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It’s always the holidays here. See what we have for recipes and DIY for other holidays of the year

White Chocolate Desserts – Celebrate National White Chocolate Day

White chocolate recipes

Pretty much everything out there has a national day and new things come along each year.  September 22 is officially recognized as white chocolate day. And what better way to celebrate this day with one of these White Chocolate Desserts? White chocolate is different from it’s darker counterpart since it does not have cocoa solids…

No Sew Fortune Cookies

These no sew fortune cookie. are perfect for the Chinese New Year Celebration

We just finished our New Years celebrations and it seems a long way until the next New Year.  But if you celebrate Chinese traditions, your new Year is soon to come! These no sew fortune cookies are fun to make and perfect for the Chinese New Year Celebration.  January 31 marks the beginning of a…

Chinese New Year Celebrations and Traditions

Chinese New Year Traditions

Chinese New Year is a traditional Chinese holiday that is celebrated on the first day of the Chinese calendar.  In 2017, the first day of the Chinese New Year falls on Saturday. January 28 – almost a month later than our normal New Year. This special day on the Chinese calendar is also celebrated in quite a…

Lucky New Year Foods & New Year’s Day

Lucky New Year's foods

Do you have a favorite food that you eat on New Year’s day?  For many of us in the USA, there are one or two foods that we try to eat on or around the beginning of the year. But the list of lucky New Year’s foods is quite long, if you start to look…

Michelada Cocktail – Perfect for Cinco de Mayo

Michelada cocktail

Are you ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?  I have a delicious cocktail recipe that is perfect for this day.  It is called a Michelada cocktail and it’s sort of like a Mexican bloody Mary, but without the vodka.  This drink uses your favorite beer instead. It’s time to heat up Cinco de Mayo with…

Christopher Columbus Jello Boats

Christopher Columbus jello ships

Columbus Day Snack:  Christopher Columbus Sailing Ships This cute snack is a great idea to send to your child’s school to celebrate Columbus day. The recipe is simple.  Just use blue jello cups, add a skewer (could even be a pretzel for more fun) and add an orange slice. Top the whole thing off with…