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National Garfield the Cat Day – Facts about This Cheeky Cat

June 19 is celebrated each year as National Garfield the Cat Day. Join us as we brush up on our Garfield fun facts and learn more about this famous cat. This will help us be more like a kid again!

You may love Garfield but he was by no means a cuddly kitten – did you know there is a day for them?

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National Garfield the Cat Day

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Fun facts about Garfield the Cat

Garfield is a fictional character who was featured in the comic strip Garfield, created by Jim Davis. Here are some fun facts about this cheeky cat.

  • Other characters in the comic strip were the owner, Jon Arbuckle and his dog Odie as well as his vet Dr. Liz Wilson.
  • The comic strip was first published on June 19, 1978.
  • Garfield holds the Guinness World Record for the honor of being the most syndicated comic strip.
  • Garfield is well known for being lazy, hating Monday’s (and diets) and loving lasagna.
  • The book, Garfield at Large, made the NY Times best seller list.
  • Garfield has been translated into 7 languages.
  • The comic strip is set in Muncie, Indiana.
  • Garfield also has a few cookbooks, one is called Garfield – Recipes with Cattitude.

How to observe National Garfield the Cat Day

Garfield the cat cartoon character

Photo Credit Wikimedia commons

  • Use the hashtag #NationalGarfieldtheCatDay to spread the word about the day on social media.
  • Dress up like Garfield the Cat.
  • Have a competition for the neighborhood kids to see who can draw the best comic strip of Garfield.
  • Enjoy a Garfield movie while eating a bowl of lasagna soup.
  • Treat your child to some Garfield the cat pajamas.
  • Make a template of Garfield the Cat to use as a cat pumpkin carving for Carve a Pumpkin Day in October.

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