Pine Cone & Ever Green Candle Bowl

This lovely candle bowl is simple to do and very elegant when displayed.  It will make a lovely addition to any holiday table and is low enough for conversation too.

DIY Wooden Candle bowl with holiday greenery

Candles have become a part of the Christmas holiday decor so it’s always fun to do another DIY project involving them. (See my easy DIY peppermint candle project here.)

DIY Pine Cone  & Ever Green Candle Bowl

To make this project you will need the following supplies:

  • a wooden serving bowl
  • 4 wooden candle cups
  • wood stain
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • 1 medium pillar candle
  • 4 smaller pillar candles the size of your candle cups
  • pine cones
  • aerosol snow
  • fir garland material

Stain the candle cups the color of your bowl, (or both to get the best match).  Allow to dry.  

Using hot glue, attach the candle cups to four areas of the bowl and let them set.

Lightly spray the edges of the pine cones with aerosol snow and let dry.

Place the Medium sized pillar in center of the bowl.  Surround it with some fir greenery and place the pine cones around the candle.

Insert the small pillars into the candle cups.  Light and enjoy. 

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