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Pumpkin Recipes for Halloween and Thanksgiving

Looking for a way to get the most out of your pumpkins? These pumpkin recipes are the perfect way to use up those pumpkins after you finish carving them!

It’s time to think of new and tasty ways to use them after the carving is done!

October 26 is National Pumpkin day, and October 31 is Carve a Pumpkin Day. Both of those days would be a great excuse to make one of the pumpkin recipes below.

Pumpkins are everywhere during this time of year, and for good reason too – pumpkins are one of the main symbols of Thanksgiving

I’ve found the most delicious pumpkin recipes for you to add to your Halloween and Thanksgiving menus. They look almost too good to eat.

A round up collage of pumpkin recipes in images.

Round up of pumpkin recipes for Halloween and Thanksgiving

Try one of these pumpkin recipes to amaze your holiday guests. They will be glad they are staying with you instead of at a hotel!

I thought I would work my way through the day (and next) for this round up of pumpkin recipes just for fun. I doubt you would want to serve them all, or you would be pumpkined out, but one or two might appeal!

Just click on any of the pictures to go to the recipes.

The finished product from a pumpkin crumb coffee cake recipe.If your house guests will be staying overnight, this pumpkin crumb coffee cake will be the perfect way to start their day off in the right way.

It’s packed with brown sugar and spices and just plain delicious. See how to make this great coffee cake at My Recipes.

A plate of salted pumpkin fudge on top of a plaid blanket with a fake pumpkin beside it.

Pumpkin puree combines with coconut oil and coconut butter to make the most deliciously creamy salted pumpkin fudge. It’s a keeper and is vegan, paleo and low sugar, too!

A pile of pumpkin seeds with a text overlay that reads "how to toast pumpkin seeds".

Looking for something to snack on for the game on Thanksgiving day? These Toasted pumpkins seeds will be perfect. See how to do them at The Gardening Cook.

A plate of blue corn tortilla chips with a pumpkin cheese ball in the center.This is the perfect way to start your party out right. A pumpkin cheese ball with dark pita chips. Get the recipe at Food Network.

Fluffy pumpkin swirl muffins on a cooling tray, with one muffin broken open revealing an orange center.

These pumpkin cheesecake muffins have a rich pumpkin base and swirled cheesecake top. Best muffin I have ever made!

A pot of roasted pumpkin and apple soup with a hand removing the lid. This Roasted pumpkin, apple and hazelnut soup from Eating Well might be the perfect way to start your Thanksgiving meal off if you like to serve soup.

It is a healthy option for those trying to watch their weight, as much as that is possible on Thanksgiving!

Festive pumpkin dip inside of a pumpkin.

This festive pumpkin dip is rich and delicious and is baked and served in a pumpkin shell. It sets the holiday mood right away just looking at it. Recipe: The Gardening Cook.
No bake pumpkin spice cookies in a bowl on a counter decorated with pumpkins, gourds and festive napkins.

If you like no bake cookies as much as I do, give these pumpkin spice cookies a try. They are gluten free and vegan and taste amazing.

A loaf of pecan and pumpkin bread that has a few slices carved out of it.This pecan and pumpkin bread will have your whole house smelling like the holidays. The fabulous blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves just screams Thanksgiving. See the recipe at The Rebel Chick.

Tomato, butternut pumpkin and ginger salad with tamarind and sesame dressing.Butternut pumpkin is the star of this dish.  Just toss tomatoes, roasted butternut pumpkin and fresh ginger together with tomatoes, sweet peppers, thinly sliced celery and baby greens.

Top with a store bought sesame seed dressing for a delicious lunch.

Pumpkin spice cake with toasted coconut frosting.

This pumpkin spice cake has a toasted coconut frosting for extra flavor and texture. It’s easy to make has been a tradition in our family for years at Halloween.

Get the recipe for this delicious pumpkin spice cake on The Gardening Cook.

A rum and maple pumpkin cocktail in a martini glass with sugar on the rim.No round up of pumpkin recipes would be complete without a cocktail. This delicious maple and rum pumpkin cocktail is like pumpkin pie in a glass. Get the recipe at Recipes Just 4U.

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Fitoru Keto

Wednesday 18th of March 2020

I'm going to show these recipes to my wife. I'm sure she's going to like these. Thanks a lot for sharing!


Saturday 2nd of November 2013

Thanks so much for sharing my recipe! :)


Saturday 2nd of November 2013

Hi Jenn. My pleasure! That Banana bread looks delicious!


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