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Thanksgiving Recipes – Recipe Ideas for Thanksgiving

These delicious Thanksgiving recipes are the ultimate way to give thanks to your family and friends! Planning the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner just got easier with the help of these delicious recipe ideas.

A great way to show gratitude for the people your life is by cooking for them. And we’re convinced, some of the best recipes are Thanksgiving recipes!

If you need inspiration for your next Thanksgiving gathering, look no further than these recipes. They’re sure to put you in the Thanksgiving mood.

Below are ideas for comforting side dishes, traditional Thanksgiving dishes, sweet treats, herb roasted turkey, and more. There’s something everyone will love.

Need some ideas for Thanksgiving recipes? Try one of these great suggestions.

 For my family, Thanksgiving has always been about each person bringing over their favorite recipe creation. Many of the recipes we make feature foods that are symbols of Thanksgiving, like the recipes below.

Both of my parents passed away in the last few years, but our family continues this tradition, even though they are gone now.

If you’re looking for some other ideas to incorporate into a family Thanksgiving this year, you could do a holiday themed word puzzle like this Thanksgiving word search or Thanksgiving word scramble.

We also have seasonal word puzzles you could try, like this fall word search or this fall word scramble. They all have answer keys, and are fun.

Time for some Thanksgiving recipes

So, grab a cup of coffee and see if one of these Thanksgiving recipes will become a part of your holiday Thanksgiving meal this year.

Fluffy pumpkin muffins with cheesecake topping

Start Thanksgiving breakfast with one of these pumpkin cheesecake muffins. They have a rich pumpkin base all topped off with a swirled cheesecake top layer. So tasty!

Rice Krispie turkey pops in a Thanksgiving display

These adorable Rice Krispie turkey pops combine candy corn with a favorite sweet treat mixture to make the perfect Thanksgiving dessert for kids.

Oreo Turkey cookies place card holder

These cute little Thanksgiving turkeys make the perfect Thanksgiving turkey place card holders. The kids will love to see their name displayed in such a fun way.

The only problem will be making the kids wait until dessert to eat the turkeys!

Dirt dessert cups with Swesidh fish, candy pumpkin and teepees.

This fun dirt cup recipe for Thanksgiving uses sugar cones to form teepees in chocolate pudding. The kids will love to help out with this dessert!

cute turkey cupcakes

Turkeys are symbolic of Thanksgiving so I find myself using them as a base for many desserts. This adorable candy corn turkey cupcake recipe is easy to make and the kids will love to help out.

Close up of Thanksgiving autumn leaf cookies.

Look at the bright colors of these Thanksgiving leaf cookies. The kids will love to help make them. See the tutorial for these autumn leaf cookies here.

Thanksgiving snack mix

This harvest blessing snack mix is the perfect way to start your Thanksgiving gathering. The recipe even has a gratitude printable explaining the symbolism behind the blessing mix included!

A green plate with tortilla chips arranged in a circle around a ramekin of cranberry relish that is being served as a Thanksgiving side dish with a text overlay that says "3 ingredient fresh cranberry relish recipe".

You can’t do Thanksgiving without a good cranberry recipe! Check out our 3 ingredient fresh cranberry relish recipe, and brush up on your cranberry facts for the big day.

Honey and spice glazed ham

Turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving protein, but many people also love to serve ham. This recipe for honey and spiced glazed ham makes a nice change, and is perfect for the left overs to come!

Pumpkin with an appetizer shaped like a Pilgrim hat.

This cute Thanksgiving appetizer is shaped like a Pilgrim hat. It’s crispy and spicy and perfect to get the party started.

These adorable cookie turkeys use candy corn, peanut butter cups and malted milk balls for a dessert that the kids will love.

Vanilla and honey glazed carrots

These vanilla and honey glazed carrots make the perfect Thanksgiving side dish. They take just 15 minutes to prepare and have a lovely flavor.scalloped-potatoes

These cheesy scalloped potatoes are the recipe that my family asks me to bring for our Thanksgiving dinner most often. The plate is always empty at the end of the meal.

They have a creamy and cheesy taste and go beautifully with the turkey!

Display of pilgrim hat cookies with pumpkins, burlap and leaves.So often, Thanksgiving becomes all about a huge feast. This lovely display of cookies reminds us what the day is all about! See how to make the pilgrim hat cookies here.

Mini Pumpkin Bundt Cakes

These are the neatest little pumpkin mini cakes. The brown sugar icing adds an extra touch of sweetness. Imagine these on your Thanksgiving dinner table? Get the recipe at Once Upon a Plate.

Thanksgiving centerpiece with pumpkins, leaves and ears of edible Indian corn.

You will have a hard time keeping the kids away from these Indian Corn Cakes. The whole outside of the cake is covered with peanut butter flavored M & Ms. Dried cornstalks complete the Indian corn rustic look.These peanut butter chocolate truffles have a lovely coating of chocolate with some autumn leaf sprinkles. I love the texture that flax seeds and chia seeds add to the mixture.

Chocolate and peanut butter combine to make these amazing peanut butter chocolate truffles. The little autumn leaf sprinkles add just the right seasonal touch. Edible cornucopia filled with fruit and cheese.

This baked cornucopia centerpiece is made from bread dough and filled with nuts and fruit, making the whole thing edible.  

A homemade pumpkin pie with dollops of whipped cream and leaf cookies on it, with two mini pumpkins to the right of it, and around the border, two pumpkins and some spices are also seen.

Nothing says Thanksgiving like pumpkin pies! Get a 5 ingredient pumpkin pie recipe that’s perfect for not only Thanksgiving, but National Pumpkin Pie Day too!
Pumpkin shaped chocolate truffles from

What would Thanksgiving be without a pumpkin or two? These amazing little Pumpkin shaped Chocolate truffles are the perfect ending for a holiday meal. Put them in a pretty mini cupcake liner for a festive touch.Cranberry, turkey and stuffing sandwichLooking for something to do with all the left overs that Thanksgiving dinner seems to bring? Try this hot turkey sandwich with cranberry and stuffing. YUM!

More great recipe ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner

Would you like a reminder of these Thanksgiving recipe ideas? Just pin this image to one of your boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later.

These 20 Amazing Thanksgiving Recipes will make sure that your holiday celebration is a huge success. Planning the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner just got easier! #thanksgivingdinner #thanksgivingrecipes

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20.Bacon Glazed Carrots

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