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National Sticker Day – January 13 – Activities and History

Do you love to use stickers?  January 13 is the day to spread the word. It’s National Sticker Day. Brighten up a notebook or send a special message to a friend by using a fun sticker.

Stickers aren’t just for kids, they’re for adults too! Celebrating this national day will make you feel like a kid again.

Keep reading to learn the history of National Sticker Day, as well as some fun and creative ways to celebrate.

Victorian Stickers

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History of National Sticker Day

European merchants are thought to be the first group to use sticky labels to add to their products in the 1880s as a means to promote their wares.

In those days, it was necessary to use some type of gum paste to make the labels adhere to anything.

By the early 1900s, a paste was developed to make the process of adhering the stickers more easy. This was meant to be licked and was used mainly on stamps.

R. Stanton Avery was the creator of the adhesive backing. Over the years, this product was used more and more by sticker manufacturers and the need to lick the backing became a thing of the past.

In 2015, a sticker and label company – Sticker Giant created the National Sticker Day to bring the awareness of the fun of stickers to all ages.

There is even a Guinness Book of Records entry for the largest sticker ball! It contains around 200,000 stickers and is in Longmont, Colorado!

What is a sticker?

A sticker is a label that can be made from all sorts of materials from vinyl to paper and plastic.  It has a pressure sensitive adhesive on one side.

Stickers can be made into all sorts of shapes and sizes and come in thousands of designs and colors. They are both functional and decorative.

Our postage stamps are essentially stickers and are a very good example of a functional sticker. They even have self adhesive now on the back!Postage stamps are an example of functional stickers

Stickers are often distributed to promote a cause or a political candidate and are often associated with musical artists. One place we often see them is on bumpers of cars.

The adhesive on stickers makes them suitable to stick on papers, handwritten letters, books, windows, gym lockers, clothing and much, much more.

Why use stickers?

Kids have long known how much fun stickers are to jazz up their notebooks and rooms and won’t need reminding of the day to indulge in this fun activity on any day.

But now adults are finding ways to use stickers on journals to decorate them, in diaries to keep us organized and in scrapbooking activities as well. What better day to do this than on National Sticker Day?

How to observe National Sticker Day

There are lots of ways to celebrate National Sticker Day.  Here are a few of my favorite ideas.Suitcase with travel stickers on it.

  • Buy some stickers.  They aren’t just for kids!
  • Give the gift of a science sticker book to a friend who loves them.
  • Make your own stickers with a sticker maker.
  • Give your child’s teacher a seasonal sticker pack to use on their activities.
  • Use stickers on containers for organize your home day on January 14. 
  • Decorate your child’s lunchbox with stickers to show them how much you care.
  • Add a sticker to your luggage to show how far you have traveled.
  • Use the hashtag #NationalStickerDay to spread the word about the day on social media.
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What is a national day?

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Rubbish Bin decorated with stickers.

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