Calendar of National Days in May – Mother’s Day, Memorial Day & More

This handy calendar of national days in May will give you a quick look at the month to find out how to celebrate your favorite national days with crafts ideas, food and drink recipes, plus some suggestions for activities. Each time I cover a new and fun national day about May on the blog, I add new links to the list below, to gives you new ideas for ways to celebrate these days.

The list of important days in May is long this month.  With the weather really being warm throughout the US, it gives us lots of opportunities for something related the the outdoors to become a national day.The May National Day Calendar is full of fun days to celebrate. Find out all about them on Always the Holidays

May is the fifth month of the year in our calendar.  In the Northern Hemisphere, it is getting close to the end of spring, but in the Southern hemisphere it is associated with autumn.

The name of the month comes from the word Maius.  It is associated with Maia, the goddess of spring and growth.

May is National BBQ month, which is apt, since Memorial Day falls at the end of the month and many of us barbecue on this day. It is also National Hamburger Month, National Strawberry Month and National Salsa Month. But don’t stop these activities, with all these other fun and unusual holidays, there is more than just outdoor eating to celebrate this month.

For more about the Food days in May, be sure to check out this post. It gives lots of ideas for ways to celebrate.

Fun Facts about May

The month of May has arrived, so let’s catch up with a few facts about this month where we honor our Moms.Fun Facts about May. From May day to Meditation Day and everything in between, May has lots of national days to celebrate

  • The birthstone of May is the emerald and the birth flowers for May are lily of the valley and hawthorne.
  • Taurus (the bull) is the zodiac sign of May until the 20th, then Gemini (the Twins) is the sign from May 21 on.
  • It was once considered bad luck to be married in May. There was even a saying “Marry in May and you’ll rue the day“. 
  • The Indianapolis 500 car race is held each year in May.
  • Be sure to go to the Kentucky Derby on the 1st Saturday of May.
  • The Catholic Church celebrates the Virgin Mary in May each year.
  • Hand made May baskets with candy goodies used to be delivered to friends on May 1st but this is not such a common custom now.
  • The Empire State Building was officially dedicated on May 1, 1931.
  • The first Saturday in May is known as naked gardening day!

The calendar below a list of May national days, day by day. Some of these days have links to pages on my site where you can find more information about that interesting and fun national day. I add to this page each week with new links and fun facts about your favorite national day, so be sure to check back often for new ideas.

Free May National Day Calendar Printable

Just for readers of my blog, I have a fun calendar featuring one National Day for each day of the month.  You can print out the calendar here.  The calendar will print out on letter size paper in the landscape format and is a great way to plan some activities for the month.

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Calendar of National Days in May

There seem to be more special days in May that in the other months.  From May Day on May 1 to Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May, there are dozens of days to celebrate this month. We even celebrate dinosaur day and National Truffle day in the first part of the month.National Days in May

May 1

  • Foster Care Day | (1st Tues.)
  • May Day
  • Law Day
  • Loyalty Day
  • Chocolate Parfait Day
  • Mother Goose Day
  • School Principals’ Day
May 2

  • Life Insurance Day
  • Truffle Day
  • Baby Day
  • Sibling Appreciation Day
  • Fire Day
  • Play Your Ukulele day
  • World Tuna Day
  • Take a Baby to Lunch Day
May 3

  • Textiles Day
  • Chocolate Custard Day
  • Garden Meditation Day
  • Lumpy Rug Day
  • Paranormal Day
  • Raspberry Popover Day
  • Specially-Abled Pets Day
  • Two Different Colored Shoes Day
May 4

  • Bird Day
  • Candied Orange Peel Day
  • Orange Juice Day
  • Renewal Day
  • Star Wars Day
  • Weather Observers Day
  • Space Day – (1st Fri.)
  • School Lunch Hero Day – (1st Fri.)
  • Anti Bullying Day
  • International Space Day
  • International Tuba Day
May 5

  • Astronaut Day
  • Cartoonists Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Hoagie Day
  • Totally Chipotle Day
  • Homebrew Day – (1st Sat.)
  • Join Hands Day – (1st Sat.)
  • Bombshells’ Day – (1st Sat.)
  • Scrapbook Day – (1st Sat.)
  • Start Seeing Monarchs Day – (1st Sat)
  • Free Comic Book Day – (1st Sat.)
  • School Lunch Hero Day
May 6

  • Beverage Day
  • Crepe Suzette Day
  • Nurses Day
  • Infertility Survival Day – Sunday before Mother’s Day
  • Lemonade Day – First Sunday in May
  • International No Diet Day
  • Tourist Appreciation Day
  • No Homework Day
  • World Laughter Day
  • International Permaculture Day
May 7

  • Barrier Awareness Day
  • Packaging Design Day
  • Paste-Up Day
  • Roast Leg of Lamb Day
  • Melanoma Monday – (1st Mon.)
  • Cosmopolitan Day
  • Tourism Day
May 8

  • Coconut Cream Pie Day
  • Have A Coke Day
  • Student Nurse Day
  • Teacher Appreciation Day – Tues. of the First Full Week in May
  • Free Trade Day
  • No Socks Day
  • Iris Day (Irisfeest) in Belgium
May 9

