National Have a Coke Day – May 8 – Time to Drink Up!

Coke drinkers take note – May 8 is National Have a Coke Day.  It’s time to grab a can of one of America’s favorite soft drinks. After all, we’ve been drinking it since 1891!

National Days are a fun way to celebrate, particularly if they have an association with food and drink.  Each month there dozens of them to choose from. In May, there are many opportunities to party with friends and what says party more than a tall glass of Coke?

national Have a Coke day is celebrated on May 8. Grab a glass and check out these fun facts.

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Coca Cola is a carbonated soft drink that is often referred to as just Coke.  The name Coca-Cola has been a registered trade mark of the Coca-Cola Company in the US since 1944. Over 1.8 million servings of the drink are consumed every day.

Fun Facts About Coca Cola

Here are some fun facts about Coke that you may not know:

Early Advertisement for Coca Coal

  • The first bottle of Coke was intended to be a patent medicine to help with fatigue and headaches.
  • The original Coca-Cola recipe contained 9 mg of cocaine per glass.
  • In 1886, a bottle of Coke cost just 5 cents!
  • Coca-Cola was invented in the late 19th century by John Pemberton
  • The name Coca-Cola comes from two of the original ingredients:  kola nuts (which have caffeine) and coca leaves.
  • A 12 ounce can of Coke contains 38 grams of sugar.
  • Soda fountains were popular places to get a drink of coke in the 20th century.
  • Over 1,000,000,000 cans of Coca-Cola syrup had been manufactured by the year 1945.
  • The cans of coke that we know today first appeared in 1955.
  • Coke is sold in over 200 countries.

How to celebrate National Have a Coke Day

There are lots of obvious ways to celebrate National Have a Coke Day.  Here are some creative ideas.a

National Have A Coke Day

  • Get together with friends and grab a glass of coke.
  • Host a cocktail party and offer some alcohol to mix in with your glass of coke.  (Please drink responsibly.)
  • Go antique hunting to see if you can find old Coca Cola bottles and other Coke Memorabilia for sale.
  • Use Coke Bottles in craft projects.
  • Use Coke in one of the recipes featured below.
  • Share the word on social media with the hashtags #nationalhaveacokeday #haveacokeday and #nationaldays. 

Here is a tweet to get you started:

March 8 is #NationalHaveACokeDay. Coca Cola is made in more than 200 countries. Fill your glass and celebrate the day. #nationaldays #haveacoke 🥤 Click To Tweet

Using Coca Cola in Recipes

You don’t have to just drink a glass of coke. Try using it in one of these recipes:Recipes made with coke are super easy to prepare and very popular.

There are over 1500 National Days every year. Don’t miss any of them.  Check back often to see which National Days we are talking about today and be sure to print out my free May National Day calendar to help with planning the month.

For more National Days in May, check out one of these days, as well.

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Would you like a reminder of this post for National Have a Coke Day, just pin this image to one of your trivia boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later.National Have a Coke day is celebrated each year on May 8.

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