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National Pasta Day – October 17 – Recipes Tips and Fun Facts

October 17 is National Pasta Day. Pasta is one of our favorite comfort foods and can be prepared in many ways. The use of pasta dates back to 1154 in Sicily, Italy and remains popular to the present day.

Not only is the 17th of October honored as National Pasta Day, but the whole month of October is National Pasta Month!  This means that it’s time to dig into some fun facts, and recipes to honor this day. 

National Pasta Day is just one of the many food holidays in October. There is at least one every day!

There are lots of reasons to celebrate in this month. The list of national days in October is long and varied and many of them have to do with food topics.

National Pasta Day

Did you know that there is also a National Spaghetti Day? Check out some fun facts and find out how to make home made spaghetti.

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Our love affair with pasta

What is not to love about a comfort food like pasta that brings back so many childhood memories? The recipes are timeless, tasty and traditional in many homes around the world.Colorful pasta

Pasta can be enjoyed by beginning cooks as well as those with generations of experience.  It can be used in Asian, Italian and many other cuisines. One of my family’s favorite pasta meals is my brother in laws American Chop Suey recipe!

Fun facts about pasta

Pasta has an interesting origin that dates back centuries with many thoughts as to its origin.  Check out these pasta fun facts:Bowtie pasta and spaghetti

  • Contrary to popular folklore, Marco Polo did not discover Pasta in Asia and bring it to Italy. It was used long before he arrived!
  • Thomas Jefferson had a recipe for macaroni that he introduced to the United States but is likely not the first to talk about it.
  • Dry Pasta is made with wheat and water.  Fresh pasta adds eggs to the recipe!
  • Pasta manufacturing machines have been made since the 1600s
  • Italians eat about 60 pounds of pasta per person a year!
  • The first mention of a red sauce for pasta appeared in a 1790 cookbook called L’Apicio Moderno.
  • There are over 300 forms and 1300 names of pasta.

How to celebrate National Pasta Day

With all the forms and shapes of pasta available –  macaroni, noodles, lasagna, linguine, spaghetti, and more, it’s easy to find a way to celebrate the special food day.

It’s easy to incorporate pasta in meal planning from savory to sweet dishes.

  • Use the hashtag #nationalpastaday in your posts on social media.
  • Visit your favorite Italian restaurant and order a bowl of pasta.
  • Take a cooking class to learn how to make fresh pasta.
  • Host an Italian dinner party.
  • Invest in a pasta making machine. 
  • Make your own new form of fresh pasta with tiny cookie cutters.
  • Get cooking!  What better way to celebrate than to make pasta for dinner tonight?

Recipes for National Pasta Day

Pasta became a common North American staple late in the 19th century when our country had an influx of Italian immigration. Many pasta recipes have an Italian flair to them, but pasta can also be used in many cuisines.Delicious pasta recipes

Why not try one of these recipes to celebrate National Pasta Day?

There are almost 2000 national days and holidays to celebrate each year. Don’t miss a single on of them. There are many more national days in October. You may be interested in one of these October national days.

Check back soon to see which new national day we are celebrating this week, and make sure to watch our YouTube video to learn about more national food days in October.

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