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Pentatonix Sings Carol of the Bells

Do you love classic Christmas carols, and stunning singers? Make sure to listen as Pentatonix sings Carol of the Bells.

I was a music major in college and voice was my specialty.  I’m not fond of the way most groups sing my favorite Christmas music songs. 

But that is definitely not the case for this stunning version of Carol of the Bells. It’s mesmerizing! 

Gold bells sitting on some sheet music.

Beautiful version of the classic “Carol of the Bells”

This rendition is sung by the group Pentatonix, a 5 member group with four males and one female singer. The lead singer has the most fabulous tone to his voice and their combination of voices together make for a stunning sound.

I have only recently discovered this group and I am not the only one who loves them. They are very popular, and I have yet to find someone who doesn’t like listening to them.

According to their website, the vocal quintet Pentatonix are celebrating the holiday season with their latest release – That’s Christmas To Me – which debuted #9 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart and is currently #1 on its Holiday Chart.

Pentatonix sings Carol of the Bells

Grab a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate) and enjoy as Pentatonix sings Carol of the Bells on YouTube.

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