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National Tortilla Chip Day (February 24) – Recipes History Fun Facts

It seems that just about every food has a national day associated with it. Did you know that February 24 is considered National Tortilla Chip Day?

Tortilla chips were first used as a way to turn misshapen tortillas into something usable instead of throwing them away. Let’s celebrate the day with some great recipes.

If you love food, be sure to check out this list of national food holidays in February. It’s jam packed with days to celebrate.

February 24 is National Tortilla Chip Day

What are tortilla chips?

Tortilla chips are those crunchy and salty snacks that we use in all sorts of dips, salsas and, of course, guacamole. They are made from corn or flour tortillas, which have been cut into wedges and then fried or baked. 

The most common type is a yellow corn tortilla chip, but they can also be white, red or even blue.

Why are tortilla chips often triangle shaped?

While there are “scoopables” and circle shaped tortilla chips, most brands do have a triangle shape. 

Tortilla chips are often created from circular shaped corn tortillas.

To create a shaped with the least amount of wastage and greatest area for dips to cling, the triangle shape was chosen.

Types of tortilla chips

Traditionally, tortilla chips were made from corn tortillas, but there are other types of tortilla chips as well.  

If you go searching at various stores, you will find flour tortillas, low carb tortillas, gluten free tortillas and many types of tortilla chips flavored with everything from jalapenos to lime.

Stores also offer scoopable tortilla chips in the shape of a mini tortilla bowl and restaurant style tortilla chips meant to resemble those in Mexican restaurants.

Plant based styles are now on the market too, with bean tortilla chips. And let’s not forget the blue corn variety! It appears that manufacturers are appealing to all tastes now.

February 24 – celebrating National Tortilla Chip Day

I love to come up with ways to celebrate some of these national days that pertain to food. Fortunately, for National Tortilla Day, there are dozens of ways to use tortilla chips in recipes.

(For another fun Mexican inspired national day be sure to check out National Burrito Day held in April.)

National tortilla chip day is February 24. Celebrate the day with recipes for home made chips, party ideas and dips.

And for other foodie February national days, be sure to check out these days:

If you like to do puzzles, be sure to print out my February national day printable. It features many of the food days hidden in a fun word find puzzle.

Fun facts about tortilla chipsBowl of tortilla chips

Get the scoop about tortilla chips with these fun facts.

  • Tortillas are the base ingredient for nachos, which also have their own national day: National Nacho Day.
  • We associate these crunchy chips with Mexico but they were first made here in the USA around the middle of the last century.
  • The US is the main producer and consumer of tortilla chips.
  • Rebecca Webb Carranza and her husband are credited with the beginning of this snack chip. Rebecca came up with the idea for tortilla chips to use up misshaped tortillas instead of discarding them. 
  • The first bag of tortilla chips sold for 10 cents!
  • Texas made the tortilla chip the official state snack in 2003.
  • Corn tortilla chips are naturally gluten free.
  • Blue corn tortilla chips have less starch and more protein that white corn tortillas.
  • Tortilla chips are reported to be Jennifer Aniston’s favorite snack.
  • Tortilla chips are one of the most common snack items in Tex-Mex and Mexican cuisines.
  • The first mass mass-produced commercial tortilla chips appearing in the U.S. in Los Angeles in the late 1940s.

Celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day with one of these recipes

It is traditional to use tortilla chips for many fun party snacks. Nachos, and chips and dip are commonly seen, and what would salsa or guacamole be without this crunchy snack? Over 30 recipes that are perfect to celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day

You can even think outside the box and use tortilla chips to as a coating for a different take on fried chicken. (These fun chicken nuggets are coated with both pecans and tortilla chips for a really tasty idea!)

There are literally dozens of tasty ways to celebrate national tortilla chip day.

