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National Cake Decorating Day – Celebrate with one of these Cakes

October 10 is celebrated each year as National Cake Decorating Day. What better way to observe this national day than with a few beautifully decorated cakes?

Cakes can be the highlight of any party dessert table, so knowing how to decorate one will make sure yours are a hit with guests.

Whether you are a professional cake decorator or someone who decorates cakes as a hobby, this day is the perfect day to show off your skills.

When my daughter Jess was a little girl, I had fun each time her birthday rolled around doing a different themed cake. The process is actually much easier than you might think. Maybe today is the time for you to give it a try!

Cake with decoration topoper

We all think of cake decorating when it comes to birthdays or a wedding, but nicely decorated cakes will add a touch of class to any special occasion.

It is not just cake decorating that has its own national day this month. See the full list of national days in October.  Be sure to also check out the other food holidays in October. There is at least one every day!

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Tips for cake decorating

There are a few things that you can do to make decorating a cake a much easier task.Cake decorating Tips

Freeze the cake

Frosting a cake is much easier if the cake has been frozen first. This gives it a much smoother finish and makes sure that bits of the cake don’t come off in the frosting.

Use a bench scraper

Do you love the look of those super tall cakes with perfectly smooth sides? These are achieved by using a bench scraper, a long flat tool that achieves this look.

Hold the scraper in your dominant hand and then use the other hand to grip and turn a turntable with the cake on it for a super smooth finish.

Use piping tips

There are dozens and dozens of piping tips that can be used to achieve professional looks easily and quickly. Just place your frosting in an icing bag and add a coupler and piping tip.

You can create rosettes, leaves, stars and many other effects easily. You could even used a grass tip to make birds nest cupcakes for Easter, which is really fun.

Dust the cake

Want a professional look very quickly? Just dust the whole cake with powdered sugar or cocoa using a sifter. Use light on dark frosting or dark on light for a quick and easy look that your guest will admire.

Use a pattern

Transfer a pattern to a cake so that you will have lines to use to fill in with piping tips. This is easily done with piping gel. See how to do this here.

Recipes for National Cake Decorating Day

One of the best ways to observe this national day is to decorate some cakes. Try one of these to see if cake decorating is something you enjoy. Perhaps you’ll add a class to your calendar this month.

These beautifully decorated cakes will add a special touch to any entertaining occasion.

Ways to celebrate National Cake Decorating Day

  • Get out your tools and decorate a cake. It’s easier than you might think.
  • Read a book on cake decorating
  • Take a class to improve your cake decorating skills
  • Spread the word on social media by using #NationalCakeDecoratingDay in your social media posts.
  • Celebrate the holidays by decorating a gingerbread house.

Would you like a reminder of this post for National Cake Decorating Day? Just pin this image to one of your boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later.National Cake Decorating Day recipes and tips

There are almost 2000 national days and holidays to celebrate each year. Don’t miss a single on of them. There are many more national days in October. Check back soon to see which new national day we are celebrating this week.

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