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Pretzel Recipes to Celebrate National Pretzel Day

April 26 is celebrated National Pretzel Day. In honor of this fun national day, we have put together a collection of over 20 delicious pretzel recipes.  

Pretzels are great on their own and can also be used in so many recipes to add a salty crunch to them.

Some of these recipes are great for any time entertaining and others are suited to specific holidays during the year.

All of these recipes feature pretzels in some shape or form and all are totally delicious!

April 26 is National Pretzel Day

Each month has so many special days to celebrate. April has over 150 of them! Check out the list of April national days here.

Pretzel fun factsIt's National Pretzel Day. Enjoy these fun pretzel facts.

No national day worth its name would be complete without a few fun facts about the food being honored. Here are some of my favorite fun facts about pretzels.

  • Pretzels have been with us since the Middle Ages, possibly first made by Monks who thought the shape resembled arms crossing the chest..
  • We all love salted pretzels but they can be made with no salt too. Unsalted pretzels are called Baldies!
  • We think of the term “tying the knot” as pertaining to weddings. The term was inspired by pretzels. In Switzerland a newly married couple will break a pretzel on their wedding day to bring them good luck.
  • Until the 1930s, pretzels were always hand made. The first automated pretzel machine was introduced in 1935.
  • Pretzels seem to be the most popular in German and the USA. 80% of the pretzels sold in the US are manufactured in Pennsylvania.
  • The record for the largest pretzel in the Guinness Book of World Records is one that weighed 842 pounds and was 26 feet in length. It was made in Germany in 2008. Now that’s a pretzel!

How to celebrate National Pretzel DayApril 26 is National Pretzel Day. click through to get some fun facts and pretzel recipes.

We all know about the bagged hard pretzels, but national pretzel day is a good day to expand your foodie horizons. Try a soft pretzel for a change! Many food vendors now sell them.

Homemade pretzels are very easy to make. Try your hand at making one yourself today! Be sure to check out the recipes below.

Spread the word on Social media using the hashtags #nationalpretzelday and #pretzel day. Here is a tweet to get you started:

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Basic pretzel recipes

To get you started, why not try one of these tasty homemade pretzel ideas?
These 20 Homemade Pretzel Recipes feature savory and sweet pretzel recipes as well as seasonal and sweet dessert recipes using pretzels.

  1. These Pretzel Crusted Chicken Tenders make a party appetizer that will be done in seconds.
  2. These Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels are the perfect salty and sweet treat.
  3. Making Soft Pretzels is easy with this recipe.
  4. Try these copycat Soft Pretzels which are warm, chewy and great for when you need a carb fix.
  5. Add a bit of an international flair with these Homemade German Pretzels.
  6. These Homemade Pretzel Buns are great to serve with a warm bowl of soup or chili.
  7. Soft Pretzel Bites make a great party appetizer. Serve them warm with a dipping sauce.
  8. Learn how to make Soft Pretzels the Amish Way.
  9. Take your lunch time menu up a notch with these Bretzel Sandwich Rolls.

Sweet pretzel recipes

Pretzels are not just a salty and savory snack. Many recipes that feature pretzels are quite sweet.
These sweet pretzel recipes turn ordinary desserts into something special.

  1. This Chocolate Pretzel Fudge combines two popular snack treats into one delicious fudge recipe.
  2. These Caramel Filled Pretzel Cookies are chewy and gooey and tasty, too.
  3. Candy kisses are the perfect choice to sweeten up these White Chocolate Pretzel Bites.
  4. These Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel Bars are the ultimate dessert for those who like Reese’s candy.
  5. This Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Toffee recipe is perfect for any dessert table.
  6. Calling all brownie lovers! These Chocolate Pretzel Brownies have a baked pretzel base for a bit of extra crunch.
  7. Looking for a spring themed snack? Try these Chocolate Covered Pretzel Flowers
  8. These Bacon Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies give new meaning to the word “decadent!”
  9. What a breakfast treat these Nutella Stuffed Pretzel Doughnuts are! It’s breakfast on the go time.
  10. Enjoy the warm weather with this creamy Salted Caramel Pretzel Ice Cream.

Seasonal pretzel recipes

When the holidays roll around, try one of these seasonal pretzel recipes.These fun recipes featuring pretzels will add a special touch to your Holiday dessert tables.

  1. Green candy melts turn twist pretzels into Shamrock Pretzels for St. Patrick’s Day with this fun recipe.
  2. Show your patriot spirit with these 4th of July Pretzels.
  3. These Halloween Pretzels are perfect for a spooky party table
  4. Add some Candy Corn Pretzel Bites to any party table for a sweet tasty truffle like snack.
  5. Celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with these Pretzel Hugs Valentines Treats.
  6. Add a whimsical touch to your Christmas dessert table with these Chocolate Pretzel Christmas Trees.
  7. Treat the kids to these Easter Egg Pretzel Bites.

What is your favorite way to use pretzels in a recipe?

Pin these pretzel recipes for later

Would you like a reminder of how to make these home made pretzels yourself? Just pin this image to one of your foodie boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later.

Watch our YouTube video to learn about more national food days in April.

Check out these 20 recipes for homemade pretzels.


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Wendy S

Thursday 14th of September 2017

What a fun idea for a round-up! Who doesn't love pretzels! :) Thank you, Carol, for including my Halloween pretzels in this great collection.


Thursday 14th of September 2017

My pleasure Wendy!

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