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2016 Top Posts – Always The Holidays

The New Year brings us the chance to think back over last year and plan for the one to come. Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I do, both for myself and also for my blog.

Part of that process is looking back over the year that just ended to see what YOU, my readers, particularly liked.

These 2016 top posts were the top 10 that were visited more than any of the other posts on my site.These 2016 Top Posts were the most visited roundups and projects on Always The Holidays last year. From a mummy doorway to a scarecrow door decoration, these were all a big hit with my readers

Not surprisingly, since my blog is quite new and kind of gets put on the back burner at times, the most popular posts are those that dealt with the holidays in the last quarter of the year when I get most of my traffic here on Always The Holidays.

This year, I hope to be a bit more active here. After all, it is ALWAYS the holidays here.

It’s also fun to see who visits and how they come to my blog. The largest age group are those in the 25-34 age group, followed by those in the 35-45 group.

That is not a surprise since so many of my posts deal with fun things to do with kids.

By far, most of you find your way to my site on a mobile phone. PC and tablets lag way behind. Any many of you visit after finding my pins on Pinterest.  

Just know that, no matter how you find your way here, I appreciate each and every visit!

It’s time to look back on the 2016 top posts!

10. Scarecrow Door Decoration. Even though it didn’t get the top spot this year, this was MY personal favorite. I had so much fun making it.

This scarecrow door decoration was a hit at my house and was even featured on the Country Living website! See how I made it here.Scarecrow wreath autumn door decoration

9. Traditions of Christmas Greenery.  Have you ever wondered why we kiss under the mistletoe, or when we first started decorating Christmas trees? So did I, so I did some research and found out the answers.

This article on the Traditions of Christmas Greenery may answer some of your questions too!The History of Christmas Greenery - the Christmas tree, wreath, holly, mistletoe and more

8.  Round up of Halloween Cocktails.  It seems that Halloween parties are a big hit with you, and this round up of some of my favorite Halloween Cocktails was very popular last year. Do you like them too?

See my list of 20 spooky and fun cocktails to make your holiday a big hit with guests.Spooky Halloween Cocktails

7.  Best Christmas Wreaths. We all love to decorate our doors for the Holidays, it seems, and wreaths are very popular around Christmas time.

I went on a hunt to try and find some of the best Christmas wreath ideas and these were the ones I featured.

Round up of 11 great Holiday wreath ideas6. My Favorite Gingerbread Houses.  Do you build a Gingerbread house each year? Most times, I do, since my daughter loves them.

Even though she is grown now, we still enjoy giving our creative side a challenge to see if we can come up with a different look each year. Here are some ideas for inspiration.Need some inspiration for your Gingerbread house this year? Try one of these festive 17 designs.

5. Cutest Ever Turkey Cupcakes. Gobble Gobble…These cute turkey cupcakes are sure to be a hit on your Thanksgiving Table. See my tutorial to make them here.

Cute turkey cupcakes

4. Projects using Witch’s Feet. Ever since the Wicked Witch got caught under the house in the Wizard of Oz, people have been fascinated with witch’s feet on Halloween.

These fun projects all make use of witch’s feet in some way and will add a lot of fun seasonal decor to your home for the holiday.


3. Dress up your Mailbox for the holidays. As I wander around the streets during the Christmas season, I see a lot of mailboxes that have been dressed up for the holidays.

It is a nice way to show some cheer to your postman or woman. Get some inspiration for your mailbox for next year here.

dress up your mailbox for the holidays.

2. Mummy Door Decoration. You should have seen my husband’s face the day he came home and I had our front closet decorated in a mummy theme.

After a bout of laughing, he got himself together and appreciated it for what it was – a fun way to decorate a door for Halloween.


1.Magic Reindeer Food.  We made it to number 1 of my 2016 Top Posts.  By FAR, my magic reindeer food  project and printable got the most visits last year.

It’s a fun way to leave food out for BOTH Santa and his reindeer and the kids will be giddy with excitement at the thought of Rudolph getting his own food. We did this when my daughter was a little girl and she loved it for years.

Magic Reindeer Food with FREE printable label

Did your favorite post make the 2016 top posts list this year? If not, what was your favorite? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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