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St. Patrick’s Day Printable – Old Irish Blessing to Frame

This St. Patrick’s Day Printable uses an old Irish blessing and turns it into a fun holiday decor item.

When my daughter was little, I used to decorate for national days and for all of the holidays throughout the year.

I no longer do this other than at the end of the year, but the creative side of me still likes a little bit of seasonal decor when the various holidays roll around.  

This is where printables come into play. This St. Patrick’s Day printable is perfect to frame and display.

This free St . Patrick's Day printable features an Old Irish Blessing. It is suitable for framing or using in other DIY projects.

Even though St. Patrick’s day is not one where I really get into the decorating spirit. But I do like to have the touch of green around my home for the day. 

Make sure you check out this post on St. Patrick’s Day symbols to learn why green is an important St. Patrick’s Day color.

The printable will add a lovely touch for our St. Pat’s party table when we have friends over to celebrate.

My mother was Irish, so I went hunting for just the right message. This old Irish blessing had the perfect wording.  

My parents often talked about traditions that were supposed to bring us luck and other forms of blessings, so this was the perfect message to use in my printable.

May your pockets be heavy,
and your heart be light.
May good luck pursue you
each morning and night.

Here is how to use a St. Patrick’s Day printable as a home decor item

Framing a printable is fun to do. You can coordinate the color to match the printable.

In this case, I wanted the words of the Irish toast to be the star of the picture, so I removed the glass from an old picture frame and sprayed it with white matte spray paint.

Use the image below to print out the St. Patrick’s Day printable

If you would like to make this project, you can use the download below to print out an 8 x 10 jpeg file by clicking on the image here, or print it out in PFD format here.St. Patrick's Day Printable

This St. Patrick’s Day printable is a high-resolution image that is sized to fit in an 8×10-inch frame. You may print it on regular paper or special card stock on your home printer and trim it to size (standard paper size is 8 1/2″ by 11″.

Most photo labs also will print it for you professionally if you save the image to a computer stick before you go to the store. 

Once the paint was nice and dry, I inserted the printable into the picture frame. A fun and inexpensive green plastic necklace added a bit of color to the frame. 

You could also use a multi-colored plastic necklace to symbolize a rainbow, which is where we all know that leprechauns hide their gold!

NOTE: I used an 8 x 10 frame with no matte. If you want to use a matte around the printable, you will need to use an 11 x 14″ frame.This free St. Patrick's Day printable features an Old Irish Blessing. It is suitable for framing or using in other DIY projects.

If you’re interested in more free St. Patrick’s Day printables, download our St. Patrick’s Day word search and St. Patrick’s Day word scramble. They’re a great activity the whole family will love!

Why not the four leaf clover?

I used the three leafed clover in my printable for a reason.

We all tend to think of the four leaf clover as the symbol for good luck, but the three-leafed clover, which symbolizes the Holy Trinity, is actually the true symbol for St. Patrick’s Day.The three leaf clover symbolizes the Holy Trinity and is the true symbol for St. Patrick's day.

Pockets that are heavy and burdens that are light on the heart with good luck following me around day and night. What more could I wish for someone for St. Patrick’s Day?  St . Patrick's Day printable - Old Irish Blessing

Want another decoration for the holiday?  Try this no sew St. Patrick’s Day banner.  it will really set the mood for a party.

More Irish quotes and sayings for St. Patrick’s Day

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I have collected lots of them for you to send out on social media to your friend. Check out the St. Patrick’s Day quotes here.

Love printables for framing? Here is an Easter printable as well as a DIY picture frame project.St. Patrick's Day Banner

All that is left to do is to add some St. Pat’s party food. Which one of these desserts do you think would look best with my St. Patrick’s day printable? How about all of them!

St. Patrick day sweet treats

Please note: A Printable takes me a lot of time to create and is intended to be a gift to my readers.  This printable is © Always the Holidays.

If you share the printable, (and thank you for that!) be sure to link to this page and not the actual printable itself.

This printable is for personal use only, and is not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold. 

Pin this printable for later

Would you like a reminder of this St. Patrick’s Day printable?  Just pin this image to one of your holiday boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later. Old Irish Blessing Printable

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