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Cork Christmas Star – Rustic Holiday Decor

I love the way this cork Christmas star turned out! Stars are symbolic of Christmas, whether they’re atop a tree, or hanging as Christmas decor.

My kitchen pantry has recently been renovated and we added a rustic barn door to it. As usual, there is a lot of left over wood for me to reclaim.

Today’s project makes use of the off cuts of light gray wood from the barn door project. This cork Christmas Star is made from reclaimed wood from my pantry barn door project. What a transformation!

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The inspiration for this project came to me when I was shopping the other day in TJ Maxx looking for Christmas stocking stuffers.

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As I was wandering around the store looking for stocking stuffers, I came across this star made with corks.

I laughed when I looked at it, since it looked as though it was made by a five year old and was actually for sale. 

However, I knew what my reclaimed wood would turn into next!Inspiration for my Rustic cork Christmas Star

Note: Hot glue guns, and heated glue can burn. Please use extreme caution when using a hot glue gun. Learn to use your tool properly before you start any project.

It’s time to make a cork Christmas star

Since my husband and I are lovers of wine, I had lots of corks to use in my rustic cork Christmas star.

If you still have extra corks after making this project, don’t throw them away. Check out our wine temperatures guide for places to recycle your wine corks.

The corks are ready to add to the cork Christmas Star

(This post has affiliate links for your crafting experience.)  To make the project you will need the following supplies:

  • 1 star shaped wood form about 8″ in size.  (You can buy one or make one as I did below.)
  • 2″ x 1/4″ plywood backing piece
  • 45 Corks
  • Red and white “Merry Christmas” ribbon – 1/2″
  • Glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Wilton snowflake mix sprinkles
  • Jute to hang the star
  • screws
  • saw and hammer

We started the project by placing our wood pieces side by side and using this star pattern to trace an 8″ star onto the wood.

Star Pattern

Once the pattern was drawn, we doubled the wood pieces (ours were only 5/8″ thick and I wanted my star to be double this thickness to accommodate the size of the corks).

Then my husband cut out the star shape and added a piece of plywood to the back to secure them into a star shape.Making the star shape
Next, I got to work attaching the corks.

I just added a strip of hot glue on the back of each cork, trying to keep the name or design on the cork on the outside if there was one.Adding corks to the star

My rustic cork Christmas star is all ready to add some decorations!

Add corks all around the star shape

Since these corks were ones that we had saved from actual bottles of wine, they all had a corkscrew hole in the top of them that looked unsightly.

What to cover them with? These Wilton snowflake sprinkle mix were just the thing!

Wilton snowflakes cover the corkscrew hole

Once all the snowflakes were added, the cork Christmas star was almost done.Snowflakes added to the Rustic cork Christmas Star

All that was needed now was a Merry Christmas bow on the top of the star and a piece of jute to use as a hanger on the back.Adding the ribbon and hanger to the Rustic cork Christmas Star

Tada!  All done and ready to display. I like mine so much more than the one I used for inspiration for the cork Christmas star, don’t you?Rustic cork Christmas Star

My rustic cork Christmas star looks right at home on my picture wall in the den.Display you Rustic cork Christmas Star with pride

You could also display this cork star on a Christmas table nestled in between two poinsettia plants. It would celebrate both Christmas and National Poinsettia Day!

Have you used corks in decorating projects? What did you do with them? I’d love to hear about your project in the comments below!

For more Christmas inspiration, see my It’s Christmas Time board on Pinterest.

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