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Hurricane Popcorn Table Decoration

Looking for a fast and easy decoration for your tabletop for fall?  What could be easier than this hurricane lamp popcorn table decoration?

This pretty vignette is made from supplies you may have on hand or outside and looks wonderful on the dining room table.

It is perfect for a fall table and can be used right through the holiday season.

You could even set them out at your Thanksgiving gathering, because the popcorn in the jars represents one of the main symbols of Thanksgiving – corn!

This hurricane lamp popcorn fall table decoration could not be easier to make and yet is very effective. Perfect for any special occasion in the autumn.

This easy DIY fall hurricane popcorn table decoration makes the table ready in a flash

I love decorating in the autumn. There’s so much to be grateful for when decorating in the fall! Supplies are plentiful, right in the garden outside, and the colors are so warm and vibrant.

What could be easier than taking a walk outside and picking up fall leaves. They are rich with color and the variety is fabulous.autumn leaves

And, in my house at least, I use more popcorn for crafts than I do for eating, so I always have a bag of it somewhere. It is colorful, whimsical and keeps well in a decorative piece.

Plus, the colors of it are just right for autumn decorating.

To make this centerpiece you will need just a few items: (you can find them on Amazon, but check your dollar store too. They often have some of these things during this time of the year.)

  • 3 hurricane glass candle holders. You can also use some plain wide glasses of different heights
  • 3 pillar candles just a bit smaller than the width of the holders. Any colors will do. I used complimentary for table decoration
  • 2 feet of plain jute twine
  • 4 Silk leaves in autumn colors. Real leaves would work fine too but would get brittle if the display is left too long.
  • Bag of unpopped popcorn
  • Autumn Floral Pick

The table decoration is super easy to make. Basically, it’s just pouring, tying leaves and using something to add height.  

Start by pouring some popcorn in the bottom of the glass holders. Measure to make the candles as near to the top as you would like them.

Then place the silk leaves on the candles and tie with a piece of the jute. I used one leaf for the smaller candles and two for the larger one.directions for candle holdersSlip the candles down into the glass jars and pour a little bit more popcorn around the base of each candle. Arrange the candles in a pleasing decoration.

I used an up turned glass bowl to give me the middle height since I had two smaller glasses of a similar size.

Place the autumn pick or loose autumn leaves and pinecones at the base of the decoration.Autumn hurricane vase popcorn table decorationThe popcorn table decoration would look great on a dining table, an occasional table or even a mantle.

The candles can be used alone or in groups to create a centerpiece effect.

Easy peasy, very inexpensive if you use supplies on hand or from the Dollar store, and yet it looks very effective.

The inspiration for this project came from a similar one on Amanda Jane Brown. Be sure to visit her website to see other DIY projects.

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Tuesday 10th of September 2019

Although I'm usually ready to pull out my fall décor by the time September starts, I'm finding myself a little uninspired this year (perhaps because we're still experiencing 90+ temperatures!), so thank you for this easy, yet beautiful DIY project. I just happen to have almost all of the supplies on hand, so I'm going to put it together--it'll be my first official fall project of the year!

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