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Snowman Paintbrush Ornament

This cute snowman paintbrush ornament is very easy to make and will look cute either as a wall hanging or sitting front and center on your Christmas tree.

I love to make easy Christmas crafts. Since I manage three blogs and my main site also features DIY and Craft in some form or other, time is at a premium for me.  

So, coming up with easy to make projects is a top priority of mine, especially this time of the year when so many people are interested in Christmas decorating.

My husband and I have an ongoing “discussion” about Christmas decorations and who should take front and center stage.  I vote for Santa and he loves snowmen. (so much that I made him some snowman cake pops the other day!)

On a recent trip to my local Dollar Store to purchase craft supplies, I picked up a few paintbrushes. One of them will end up as a Snowman Paintbrush Ornament for hubbie and the other? You guessed it…will be soon to come as a Santa ornament for me.

I just adored watching my daughter write letters to Santa when she was younger (and she called Santa’s phone number too). The Santa ornament will be a reminder of that time for me.

This adorable Snowman Paintbrush Ornament is sure to become a family favorite. It is easy to make and can be hung on a tree or used as a wall hanging.

You can also use this project for decorating a mailbox for Christmas in a creative and unusual way.

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Note: Hot glue guns, and heated glue can burn. Please use extreme caution when using a hot glue gun. Learn to use your tool properly before you start any project.

It’s time to make a Snowman Paintbrush Ornament

This project is easy on supplies, easy on time and easy on skill level. I actually made three ornaments in one afternoon. You can see the Grinch ornament here. (As it turned out, he is my husbands favorite!)

 Start by gathering your supplies. For the snowman, I needed these items:

  • 1 paintbrush – 2″
  • 3 black pom poms – 1/2″
  • Black and white acrylic craft paint
  • Piece of fluffy material (I used the cuff of an old glove that my daughter wore when she was little)
  • 1 snowflake sticker
  • 1 jingle bell – 1/2″
  • Piece of black felt
  • 1/8″ black ribbon
  • Small 1/2″ cowbell
  • Gold tinsel pipe cleaner
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

I started by painting the shank of the paintbrush with green craft paint and the metal part with white paint on both sides.

Once this was dry, I cut a piece of the purple material and would it around the fat part of the paintbrush to form a neck scarf, and then added a glittery snowflake sticker to the material.
Paint the brush and add purple material and a snowflake.

Next, I attached the black ribbon to the top of the brush for a hanger.

I made the hat with 2 pieces of black felt and then added a small cowbell and piece of tinsel gold pipe cleaner to decorate the hat.

Make the hat with black felt and add a bell and pipe cleaner to decorate

He is coming together nicely! I painted a snowman face on the metal part of the brush. I did it free hand, but here is a template if you need one.

Paint the snowman faceAll that was left to do for this snowman Christmas decoration was to add the three black pompoms on the bristles for his coal and my snowman paintbrush ornament is done.

Add a bell and then add black coal to the bristles.

Here he is, all decked out in his cold weather clothing and ready for winter. This adorable snowman paintbrush ornament will be sure to become a favorite decoration year after year.This adorable Snowman Paintbrush Ornament is sure to become a family favorite. It is easy to make and can be hung on a tree or used as a wall hanging.

He will look cute on a Christmas tree, or can also be used as a wall hanging to decorate a small spot (think beside a mirror to make you smile when you see him!)

If you enjoyed this project, be sure to check out my magic reindeer food bags. It’s a fun project that will bring the magic of Christmas to your children.

Have you ever used a paintbrush in a craft project? What idea did you come up with?

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