National Cinnamon Crescent Day – April 10

April 10 is celebrated as National Cinnamon Crescent Day. Why not bake up a batch of crescent rolls to honor this tasty National Day?National Cinnamon Crescent Day

April is a month full of national days devoted to all sorts of food. Check out the full list of April National Food Days here.

What are crescent rolls?

Crescent rolls are dough which is filled with sugar, and butter and then rolled and shaped into a crescent shape and baked until golden brown. Crescent Roll

Adding cinnamon to the dough gives you an extra good source of fiber, iron, calcium, vitamin K and manganesse.  See more benefits of using cinnamon in your cooking here.

When were crescent rolls invented?

In 1965, the Pillsbury company launched a refrigerated crescent roll. This was also when the Pillsbury Doughboy first came on the scene.

The Pillsbury Doughboy was also known as “Poppin’ Fresh” and still represents Pillsbury’s refrigerated dough products today.

Before Pillsbury came out with their products, the croissant (which has the same shape) was made in Austria. So, those of you who think that France came up with the famous pastry, are a few countries away. 

What is the difference between croissants and crescent rolls?

Both baked foods have layers of butter which makes the dough flaky when it is baked.

The main difference between a croissant and a crescent roll is the amount of time required to make it. Croissants are much richer in taste and flakier than crescent rolls. croissants

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How to celebrate National Cinnamon Crescent Day

More National Food Days in April

Cinnamon crescent day is not the only National Food Day in April.  There are lots of others, as well. Check out these tasty days:

Recipes for National Cinnamon Crescent DayTry one of these cinnamon crescent rolls to start your day in a sweet way

These cinnamon crescent recipes will let you treat your family to all sorts of crescent rolls. Why not experiment with a new one today?

Cinnamon Crescent Recipes

Cinnamon crescent rolls are sweet and warm with a toasty and crunchy outside. They puff up to a lovely crescent shape and are great for breakfast, dessert or a sweet snack.

Walnut Vanilla Cresent Roll Cookies

Photo Credit:

This recipe for walnut vanilla crescent roll cookies is very delicate and tasty. The texture is light and fluffy and the flavor is lovely with a great vanilla and cinnamon taste.

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Cinnamon Crescent Rolls

Photo Credit:

These Cinnamon Crescent Rolls are everything you would expect from a buttery, flaky crescent roll, but with a sweet twist. Filled with cinnamon sugar butter and topped with a sweet vanilla glaze, these makeshift cinnamon rolls are delicious and simple to prepare.

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Crescent Roll Beignets

Photo Credit:

Crescent Roll Beignets are mouth-watering pillows of fried dough, smothered in cinnamon sugar. Breakfast doesn't get any simpler or better!

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Cinnamon Crescent Roll Braids

Photo Credit:

A fun twist on breakfast — the whole family will love these easy Cinnamon Crescent Roll Braids!

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Crescent Roll Breakfast Rings

Photo Credit:

Crescent Roll Breakfast Rings are easy to make and are filled with great ingredients. Perfect for Christmas treats and all through the year.

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Apple Cinnamon Crescent Rolls with Homemade Caramel Sauce

Photo Credit:

These Apple Cinnamon Crescent Rolls are a perfect semi-homemade treat that includes a delicious homemade caramel sauce. Not only do they make use of the apples, but they are a decadent dish that serves beautifully to guests.

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Campfire Cinnamon Roll-ups

Photo Credit:

These sweets treats are made with just 3 easy to pack ingredients and only take about five minutes to cook over an open flame. These make a fabulous camping breakfast, especially combined with some campfire scrambled eggs and orange juice. Seriously, yum!

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Apple Pie Crescent Rolls with Cinnamon Icing

Photo Credit:

Apples all rolled up in crescent dough and sprinkled with cinnamon. So sinfully rich!

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There are close to 2000 National Days in the year, and over 150 of them happen in April.  See my full list of April National Days here.  And be sure to check back often to see which day we are celebrating today.

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