone Courtesy Month
  • National Culinary Arts Month
  • National Contract Sewing Month
  • World Watercolor Month
  • National Anti-Boredom Month
  • National Baked Bean Month
  • National Grilling Month
  • National Horseradish Month
  • National July Belongs to Blueberries Month
  • National Picnic Month
  • Independent Retailer Month

But don’t stop these activities, with all of the other fun and offbeat holidays, there is more than just outdoor eating to celebrate this month.

Fun facts about July

The month of July has arrived, so let’s catch up with a few facts about the second month of summer.

July days: Waterlily, 4th of July, ruby and cancer in a collage.

  • The birthstone for the month of July is the Ruby.
  • Flowers that honor the month are the larkspur and the water lily.
  • If you follow the signs of the Zodiac, July is associated with both Cancer and Leo.
  • There are many countries which celebrate Independence Day in July. Some of them are The USA, Venezuela, Argentina, Belgium, the Maldives and Bahamas.
  • The long, hot days of July are called “the dog days of summer.”
  • 7 US presidents have died in July, so far, making it the highest month for having this happen.

List of the national days of July

The calendar below lists the National Days of July, day by day. Some of these days have links to pages on my site where you can find more information about that interesting national day.

Even though the 4th of July and outdoor entertaining are prominent in July, there are many other ways to celebrate, as well. From National Gingersnap day on July 1, to National I Love Horses Day on the 15th, this month is full of fun.

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Pina colada and spare ribs in a collage with words July National Days.

July 1

  • National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day
  • National Postal Worker Day
  • National U.S. Postage Stamp Day
  • National Gingersnap Day
  • National Television Heritage Day
  • National Financial Freedom Day
  • American Zoo Day
  • Devotion to Duty Day
  • Canada Day
  • Early Bird Day
  • Zip Code Day
  • International Chicken Wing Day
  • International Joke Day

July 2

  • National Anisette Day
  • I Forgot Day
  • Made in the USA Day
  • World’s Sports Journalist’s Day
  • World UFO Day (also June 24)

July 3

  • National Fried Clam Day
  • National Eat Your Beans Day
  • National Chocolate Wafer Day
  • National Compliment Your Mirror Day
  • American Redneck Day
  • Disobedience Day
  • Stay out of the Sun Day

July 4

  • Independence Day (USA)
  • National Barbecued Spareribs Day
  • National Caesar Salad Day
  • National Country Music Day
  • Alice in Wonderland Day
  • Independence from Meat Day
  • Invisible Day
  • Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

Guitar hat, boots and guitar.

July 5

  • National Apple Turnover Day
  • National Graham Cracker Day
  • National Hawaii Day
  • National Bikini Day
  • National Workaholics Day

July 6

  • National Hand Roll Day
  • International Kissing Day
  • National Fried Chicken Day
  • National Air Traffic Control Day
  • Take your Webmaster to Lunch Day
  • Umbrella Cover Day

July 7

  • National Dive Bar Day
  • National Strawberry Sundae Day
  • National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day
  • National Macaroni Day
  • World Chocolate Day
  • Global Forgiveness Day
  • Tell the Truth Day

July 8

  • National Milk Chocolate with Almonds Day
  • National Ice Cream Sundae Day
  • Be a Kid Again Day

July 9

  • National Sugar Cookie Day
  • National No Bra Day
  • Fashion Day
  • Call of the Horizon Day

July 10

  • National Pina Colada Day
  • National Clerihew Day
  • National Kitten Day
  • Pick Blueberries Day
  • Teddy Bear Picnic Day
  • Don’t Step on a Bee Day

Swimming pool and mojito with words National Days to Celebrate in July.

