National Johnny Appleseed Day – March 11 and September 26 – Apple Recipes

March 11 is National Johnny Appleseed Day.  The legend follows a true life character with a love of apple trees. The national day for him is also celebrated on September 26, the day of his birth.Apple Orchard

More people celebrate the day in September than in March, and this seems to make sense because of fall apple picking (and because it was his birthday.) The March date for celebration seems to make sense because of the planting season for apple trees.

History of Johnny Appleseed

John Chapman, a pioneer nurseryman born in 1774, introduced apple trees to many parts of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, as well as Ontario. This man is better know as Johnny Appleseed.

There is little known about his early life, but he was working as a nurseryman and orchardist by 1812. Legend has it that Appleseed randomly planted apple trees as he moved west.  

This story is not actually true, but he did plant orchards that he would take care of when he re-visited them later. Once the orchards developed, he sold them.

This hero of American Folklore picked up his nickname and the legend that followed him after his death. You can still visit one of his trees, which is 176 years old in Nova, Ohio.  The tree grows tart apples, which are now used for applesauce.

There is a 15 foot tall statue of Johnny Appleseed in Bedford, Virginia. It’s located on a 200 plus acre fam with over 7000 apple trees.

Johnny Appleseed Statue

It is not only apple farms who have chosen to celebrate his life.  The United States post office also got in on the game.Johnny Appleseed stamp - 1965

A 5c stamp commemorating Johnny Appleseed was issued in 1965 by the US Post Office. The stamp is still valid for postage today, but you’ll need a few of them to mail a letter!

More National Days in March

Just like every month, there are many national days in March based around food. Check out some of these days to celebrate as well.

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How to celebrate National Johnny Appleseed dayapples

If you wish to celebrate this national day, why not do one of these ideas?

  • Use the hashtag “nationaljohnnyappleseedday on social media to spread the word.
  • Plant an apple tree in your back yard.
  • Read the rhyming story of Johnny Appleseed to your children to introduce them to the legend.
  • Have a movie night and watch the Johnny Appleseed DVD.
  • And of course eat some apples!

Apple Recipes to celebrate National Johnny Appleseed Day

One of the best ways to celebrate any food national day is to make a new recipe.  Check out these apple recipes for some tasty ideas.These Tasty Apple recipes will end or start your meals with a delicious taste

Apple Recipes for National Johnny Appleseed Day - March 11

These apple recipes are the perfect way to celebrate National Johnny Appleseed Day. Why not make one to honor this true-life figure who spread apple trees across the Midwest?

There are close to 2000 National days each year with over 150 National Days in March. Be sure to check back often to see which National Days we are celebrating today.

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