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National Unicorn Day – April 9 – Get Some Fun Facts about Unicorns

If you have an interest in mythical creatures, you’ll be delighted to learn that April 9 is celebrated as National Unicorn Day.

Embracing this national day and celebrating it will make you feel like a kid again, full of wonder and awe!

These magical creatures are often mentioned with the same curiosity and delight as magic, rainbows and faeries!

Unicorns are fantasy and mythical creatures which are depicted as a beautiful horse with a single horn which spirals and projects from the middle of its forehead.

A unicorn in the forest with "National Unicorn Day April 9" written in the top right corner.

The word unicorn comes from the Latin words unus (meaning one) and cornu, which means horn.

Fun facts about unicorns

Since unicorns are legend, the facts need to be taken with a grain of salt, but these fun facts will help you better understand the mythical creature.Two hands holding a clear glass ball with a flying unicorn inside.

  • Unicorns live in the forest.
  • While unicorns can eat grass and hay, they don’t need to eat real food. A unicorn absorbs its energy from the sun, likely through its horn.
  • Unicorns live in groups of 4 or 5. The elder unicorn is hundreds of years old.
  • Unicorns are an earthy creature with no wings but if a unicorn mates with a Pegasus (a mythical flying horse), the baby may become a flying unicorn.
  • Unicorn horns are called alicorns.
  • Unicorns are mentioned in many Asian and European tales.
  • Unicorns can be of any color.
  • A unicorn can perceive truth and may pierce the heart of a liar with its horn.
  • A baby unicorn is called a sparkle.
  • The ancient Greeks wrote about unicorns in accounts of natural history, not mythology.
  • Unicorns are mentioned several times in the bible.
  • In 1741, pharmacies were selling powdered unicorn horn.

How to celebrate National Unicorn DayA rainbow unicorn standing in a forest covered in snow.

National days of the year are fun to celebrate and unicorn day is a special treat. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Treat your child to a Sparkles unicorn pet.
  2. Use the hashtag #nationalunicornday on social media to spread the word about the day.
  3. Go all out for National Unicorn Day with unicorn leggings for your workout.
  4. Have a movie night and watch the DVD –  The Last Unicorn.
  5. Hide unicorn filled Easter eggs for a party.
  6. Have a craft day with kids and create unicorn crafts.
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A collage with three unicorn images to celebrate National Unicorn Day - the top photo has two unicorn statues, the bottom left has a flying unicorn in a glass ball, and the bottom right has a rainbow unicorn in a snowy forest.

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