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Halloween Car Decorations – Decorate Your Car For Halloween

Halloween is the time to really go all out in the way of decorations. And the decorations don’t have to stop with your home. These creative Halloween car decorations will make Halloween a mobile holiday too!

Having your car decorated will allow you to spread spooky cheer all over town! Everywhere you drive will get a little more holiday spirit.

This is such a fun time of the year, keep reading to get inspiration to make your own car decorations for Halloween!

Text reading Halloween car decorations collage

We all love to decorate for the holidays each year with DIY Halloween decorations when the season rolls around. Carved pumpkins are on everyone’s front porch. But don’t stop there!

Your car is the perfect place to add some Halloween decor, too!

Scare up some fright with one of these unique Halloween car decorations

Porches, front entry steps and garden planters are all great ways to decorate outside, and there are tons of DIY craft projects to celebrate Halloween indoors. And when it comes to cooking for Halloween, we put out all the stops.

Why stop there? Don’t forget your vehicle! Your car is an open book when it comes to car decorating ideas.  

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Skeleton and gravestones with leavesDecorating cars for Halloween is easier than you might think. There are lots of places to scour for special effects for your project. 

My go-to place is the Dollar store and thrift stores, of course, but Party City and Amazon are also wonderful places to buy Halloween props. And with a bit of creativity, you can make your own Halloween car decorations.

Halloween car decorations

When I was out shopping the other day to get supplies for some DIY projects for the website, I got a scare! 

As I was leaving Michael’s craft store, I did a double take when I saw what looked like someone’s hand sticking out the back end of a large SUV along with something that looked like blood. 

I did a swing around the parking lot to see it again and realized it was someone’s fun idea of a car decoration.

Hand and blood on the back of a car.

This close up how realistic it looked and why I did a double take.  It is hard to believe that no one stole the fake hand when it was parked.Fake hand sticking out the back of a car trunk.Seeing the hand made me think about how else you could decorate a car for Halloween. With so many props available locally and online, it’s easy to change your vehicle so that it takes on the look of the holiday quickly and easily.

Here are a fun fun ideas for your inspiration:

Halloween decorated hearse

Not many of us have a hearse in our driveways, but if we did, this is the way it could end up after some heavy duty Halloween car decorating. 

I found this image originally on a message board and thought it was just amazing. One of my favorite parts of the decorations is the fun Halloween  license plate.

From Jack Skellington to the Pumpkin head and more, the originator of this look is so creative!

Halloween car decorations: Hearse decorated for Halloween.

Zombie killer car

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that you have just ruined your car’s paint job with these car decorations. But don’t fret!

This easy look is accomplished with chalk markers. These markers give you a temporary look for glass surfaces and other non-porous surfaces such as cars.

Once you are ready to remove the “paint job”, no residue is left behind. The writing stays on in rain but comes off easily with the use of a wet, damp cloth.

This idea is perfect for a one day decoration that sets a fun mood.Halloween car decorations: Zombie killer and bloody hand prints on a car.

Car trunk pumpkin vignette

If you have a car that normally sits in one spot, dress it up with some hay bales and a few painted pumpkins. It gives instant curb appeal and adds a decorative look to your garden.

If you want to give this look a more spooky twist, replace the painted pumpkins with jack o lanterns. This would be very festive, as jack o lanterns are one of the symbols of Halloween.

Pumpkin car decorations with bales of hay.

Skeleton driving a Halloween car

Imagine the look of people who pull up next to your parked car with this cutie sitting in the front seat? 

For this fun Halloween car decoration, a plastic skeleton is positioned in the front seat wearing a baseball hat, sunglasses and pink dress.

The look gives new meaning to the Alan Moore quote: “It’s early days. A few skeletons are bound to keep jumping out of the closet.”

Carry the skeleton with you to add when you leave the car, or position your car in the front yard to really give trick or treaters a scare! Skeleton in a pink dress sitting in a car.

