Halloween Quotes and Graphics

Halloween Quotes to Start your Day.

Each Season seems to lend itself to quotes, jokes and motivational sayings and Halloween is no exception.

Frightful Halloween quoteHalloween humor is personal. Some is bawdy, some is ghoulish and some of it is cute.  Some people don’t find anything funny about Halloween at all. 

This is a list of some of my favorite Halloween quotes and images.  Perhaps one might be something you would use on a Halloween invite or to send to your friend as an e-card.

Black cats and pumpkin quote

Black cats and Jack 0 Lanterns are thought of as spooky symbols of Halloween. How about some for luck.  Original image from Shutterstock.

Wake me when it's Halloween.Cutest Kitty all tuckered out. Be sure to wake him when it’s Halloween. (and watch out for your Kitties on Halloween night!)  Image shared from 99-Host.com

Halloween Quote: Eat Drink and Be Scary

Great buffet table of Halloween food.  Eat, drink and be scary!  Original image shared from Southern Jewel’s Recipes.

Spooky Halloween quote.This spooky quote and image sends shivers up my spine.  Photo before caption shared from HD Wallpaper.

Halloween fright quoteHow spooky is this?  The kids will squeal if they see this image on your front door!  Image before captioning from the public domain.

Witch and Black Cat QuoteWitches and black cats are symbols of Halloween. This quote depicts that thinking.  Image before captioning from the public domain.

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