Ideas for celebrating National Tortilla Day

How do you celebrate this tasty national day? Here are some ideas:Celebrating National Tortilla Chip Day

  • Make your own home made tortilla chips from scratch for a snack
  • Have a salsa party with your friends.
  • Invite friends over for a Southwestern style dinner
  • Have a tasty movie night with homemade nachos
  • Make up some tortilla chip gift bags with a recipe for your favorite spicy dip
  • Have a “make your own” tortilla chip party. Provide the tortillas and some spices and let guests go wild.
  • Have a tortilla chip party. You provide the chips and guests bring the dips.
  • Use tortilla chips as a coating for your favorite fried chicken recipe.

Making tortilla chips from scratch

These recipes start with the tortilla chips. There are all types – fried, baked, low carb, gluten free and more!Make your own homemade tortilla chips. Get 10 delicious ideas for toppings and spices

 Home made Tortilla Chips with Salsa (and some healthy options too)

These Fried Tortilla Chips with mango salsa taste amazing!

Looking for a Keto and Gluten Free option? Try these Low Carb Tortilla Chips

These Baked Flour Tortilla Chips are super easy to make.

Homemade corn tortilla chips (and Pico de Gallo!)

Baked Semi-Homemade Seasoned Tortilla Chips go great with lots of dips.

These Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips are a sweeter option for you to try.

For a Middle Eastern Flair, try these cumin dusted tortilla chips.

These homemade chipotle tortilla chips have a lovely spicy flavor.

Can’t get enough of chips and dips? There is another national day devoted to them, as well. Thursday, March 23 is celebrated as National Chip and Dip Day. Be sure to check it out to see the recipes that I have in store for your next party!

What to serve with tortilla chips

Now that we have the tortilla chips made, there comes the question of what to dip tortilla chips in.

These dips, salsa and guacamole recipes are the perfect thing to add flavor and texture to those tortilla chips. How to you like to scoop?

If you’re a guacamole fan, you might be interested to learn about the two national days dedicated to this dip. National Guacamole Day falls on September 16 and National Spicy Guacamole Day is on November 14.

Dips to serve with toritlla chips

Try these honey toasted tortilla chips with a delicious pumpkin dip

Dip some dark tortilla chips into my best ever guacamole dip.

This White Chili Queso Dip is perfect for Cinco de Mayo.

Always a party favorite, this hot artichoke dip holds up well for tortilla chips

Cinnamon tortilla chips are the perfect way to dip into this delicious fruit salsa.

This cilantro lime dip is fresh and tart and perfect to pair with tortilla chips.

Use blue corn chips to dip into this spicy chorizo con queso dip

Chili dusted tortilla chips are the perfect chip to try with this tequila shrimp ceviche recipe.

For a great party appetizer, pair this Mexican cheese ball with spicy tortilla chips.

Nacho recipes with tortilla chips? 

As yes, those marvelous tortilla chip toppings called nachos.

National tortilla chip day is the perfect day for nachos. Combine your tortilla chips with toppings and serve them all in one pan. You guests will love these recipes!Nacho Recipe Ideas to celebrate national tortilla day

Looking for a recipe with tortilla chips and toppings in one? Try these sheet pan lime chicken nachos

These BBQ chicken skillet nachos are easy to make and taste amazing!

Quick and easy! These cheesy beef nachos are made in the instant pot.

A sweet ending with these loaded funfetti dessert nachos is guaranteed.

If you have an outdoor gathering planned, serve the ultimate grilled BBQ chicken nachos.

These sheet pan steak salad nachos are perfect for a crowd.

Use your left overs to make these spicy pot roast nachos.

Your party guests will love these shredded beef nachos.

Feel like you are taking a trip to the islands with these tropical chicken nachos.

These oven baked spinach nachos are both sweet and spicy.

Whether you eat some of these homemade tortilla chips on their own as a movie snack, enjoying them all in one as nachos, or pairing them with something to dip, these recipes are sure to please.

What is your favorite thing to dip tortilla chips into? How do you celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day?

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Watch this YouTube video to learn about more national food days in February.

Dips and topping recipes for tortilla chips

Admin note: This post first appeared on the blog in February of 2018. I have updated the post with more information about tortilla chips, and new recipes for you to try.

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