National Garlic Day – April 19 – Activities, Recipes and Growing Tips

Garlic is used so often in cooking, it is fitting that it has its own national day. April 19 is National Garlic Day. Time to forget about its effects on our breath and embrace the clove. We’ve got some recipes, garlic growing tips and fun facts about this bulb that many people have a love-hate relationship with.

April 19 is National Garlic Day. Celebrate with some fun facts, growing tips and recipes featuring garlic

April is a month full of national days devoted to all sorts of food. Check out the full list of April National Food Days here.

The botanical name of garlic is Allium sativa. The flower bulb is the part of the garlic plant that is used for cooking. The bulb is made up of lots of smaller bulbs that are covered with a papery skin.

Each smaller bulb is known as a clove. Garlic is known as a “stinking rose” but is a member of the lily family, along with chives, and onions.

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Fun Garlic Facts

Here are some interesting facts about garlic that you may not have known.Set some interesting Garlic Fun Facts at Always The Holidays

  • China produces the most garlic but it normally won’t re-grow from a clove. To re-grow garlic, use organic garlic cloves.
  • The average person eats two pounds of garlic a year.
  • Garlic is considered both a herb and a vegetable.
  • Folklore tells us that garlic fends of vampires.
  • The majority of the garlic grown in the USA comes from California.
  • Sprouted garlic can still be used but it will have lost some of its flavor and health benefits.
  • Fall is the best time for planting garlic.
  • Garlic was once used to treat warts, toothaches and acne.
  • Gilroy, California is known as the garlic capital of the world.
  • Tradition has it that brides in ancient times carried bouquets that featured garlic to ward off ancient spirits.
  • Garlic bread was brought to American by Italian immigrants.

Tips for Growing Garlic

If you make sure to do a little planning at planting time, garlic will be one of the most hassle-free crops you can grow in your garden. Here are some tips for growing garlic:Garlic growing tips

  • People thinl that the cloves of garlic are the only thing you can eat, but garlic also produces greens called scapes. See my tips for growing garlic greens indoors.
  • Store bought garlic normally has been treated so that it will not sprout, but if you use organic garlic, you can grow your own.  Find out how to grow garlic from a single clove here.
  • If you grow garlic under the right conditions, It will usually take nine months to mature into a bulb.
  • Garlic grows best in the garden if you make sure that it gets at least 6 hours of sun a day.
  • Plant garlic cloves at least 3 inches deep.
  • Garlic loves the cold weather. Try planting garlic in the fall for the best crop next year.
  • Garlic is often used in pasta recipes. Check out National Pasta day for some ideas.
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Ways to Celebrate National Garlic Day

While some might think that the way to celebrate this pungent national day is by yourself with a box of breath mints, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the day without worrying about your breath.

  • Share the word about garlic day but using the hashtag #nationalgarlic day on social media.
  • See if there is a local garlic festival near by and visit.
  • Plant some garlic in your garden.
  • Give a garlic plant as a housewarming present.
  • And of course, get in the kitchen and cook some tasty recipes that feature garlic.

Garlic Recipes to try

Garlic is one of the most popular ingredients in so many recipes.  It can be used raw, where it is the most pungeant, or roasted to lessen the effects of the smell. Here are some great recipes that feature garlic as the star.Do you love garlic? Check out these recipes that feature it as an ingredient

There are over 1500 National Days every year.  To make sure that you don’t miss a single one of them be sure to.check back often to see what is new on the site. And find out what other special days there are to celebrate this month in the list of National Days in April.

Also if you do crafts projects, or like to cook, get some inspiration with my free printable April National Day Calendar.

Do you worry about the effects of garlic on your breath? How do you make sure not to offend others when you eat it?

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