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National Tea Day – Interesting Tea Facts, Ways to Celebrate & More!

National Tea Day is here! If you love drinking tea, this holiday is for you! Maybe your favorite is Earl Grey, or maybe you like iced tea. Whatever you fancy, celebrate it today!

Grab a cup of your favorite tea and read on, for fun tea facts and ways to celebrate this national day.

National days of the year are a fun way to celebrate foods, animals and items that you come into contact with. Be sure to check out this national day’s guide for more fun days to celebrate.

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What is National Tea Day?

National Tea Day, also known as British Tea Day is a day that falls annually on April 21. This special day is a great opportunity to drink more tea!

A red cup of tea producing steam against a rainy window on National British Tea Day.

This national day was founded in the UK, and actually shares its date with Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday! How neat is that?

While its origin is unknown, there’s no doubt about the purpose of this day – drinking more tea!

Tea facts

Brush up on your knowledge with these five fun facts about tea. Some may surprise you.

Two people sitting down for tea at a tea ceremony.

  • In the UK, there are events called “Fes-Tea-Vals” (a spin on the word festival). These Fes-Tea-Vals consist of tea tastings, and talks about tea, and blending tea.
  • Tea brand, PG Tips sold a tea bag valued at $15,000 that had 280 diamonds on it!
  • Darjeeling tea is like Champagne, it must meet certain qualifications and come from a certain area to be called “Darjeeling”.
  • Black, Oolong, Green and White tea all come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis.
  • In addition to there being a National Tea Day, there is a month dedicated entirely to tea. January is Hot Tea Month.
  • There’s also other national days of the year dedicated to more specific types of tea, like National Bubble Tea Day, National Chai Day, National Iced Tea Day, National Cream Tea Day and International Tea Day.

Looking for more tea trivia? We have a whole post dedicated to it! Check out the post with tea facts here.

How to celebrate National Tea Day

Would you like to celebrate this caffeine filled national day in a special way? Try one of these ideas.

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  • Do you have a favorite tea cup? Use today to treat yourself to a new tea cup or tea pot! 
  • If you live in the UK, go to a “Fes-Tea-Val”. 
  • Host a tea-tasting party for all your friends! Have each friend bring their favorite tea.
  • Use today to start reading a book about the history of tea. 
  • Spread the word on social media using the hashtag #NationalTeaDay. Here is a tweet to get you started:
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More April 21 national days

Did you enjoy learning about this national day? Well you’re in luck, April 21 is host to more than just one! 

A vase of cut flowers next to a calendar that says April 21, to celebrate the April 21 national days.

Here is a complete list of all the April 21 national days:

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  • National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day
  • National Kindergarten Day
  • National Yellow Bat Day
  • Big World Day
  • Bulldogs are Beautiful Day
  • Thank you for Libraries Day
  • Keep off the Grass Day
  • World Creativity and Innovation Day

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There are close to 2000 national days in the year and April holds over 150 of them.

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