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The Incredible Christmas Place – Pigeon Forge Christmas Shop

If Christmas is your favorite holiday, then a visit to The Incredible Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge. Tennessee is a must-see. This amazing Christmas shop celebrates Christmas every day of the year!

Join me in a virtual tour of The Incredible Christmas Place. My husband and I toured the Christmas Shop as a part of our summer getaway and I am delighted to share my experience with you.

If you love Christmas shopping, this store will be a treat, no matter the time of the year. The Incredible Christmas Place is the largest Christmas retailer in the American south, and also one of the largest in the United States. 

The Incredible Christmas Place is one of the largest Christmas stores in the United States. Join me for a tour. #incrrediblechristmasplace #christmasstore

If you are searching for Christmas decorations, home decor items, items to decorate your mailbox, unique Christmas cards and items for holiday entertaining that reflect your personal style, you’ll find them at this store.

My visit to The Incredible Christmas Place

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From the moment that we pulled into the parking lot of the Christmas Shop, we knew we were in for a treat.  Everything about this place screams Christmas! The buildings all feature a Dickens – like theme.The Incredible Christmas Place buildings

The grounds of the Christmas shop are beautifully landscaped and the decorations here and there give just a hint of what waits inside the buildings. It looks like it’s straight out of a Christmas card!

The Incredible Christmas Place grounds

As we wandered around the grounds, the windows of the various shops were decorated for the holidays. These were beautiful by themselves, but still did not prepare us for the amazing displays inside the buildings.Windows of The Incredible Christmas Place

Once we got inside the buildings, the fun really began. Each building had a bit of a different look to it.  Some had whole rooms devoted to just one style of decorations.

One my my favorite areas was a section devoted to bears. My daughter adores bears and I knew she’d love this display. 

Whatever your decorating style, you’ll find something to tempt you at this amazing Christmas store.Themed displays for Christmas

There were Christmas village displays everywhere. Each one was a bit different from the one before. I collect Dickens Village buildings and I got lots of ideas for displaying my collection.

I loved the idea of adding poinsettias above the villages. They look so beautiful! National Poinsettia Day also falls in December, making the plant festive all month long, not just during Christmas.

Christmas village displays

These are just two of the many Byer’s Choice Carolers displays. I also have a large collection of these decorations, as well. My favorites are from the series The Cries of London.Byers Choice Carolers

Some of my fondest memories from Christmas holidays when Jess was a little girl was making a gingerbread house each year. These gorgeous displays were something else! Gingerbread houses galore! I love the trees that look like ribbon candy!Gingerbread displays

I was a music major in college and love any tree ornaments with a musical theme. This was one of my favorites.Sheet music on a Christmas tree

Whatever your style of Christmas tree, or Christmas lighting…you’ll find them at The Incredible Christmas Place. I just could not get over the range of items for sale.Christmas trees and lights

Some of my favorite displays were small white boxes that were decorated with a large variety of Christmas themed elves and Santa Claus figures.

These are just four of about 40 displays, each one a bit different from the one before. I felt like a kid admiring these decorations!

The displays in this amazing Christmas shop are something else.

Look at all the different varieties of Santa figurines here! Some are even depicted holding Christmas lists of little kids. If you have little ones on Santa’s nice list, make sure you check out our posts with Santa’s address, and Santa’s phone number!

Christmas Shop displays

Dog ornaments anyone?Dog ornaments

I don’t collect Christopher Radko ornaments but was amazed at the collection that were on display. They are obviously very popular!Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments

The eyes of all the children were glued to this ceiling display of Santa and his reindeer in a starry sky. (Be sure to make some magic reindeer food bags to leave out for Santa’s reindeer on Christmas eve!)

Ceiling in one room of The Incredible Christmas Place

No Christmas shop would be without some version of the fragile lamp from the movie A Christmas Story. This one was a life size display!A Christmas story lamp Fragile

As we were leaving, we noticed another group of buildings next door. At first we thought that it was more of the actual store, but believe it or not, these buildings are the home of a dentist! I thought it was wonderful that they kept the theme going next door!dentist office near The Incredible Christmas Place

If you plan to take a visit to the area near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, be sure to add The Incredible Christmas Place to your itinerary. If you love Christmas, you will be glad you did!Christmas displays and decorations - it's always a holiday here!

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