  • Sleepover Day
  • Butterscotch Brownie Day
  • Lost Sock Memorial Day
  • Moscato Day
  • School Nurse Day – Wed. of National Nurses Week
  • Receptionists’ Day – (2nd Wed,)
  • Third Shift Workers Day – (2nd Wed.)
May 10

  • Lipid Day
  • Shrimp Day
  • Clean Up Your Room Day
  • Make a Book Day
  • Small Business Day
  • Trust Your Intuition Day
May 11

  • Foam Rolling Day
  • Twilight Zone Day
  • Eat What You Want Day
  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day – Fri. Before Mother’s Day
  • Provider Appreciation Day – Fri. Before Mother’s Day
  • Hostess Cupcake Day
  • Public Gardens Day
May 12

  • Fibromyalgia Awareness Day
  • Limerick Day
  • Nutty Fudge Day
  • Odometer Day
  • Babysitter’s Day – Sat. Before Mother’s Day
  • Birth Mother’s Day – Sat. Before Mother’s Day
  • Archery Day – (2nd Sat.)
  • Miniature Golf Day – (2nd Sat.)
  • Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day – (2nd Sat.)
May 13

  • Crouton Day
  • Apple Pie Day
  • Frog Jumping Day
  • Fruit Cocktail Day
  • Mother’s Day – (2nd Sun.)
May 14

  • Buttermilk Biscuit Day
  • Dance Like a Chicken Day
  • Underground America Day(2nd Mon.) 
  • Women’s Checkup Day
  • The Stars and Stripes Forever Day
May 15

  • Chocolate Chip Day
  • Nylon Stocking Day
  • Peace Officers Memorial Day
  • International Day of Families
  • Dinosaur Day
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Calendar of National Days in May

Here we are half way through the month, already! Has your favorite national day been listed yet?  Don’t give up. We have lots more fun national days coming up in May. How about National Rescue Dog Day or No Dirty Dishes Day?  Both are still to come!

May 16

  • Juice Slush Day  – (3rd Wed.)
  • Honor Our LGBT Elders Day
  • Biographer’s Day
  • Coquilles Saint Jacques Day
  • Love a Tree Day
  • Piercing Day
  • Sea Monkey Day
  • Biographer’s Day
  • Wear Purple for Peace Day
May 17

  • Graduation Tassel Day
  • Cherry Cobbler Day
  • Pack Rat Day
  • Walnut Day
  • Hummus Day
  • Notebook Day
  • World Hypertension Day
May 18

  • Cheese Souffle Day
  • HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
  • No Dirty Dishes Day
  • Visit Your Relatives Day
  • Bike to Work Day – (3rd Fri.)
  • Defense Transportation Day – (3rd Fri.)
  • Endangered Species Day – (3rd Fri.)
  • Pizza Party Day – (3rd Fri.)
  • NASCAR Day – (3rd Fri.)
May 19

  • Devil’s Food Cake Day
  • May Ray Day
  • Armed Forces Day – (3rd Sat.)
  • Learn to Swim Day – (3rd Sat.)
  • Culture Freedom Day
  • River Cleanup Day
May 20

  • Rescue Dog Day
  • Be a Millionaire Day
  • Pick Strawberries Day
  • Quiche Lorraine Day
  • Take Parents to the Playground Day – (3rd Sat.)
  • Flower Day
May 21

  • American Red Cross Founder’s Day
  • Memo Day
  • Strawberries and Cream Day
  • Waitstaff Day
  • Rapture Party Day
May 22

  • Solitaire Day
  • Buy a Musical Instrument Day
  • Maritime Day
  • Vanilla Pudding Day
May 23

  • Lucky Penny Day
  • Taffy Day
  • World Turtle Day
May 24

  • Escargot Day
  • Scavenger Hunt Day
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician Day
  • Brother’s Day
May 25

  • Brown-Bag It Day
  • Missing Children’s Day
  • Tap Dance Day
  • Wine Day
  • Towel Day
  • Don’t Fry Day– Friday Before Memorial Day
  • Heat Awareness Day – (Last Fri.)
May 26

  • National Blueberry Cheesecake Day
  • International Jazz Day
  • Cherry Dessert Day
  • Paper Airplane Day
  • Grey Day
  • World Dracula Day
  • World Lindy Hop Day
  • World Redhead Day
May 27

  • Cellophane Tape Day
  • Grape Popsicle Day
  • Nothing to Fear Day
  • Neighbor Day
  • Old Time Player Piano Day
  • Sunscreen Protection Day


May 28

  • Brisket Day
  • Hamburger Day
  • Memorial Day  – (last Mon.)
  • International Hamburger Day
  • Amnesty International Day
May 29

  • Coq Au Vin Day
  • Paperclip Day
  • Learn about Composting Day
  • World Digestive Health Day
  • International Coq au Vin Day
May 30

  May 31

  • Autonomous Vehicle Day 
  • Macaroon Day
  • Necrotizing Fasciitis Awareness Day
  • Save Your Hearing Day
  • Speak in Sentences Day
  • Meditation Day

Need More Inspiration for National Days?

If you are looking for some inspiration for discovering more about all the National Days, be sure to check out my National Days board on Pinterest.  It has lots of pins that lead to articles about the topic.National Days board on Pinetrest

Which are your favorite national day of May?

For next month’s calendar of National Days of June, check out this page.

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