July 11

  • National Rainier Cherry Day
  • National Blueberry Muffin Day
  • National Swimming Pool Day
  • National Mojito Day
  • National Cheer Up The Lonely Day
  • National 7-Eleven Day
  • All American Pet Photo Day
  • International Essential Oils Day
  • World Population Day

July 12

  • National Simplicity Day
  • National Different Colored Eyes Day
  • National Pecan Pie Day
  • Paper Bag Day
  • Eat Your Jello Day

July 13

  • National Delaware Day
  • National French Fry Day
  • National Beans ‘N’ Franks Day
  • Embrace Your Geekness Day
  • Fool’s Paradise Day
  • Go West Day
  • Gruntled Worker’s Day

July 14

  • National Grand Marnier Day
  • National Nude Day
  • National Tape Measure Day
  • National Mac & Cheese Day
  • Pandemonium Day
  • Shark Awareness Day

July 15

  • National Tapioca Pudding Day
  • National Give Something Away Day
  • National I Love Horses Day
  • National Pet Fire Safety Day
  • National Be a Dork Day
  • National Respect Canada Day
  • Saint Swithin’s Day
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Ice cream cone, tattoo and spinach leaves in a collage.

More national days of July

Here we are at the half way mark. Has your favorite national day been listed yet? Don’t give up. We have lots more fun in store.

How about National Corn Fritters Day or National Hammock Day? Both are still to come!

July 16

  • National Corn Fritters Day
  • National Personal Chef’s Day (also February 26)
  • National Fresh Spinach Day
  • Guinea Pig Appreciation Day
  • World Snake Day
  • Rural Transit Day

July 17

  • National Peach Ice Cream Day
  • National Yellow Pigs Day
  • National Tattoo Day
  • Wrong Way Corrigan Day
  • World Emoji Day
  • World Day for International Justice

July 18

  • National Sour Candy Day
  • National Caviar Day
  • Nelson Mandela International Day
  • Perfect Family Day
  • World Listening Day

Strawberry daquiri and cat with tongue out in a collage.

July 19

  • National Daiquiri Day
  • National Flitch Day
  • Stick out Your Tongue Day
  • New Friends Day (also January 19 and October 19)

July 20

  • National Moon Day
  • National Pennsylvania Day
  • National Lollipop Day
  • National Fortune Cookie Day
  • National Ugly Truck Day
  • International Chess Day
  • Nap Day
  • World Jump Day

July 21

  • National Junk Food Day
  • National Be Someone Day
  • National Tug of War Tournament Day
  • Legal Age Drinking Day

July 22

  • National Hammock Day
  • National Rat Catcher’s Day
  • National Penuche Fudge Day
  • Lion’s Share Day
  • Spoonerism Day
  • Summer Leisure Day

July 23

  • Gorgeous Grandma Day
  • National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
  • Hot Enough for Ya Day

The last week of the national days of July

Just one more week to find out your favorite national day. We’ve got National Tequila Day and Bagpipe Appreciation Day is still to come.

July 24

  • National Thermal Engineer Day
  • National Cousins Day
  • National Tequila Day
  • National Drive-Thru Day
  • National Amelia Earhart Day
  • Pioneer Day

Man on stilts, tubes of lipstick and threading a needle with words unusual national days in July

July 25

  • National Merry-Go-Round Day
  • National Hire a Veteran Day
  • National Hot Fudge Sundae Day
  • National Threading the Needle Day
  • National Wine and Cheese Day
  • Culinarians Day
  • Health and Happiness with Hypnosis Day
  • International Red Shoe Day

July 26

  • National Aunt and Uncle’s Day
  • National Bagelfest Day
  • National Coffee Milkshake Day
  • National All or Nothing Day
  • One Voice Day

July 27

  • National New Jersey Day
  • National Love is Kind Day *
  • National Scotch Day
  • National Créme Bruléé Day
  • Bagpipe Appreciation Day
  • Take your Pants for a Walk Day
  • Walk on Stilts Day

July 28

  • National Milk Chocolate Day
  • Buffalo Soldiers Day
  • National Water park Day
  • World Hepatitis Day
  • World Nature Conservation Day

July 29

  • National Lasagna Day
  • National Lipstick Day
  • National Chicken Wing Day
  • International Tiger Day
  • Rain Day

July 30

  • National Father-in-Law Day
  • National Whistle blower Day
  • National Cheesecake Day
  • National Support Public Education Day
  • International Day of Friendship
  • Paperback book Day
  • World Snorkeling Day

July 31

  • National Raspberry Cake Day
  • National Avocado Day
  • National Mutt Day
  • National Jump for Jellybeans Day
  • Shredded Wheat Day
  • World Ranger Day
  • National Cotton Candy Day (also December 7)

Additional national days of July that change each year

Some days of the year don’t have an exact date that they fall on in any given year. These days depend on the calendar for the current year.

