Peeps Centerpiece – Whimsical Table Fun

This adorable Peeps Centerpiece will be the hit of your Easter table. The project is simple to do and uses edible grass for an extra tasty treat. The kids will love helping you make this fun table decoration.  (and it will be a miracle if all the candy makes it into the jar!) Join me me making some Easter Fun.This adorable Peeps Centerpiece will be the hit at your Easter gathering. It is fun to make and the kids will LOVE to help.

To make the centerpiece, I used a plain drinking glass set inside of a larger outer vase. This helps to keep the layers tidy and also means that you’ll end up using less candy.

It’s time to make a Peeps Centerpiece!

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To make this project, gather these supplies:

Start by wrapping 1/2 of your edible grass around the drinking glass and inserting it into the center of the larger outer vase. The pink grass gives a nice base for the Easter candy layers to come!Wrap the glass with edible grass and insert into the vase

Add a layer of Robin eggs on top of the edible grass and then arrange the Peeps on top of the eggs.  Don’t worry if they are a bit floppy right now. We’ll correct that in the next step!Ad the bottom two layers

Crumple up two sheets of the pink tissue paper and arrange it behind the peeps so that they stand straight and are against the outside of the glass vase. Tidy the Peeps if they need it now.Add crumpled Paper

Pour the pastel colored M & Ms and arrange the other half of the edible grass loosely on top of the vase.Add the top two layers

The final touch!

Add 6 Foam Easter Egg picks in the center of the vase so that the stems sit in the inner drinking glass.Add the foam Easter Egg picks

That is all there is to it!  The whole project comes together in about 15 minutes.  (Longer if you have hungry kiddies helping to make it!)Finished Peeps Centerpiece

Place the centerpiece on your Easter Table or on a side table.  Tell the guests to help themselves to the fillings!Peeps Centerpiece

This centerpiece is right at home with my burgundy eggs! See how to make the rope wrapped eggs here.Peeps Centerpiece

Any guesses how long it will take for everything to disappear?

You can print the project instructions out in the recipe card at the bottom of the post.

Peeps Centerpiece - Whimsical Table Fun
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 1
  • 1 package of pink edible grass
  • A bag of Robin eggs
  • 1 bag of pastel colored M & Ms
  • Pink tissue paper
  • A package of green bunny Peeps
  • 1 clear vase 6″ x 8″ (I used a bulb forcing vase that I had on hand)
  • A plain drinking glass
  • 6 Foam Easter Egg Picks
  1. Wrap ½ of the edible grass around the drinking glass and place it in the vase.
  2. Add a layer of robin eggs. Arrange the peeps on top in a row around the glass.
  3. Place crumpled tissue paper behind the peeps. Straighten them up.
  4. Add the pastel colored M & Ms and top with the rest of the edible grass.
  5. Insert the Easter Egg foam picks into the drinking glass in the center.
  6. Display with pride.

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