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Wine Cork Heart Door Decoration

This wine cork heart door decoration gives a Valentine’s Day feel to the front door for the upcoming romantic holiday. It’s also a great way to decorate for Galentine’s Day.

Hearts are one of the main symbols of Valentine’s Day, making this door decoration festive and meaningful! 

My husband and I did a make over on our front door a few years ago. Instead of a solid door, the front door now has an oval panel in the middle of it.

I LOVE the way it looks, but it does make it a bit harder to decorate the front door since normal wreaths don’t look right now. Fortunately, this wine cork decoration fits perfectly in the glass panel. 

This Wine Cork Heart Door Decoration is perfect for a glass paneled door where a wreath won't work. It adds a romantic Valentine's day greeting to your front door.

I’ve been saving wine corks for a couple of projects. I finished a wine cork heart wall hanging a few weeks ago, and decided to use the same shape to do another decoration for my front door. I also used a bunch of them to make some a cute wine cork pumpkin.

If you have extra corks after you make this project (or the others listed above) make sure to recycle your wine corks.

They’re not curbside recyclable, but we’ve compiled a list of places to drop off your wine cords for recycling, plus info on the best temperatures to serve and store wine!

Note: Hot glue guns, and heated glue can burn. A skill saw can also be very dangerous. Please use extreme caution when using both. Learn to use your tools properly before you start any project.

This wine cork heart door decoration is simple to make with just a few supplies

(This post contains affiliate links for your crafting experience.) All I needed for this project were a few craft items that I had on hand from other projects:

  • 1 piece of plywood about 1 1/2 feet in size
  • 1 roll of red chevron ribbon 1 1/2″ wide
  • Acrylic craft paint – red and white
  • 65 wine corks
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticksSupplies for the Wine Cork Heart Door Decoration

And like so many of my projects, I added something extra after I took the supply photo. All my projects come together as I work on them.

When I get them done, if I feel they need something extra I add this at the time. This time I ended up adding

Start by using a jigsaw to cut a heart out from this pattern.

You can print it out there.  My heart ended up being 10″ x 12″ in size. Pattern for the Wine Cork Heart Wall Hanging

Sand the heart and add a coat of red acrylic paint to both the front and back of the heart. Paint the plywood heart

Before I started  making the wine cork heart door decoration, I used a very sharp knife to trim my corks so that they were all about the same length.

This doesn’t need to be exact but you will want the finished top to be somewhat level. I have discovered that not all corks are equal! You can save the corks for another project.

I think I see some cork wine coasters in my crafting future!Trim the corks with a sharp knife

Attach the corks to the heart shape. I found it easiest to work in pairs of corks by gluing them together and then attaching the pair. The bottom of the heart has a 3 row, 2 row and 1 row section.

I also made this and attached it in one piece. As you work your way around the top of the heart, add an extra cork in the places shown so that the corks will nicely move in the opposite direction.

I ended up adding 6 single corks and it gave me a nicely rounded heart top.Positioning the corks on the heart shape

When you have finished the wine cork heart will look like this. I thought it looked nice but for this project, I wanted more color. I decided to incorporate some of the colors of Valentine’s Day.

Finished cork heart

I started at the bottom and used the red acrylic paint to paint the bottom few rows of corks. I only painted the very top of the corks, since I wanted the sides to show.

Then I added white paint to the red, mixed it up and painted a few more rows of cork tops. I kept doing this until I got to the top. The color got progressively lighter as I worked my way up.

TIP: I recommend this instead of choosing lots of pink colors for two reasons. First, the color is in the same family and second, it’s cheaper! 

Paint the top of the corks in red and pink

The next step is to make a bow for the top of the hanger. I used hot glue to assemble it and added a saw tooth picture hanger and medium gauge wire for hanging.Make a bow and add a picture hanger and medium gauge wire to hang the heart with

Next, I measured 36″ of the chevron ribbon. (Your length will depend on your door panel.)

Then, I looped the bow around the heart on an angle and hot glued the ribbon hanger over the back of the bow on top of the saw tooth hanger to hide it.

Measure the ribbon and attach the bow to the top of it

The final step is to add a couple of dabs of hot glue to join the red burlap bow to the top of two silk leaves and add them to the heart, again on an angle.

You could also add an artificial rose to the silk leaves. Roses are a symbol of Valentine’s Day, so they would be a festive addition!Attach the decorations on an angle

Ta Da! This photo shows the finished heart shape.Painted and decorated heart

And this one shows how it all looks together.Finished Wine Cork Heart Door Decoration

The wine cork heart door decoration is all set to add to my front door. I used a glass wreath hanger to hold it in place.

Command hooks for glass will also work. The heart is very light so the hanger does not need to have to hold a heavy weight.Wine Cork Door Hanger Heart on the front door.I love the way this wine cork heart door decoration looks on my front entry. What a romantic feel it gives to my front door!Wine Cork Door Hanger Heart on the front door.

This wine cork heart door decoration was so easy to make. Attaching the corks took no time at all.

It was a fun way to spend the afternoon and even more fun to hang on my front door to surprise my husband when he comes home tonight!

In addition to being a fun Valentine’s Day craft, this project would also be great to display on National Wine Day, which falls in May. Learn more about the national days of the year here.Wine Cork Door Hanger Heart on the front door.

See how I transformed my front door with a St. Patrick’s day door swag here.

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