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Farmhouse Easter Decor – Adding A Rustic Appeal to Home Decorations

If you like a rustic look in home decorations, these farmhouse Easter decor items might interest you.

Easter is right around the corner and decorating for the holiday is a lot of fun. From Easter lilies to Easter eggs and other decorations, there is a reason for everyone to smile.

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Farmhouse Easter Decor Ideas

What is farmhouse decor?

To give your home the look of farmhouse decorating means to use items that are warm, cozy and relaxing. Farmhouse decor is full of charm and character.Farmhouse decor in a sunny room

The style used to refer to an older style of decorating but with the popularity of TV shows such as Fixer Upper and others, farmhouse decor is now surprisingly trendy and used by savvy decorators.

It’s easy to turn your farmhouse decorating look to Easter inspired project.  Some are very simple, just with the use of lighter colors, like these pastel bunnies and wooden eggs wrapped in gingham ribbon.

Easter bunny and eggs

Natural elements can be a part of Easter farmhouse decor, too. Pussy willows are the perfect choice to add with pretty pink pastels colors.Pussy willows and pink pastel colored Easter Decor.

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10 tips for adding a farmhouse look to your home

It is not enough to just have “old” furnishings in a home.  To get just right look, you’ll need to incorporate some specific types of home decorating ideas.Tips for adding farmhouse decor to a home

  1. To make sure that your farmhouse decor is “in” right now, be sure to have a balance of old and new styles. If you choose only antiques, the look will be dated.
  2. Choose farmhouse colors when you paint. Colors such as light grays, whites and light blue, paired with white trim and moldings will give you the look you want.
  3. Use mosaic tiles in bathrooms and vanity areas. They have a retro look that says farmhouse to visitors.
  4. Nothing says “farmhouse” quite like a sliding barn door.  It is rustic, saves space in the room and barn doors are very in right now. See how to make a sliding barn door yourself in this post.
  5. Farmhouse signs and wall art add a rustic look for very little cost. If you can’t afford to go all out with furniture, consider adding some wall pieces for a cost-effective alternative.
  6. Wicker baskets are very inexpensive and make a great source of storage while adding decor appeal at the same time.
  7. Shiplap accents on the wall or over a mantle are all the rage in Farmhouse decorations.
  8. Change out some lighting fixtures. Pendant style, rustic light fixtures give a farmhouse look over any table.
  9. Add fresh flowers, foliage stems and other greenery in clear vases to add some farm style appeal to a mantle. Easter lilies and dogwood flowers are good choices for the holiday because of their Easter symbolism.
  10. Open floating shelves in the bathroom and kitchen are very popular forms of shelving in Farmhouse decor.
  11. Farmhouse style is the prefect mix of old and new. Try baking a traditional Easter bread like hot cross buns (which has its own national day), and displaying them on a vintage cake stand. 

Easter farmhouse decor ideas

Now that you have an idea of how to add farmhouse decor, in general, let’s move on to some inspiration for the upcoming Easter holiday.Easter Farmhouse decor ideas

Farmhouse Easter Decor Ideas

The Farmhouse decor style is cozy and warm with a rustic appeal. Try adding a few of these farmhouse style Easter decor ideas to dress up your home for Easter.

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