First half of July

Days in the first part of July which change from year to year are these:

  • Hop-a-Park Day – (1st Sat.)
  • International Cherry Pit Spitting Day (1st. Sat)
  • National Build a Scarecrow Day (First Sun.)
  • Barn Day (2nd Sun.)
  • Cow Appreciation Day (2nd Tues.)
  • Collector Car Appreciation Day – (2nd Fri.)
  • National Get Out of the Dog House Day – (3rd Mon.)
  • Global Hug Your Kids Day – (3rd Mon.)
  • National Hot Dog Day – (closest Wednesday to July 19)

Scarecrow in a field.

Second half of July

Here is the list of changeable national days in the last part of the month.

  • Get to Know Your Customers Day – ( 3rd Thurs.) (Also 3rd Thursday in January, April, and October)
  • National Strawberry Rhubarb Wine Day – (3rd Sat.)
  • Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day – (3rd Sat.)
  • National Woodie Wagon Day – (3rd Sat.)
  • National Ice Cream Day – (3rd Sun.)
  • National Refreshment Day – (4th Thurs.)
  • National Intern Day – (Last Thurs.)
  • National Chili Dog Day – (Last Thurs.)
  • National Talk in an Elevator Day – (Last Fri.)
  • National Get Gnarly Day – (Last Fri.)
  • National System Administrator Appreciation Day– (Last Fri.)
  • National Day of the Cowboy – (4th Sat.)
  • National Drowning Prevention Day – (4th Sat.)
  • National Parent’s Day – (4th Sun.)
  • National Dance Day – (Last Sat.)

National days just for the foodies!

If you are a foodie, I have some special National Day Calendars just for you.

Bowls of salad with words July National Food Days - Find out how to celebrate the month with food.

Each month has its own list of Foodie National days and each month celebrates different food holidays. Here are some other foodie National Day Calendars that feature only food holidays to honor with your favorite recipes:

More to come later!

National days calendar printables

If you like to plan ahead, be sure to check out my monthly printable calendars. Each one features one National Day that I have featured

It’s great for planning craft projects, recipes and outdoor activities to honor the special days.

July 1 on a calendar with clock, plant and red and blue pens.

For all my National Days Calendar printables check out these pages:

2021 calendars to be updated soon!

Monthly national day lists

There are over 2000 National Days in the year and each month has over 150 special days to celebrate. Get all the monthly calendars here:

Red white and blue bokeh background with words National Day Lists.

Need more inspiration about the national days?

If you are looking for some inspiration for discovering more about all the National Days, be sure to check out my National days board on Pinterest. It has lots of pins that lead to articles about the topic.Always the Holidays boards on Pinterest

Which are your favorite national day of July?

Pin this list of national days of July for later

Would you like a reminder of this post about the July national days? Just pin this image to one of your trivia boards on Pinterest.

Daiquiri, swimming pool and cat with tongue out and words Celebrating the National Days in July - Get the calendar.

Admin note: this post for the national days of July first appeared on the blog in April of 2018. I have updated the post to add all new photos, a printable to-do list for national days and a video for you to enjoy.

Print out a to do list of national days of July

Would you like to keep track of your favorite national days of July? Print out this to do list and fill in your favorite days. It will help you plan your food and activities all month long!

Print out the to-do list out here on your web browser, or use the card below to print out a slightly smaller version of the page.

Watermelon slices and a July to do list page

Yield: 1 to do list

National Days of July To Do List

July 1 on a calendar with clock, plant and red and blue pens.

Print out this to do list and fill it in with your favorite national days in July. It's a great way to keep track and plan for the whole month.

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $1


  • Heavy card stock or glossy photo paper


  • Computer printer
  • Pen


    1. Load your heavy cardstock or glossy photo paper into your Deskjet printer.
    2. Choose portrait layout and if possible "fit to page" in your settings.
    3. Print the today and fill in your favorite national days.
    4. Start planning!
    5. Using this print function on this card will print a calendar that fills about 1/2 - 3/4 of an 8 x 11 sheet of paper.
    6. To fill the entire page, choose 125% or "fit to page" on your printer if you have this setting,


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