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Witch Legs Decor DIY – Halloween Decorations with Witches Feet

These witch legs decor ideas will make sure that the wicked witch won’t be flying away on her broom any time soon!

Instead her feet and legs are being used in garden planters, as table legs and in so many other freaky ways!

This witch themed DIY project is perfect for Halloween, because witches are one of the symbols of Halloween. Use one of these ideas for your next adult Halloween party for some extra spooky decor.

If you love all things witchy, make sure you check out our list of DIY adult Halloween costumes. It has 20+ costume ideas including an easy witch costume.

DIY witch legs decor overlay on two green and black striped legs with black shoes.

This collection of DIY wicked witch legs decorations will spook up the front of your house or porch along with your carved pumpkins and jack o lanterns. These witch legs will add tons of fun indoors, too.

You will find lots of creative ways to use both witches legs and her feet in all your Halloween decorating ideas.

Hello my's time for some witch legs projects to spruce up your home for Halloween. From door wreaths to cupcake toppers, there is a witch leg project for every one. Head on over to Always the Holidays to see them all.… Share on X

How to use witch legs in crafts

Crafting to get this look can be done in a few ways. Luckily for us, there are lots of stores that sell pre-formed witches leg props in all sorts of sizes and colors. 

These can be as simple as soft fabric ones that are meant to hang on fancy Halloween wreaths, or dangling down from the ceiling.

There are also plastic and foam props that are suitable for sticking into planters or your lawn.Witch legs door wreath with ruby slippers.

Or you can get our your sewing machine and make your own, using striped fabric. over pool noodles!

Whichever way you choose to use these witch legs, they will add a ton of atmosphere to your Halloween decorating efforts.

Making these witch legs decor projects

One of the beauties of using just the legs and feet of witches is that they can be an “add-on” for so many projects. You won’t need to make room for the whole witch when just a part of her will do!

This is such a fun time to really go all out with DIY Halloween decorations. And nothing quite personifies Halloween as much as the wicked witch does.

“Ding Dong the Witch is dead!” Remember the song from the Wizard of Oz? The image of witch legs with striped stockings and pointy feet has become a traditional way to pretend to be the wicked witch for Halloween when trick or treating.Witch legs and feet with words reading "Trick or treat, my pretty."

Let’s put those legs and feet to another use, shall we my pretty?

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Witch legs decor with hay bales

I love using hay bales this time of the year. They are an inexpensive addition your Halloween decorations that will give them instant curb appeal. 

Most of the big box stores carry hay bales, so keeping some on hand is easy.

For this project, a pair of orange witch legs get stuck into a hay bale. Assemble some pumpkins around the legs and hot glue a light faux pumpkin to the witches shoe for a funny effect.

Witch legs with pumpkins and hay bales.

Hanging witch legs

This wonderful use of witches legs would be the perfect way to decorate over head for a Halloween party.

To get the look, attach black and orange petticoats under umbrellas and hang dangling witches leg decorations from them. The umbrellas could be positioned in a pergola or hung from trees for a magical look.

Umbrellas and petticoats with witches legs.

Witch legs wreath

My husband and I love to spend the weekends antique hunting. On a recent trip to a consignment store in Kentucky, we spotted this cute witch legs door wreath.

This cute wreath is sure to spook your Halloween visitors this year. Pretty green and purple deco mesh ribbon is looped and attached to a wreath form and finished off with some dangling striped witch legs, a spider web witch hat and colorful ribbon.

See more fall and Halloween wreaths here.

Witch legs Door wreath

Upside down witches feet decor

This fun decoration has a set of upside down witch leg stakes inserted into a large black felt hat for whimsical and funny Halloween decoration.

These stakes come in several colors to fit into any Halloween decor.

You could even make the hat big enough to also hold your Halloween candy!

Witches hat with witch leg stakes in it.

Witch legs office decor

Dress up your office cubicle with with fun witch legs decoration.

You’ll either need some bought witch legs, or you can sew them yourself from striped orange and black material. Add a pair of witches boots and attach to a black umbrella with an orange petticoat under it.

A flying bat and witches broom completes the look.

Orange and black witch legs decoration.

Marshmallow witch feet cauldron

For this project, fill a black plastic cauldron with puffy marshmallows.

Attach two plastic skulls to some bamboo skewers with a dab of hot blue and plunge them into the marshmallows. 

Finish the look by cutting some witches feet out of black card stock and attach them to green stiff paper.

“Double, double, toil and trouble” anyone?

Marshmallows in a black cauldron with witch feet and skulls.

Witch decorations for cupcakes

Bring the look of these witches legs decorations to your party table in the form of these fun cupcake toppers.

To make the toppers, cook chocolate cupcakes in green and white polka dotted liners. When they have cooled, frost the cupcakes with the palest of purple icing. Add some sprinkles for texture.

Use a template to cut some black witch shoes out of heavy card stock and attach to green and white striped straws.

Wicked witch cupcakes

These wicked witch Halloween decorations are as much fun to put together as they are to display. Don’t stop here. There are lots of projects to come!

Witch legs collage with words reading "20" witch legs Halloween decorations."

Witch Legs Halloween Decoration Ideas

Those iconic witch legs and feet have started becoming the focus of cute Halloween witch leg decor projects! 

Most of these projects are easy to put together and give you a finished look that is both scary and funny.

Get the Witches Leg Look on Amazon

If you aren't a crafty person, you can still get witch legs and feet look from Amazon for your projects.

More witches legs decor ideas

Don’t let your crafting stop with these ideas. There are loads of other ways to use witches legs and feet in your Halloween decorating projects. Check out these DIY Halloween witch decorations:

Pin these witches legs decor projects for later

Would you like a reminder of these projects for using witches legs to decorate for Halloween? Just pin this image to one of your Halloween boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later.Witch legs in a bale of hay with pumpkins and the words Witch legs Halloween Decorations."

Admin note: This post first appeared on the blog in October of 2013. I have updated the post to add new images and more projects, an Amazon shopping list and a video for you to enjoy.

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Thursday 20th of July 2023

Hi there, I love the Witches legs holding the pumpkin on the bales of hay. So where do I buy those legs? I have the hay.

Thank you, Marilyn


Thursday 20th of July 2023

The post was written quite some time ago and the legs are not for sale any longer, but amazon has a selection of witch legs for sale. (affiliate link)

Kelli Smith

Sunday 29th of September 2019

Those table legs are so awesome I had to tell you!! So neat!

Kelli Smith

Sunday 29th of September 2019

My English teacher would have hated that sentence, but I wanted you to know it's the coolest thing I've seen in a long time and I've been around 50 Hallowe'ens.


Friday 11th of September 2015

Very cute ideas Thanks You for sharing.

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