Halloween car trunk decor

If you don’t want the all out look of decorating the outside of your car, how about just the car trunk?

This space is large enough to set an entire scene of your liking. Tail gate parties are a great way to socialize without being confined in small indoor spaces. 

The choice of decor is yours. Amazon sells a graveyard kit that would be perfect for the job. 

Or just add a few pumpkins and some fake spider webs to set a fun Halloween scene.

Pumpkins in a car trunk.

Spiderweb Halloween car decorations

If you have a rusty old car in your yard, this Halloween car decoration would be perfect. 

Just drape it with some craft store spider webs for a spooky effect.

Every one would wonder what creatures lurk in there! Spider webs on an old car.

Gigantic car spider

Grab your black plastic garbage bags! It’s time to make a huge car roof spider. I don’t have an actual project tutorial for this spider, but this tutorial from YouTube shows how to make a basic trash bag spider. This project also makes a spider with a body similar to my photo.

This project takes recycling to a whole new level!

Add it to your car roof and I defy anyone to try and steal that car!

Giant car spider

For another fun spider project that the kids will love to help out on, be sure to check out my spider lollipops.

Trunk or treat decorations

The trunk of a car or back of an SUV is the perfect spot for a “trunk or treat” set up. Add your RIP tombstones and some colorful Halloween lanterns.

The locals kids will love this version of trick or treating! Don’t forget to get dressed up in Halloween costumes to pass out the candy.

We have ideas for DIY adult Halloween costume ideas, and easy costumes for kids if you don’t know what to wear!

Trunk or treating graveyard scene

Blood curdling car trunk decor

This decorated car trunk is blood-curdling, to say the least.

The big eyes and teeth cut outs along the open trunk gives the impression of a mouth and the red fabric looks like a long tongue or a trail of blood.

Add in some bones here and there to give the impression of the monster’s last meal and you have a fun and frightening car trunk scene that will rival all others.

Halloween car decorations - A Car trunk decorated like a mouth and blood.

Spooky Halloween car decor

This old black car has a skeleton head sitting in some flowers growing around him and the word “spooky” painted on the outside with a chalk marker for a Spooktacular Halloween car effect. Skeleton sitting in s car marked spooky.

Giant spider roof decoration

I’m not sure how the driver of this car could actually drive with all these decorations!

He seems to like the limelight, for sure! A huge black spider sits on top of a whole vehicle covered with spider webs.

The spooky hands coming out from the trunk of the car makes me wonder if they were the spiders latest meal! Image source:  Pinterest.

Car covered in spider webs and a giant spider.

Skull car decorations

Take a couple of skull heads and attach them with chains around front of your car and you have Halloween car decorations that are sure to scare any passerby. Skulls attached to a car bumper,

Classic car Halloween decor

I love the way the headlights of this classic car decorated for Halloween seem to be a part of the scary decor. A large skull and spider webs combine with a huge spider on an old car to make this one the hit of any car show.
Classic car with Halloween decorations

Pumpkin car

I’m not sure whether the driver of this car wanted to transport a pumpkin too large for her car, or whether she was in a Halloween decorating mood.

Either way, the look is whimsical and so funny. If you have a small car and a big pumpkin, this “pumpkin car” look is the right one for you!

Halloween car decorations: Small beige care with a large pumpkin.

Pin these spooky Halloween car decorations for later

Would you like a reminder of these fun and spooky car decorations? Just pin this image to one of your Halloween boards on Pinterest.

Collage with the words reading "Spooky Halloween car decorations" and two skulls.

Admin note: this post first appeared on the blog in October of 2013. I have updated the post to add new projects, more images, a video for you to enjoy and a shopping list so that you can start decorating your car for Halloween.

Halloween Car Decorations Shopping List

Are you ready to start decorating your car for Halloween? These items on Amazon will transform an ordinary auto into one that is ready to roll right into Halloween.

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