No Sew Fortune Cookies

We just finished our New Years celebrations and it seems a long way until the next New Year.  But if you celebrate Chinese traditions, your new Year is soon to come! These no sew fortune cookies are fun to make and perfect for the Chinese New Year Celebration. 

No sew fortune cookies - zero calories in these easy Diy treats.January 31 marks the beginning of a 15 day Chinese New Year Festival.  This is the perfect time to celebrate with friends, learn about a new tradition and look for some extra good fortune.

And nothing says good fortune like a tasty fortune cookie.  But these fortune cookies are low calorie.  In fact, they are no calorie, since they are made of felt.

The beauty of this project is that there is no sewing involved.  The cookies are made by using iron on adhesive.

:Let’s make some No Sew Fortune Cookies!

To make the project you will need the following materials:

Directions for the no sew fortune cookies:

1. Cut your fabric, felt and iron on adhesive into 4 1/2 inch squares.  Fuse the fabric to the felt, according to the manufacturer’s directions,  so that you end up with one layered square.

fabric and felt2. Using the sand paper, trace a circle, then use it to cut your layered square to a circle shape.

template for fortune cookie3.  Cut a piece of the wire and a strip of felt slightly shorter than the diameter of the circle.  Glue the wire to the felt strip, with the gel glue and then glue this felt strip to the circle with the wire side down. Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes.

use wire and felt4.  Print out a fortune and place it inside the circle.  Fold the circle in half and then bring the ends of the wire together to make a fortune cookie shape. The wire will hold the cookie in place.

fortune insideWhat fun it would be to put use no sew fortune cookies in your Chinese New Year place settings.  You can even make the fortune relate to the person who will be sitting there for a fun surprise. 

Now sew fortune cookie.Best of all, these no sew fortune cookies can be used again and again…and have ZERO calories!

Be sure to see my article that talks about all the traditions that are celebrated on the Chinese New Year.

Idea inspired by Good Housekeeping Magazine.

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