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National Black Cat Day – Fun Facts and Ways to Celebrate these Felines

Black cats have a reputation for being unlucky. National Black Cat Day helps remind us how special and deserving of adoption these cats are!

National Black Cat Day falls in October, and is not to be confused with Black Cat Appreciation Day which falls in August.

Both days celebrate these cuddly kittens and cats, but were created by different people, for different reasons.

Let’s dive in to National Black Cat Day. Keep reading to discover the history of the day, fun facts, and ways to celebrate the day (like reading and sharing black cat quotes!)

A black cat sitting on a bed with a text overlay reading "National Black Cat Day".

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What is National Black Cat Day?

National Black Cat Day was created by UK organization called Cats Protection on October 27, 2011. It is celebrated annually on October 27.

A domesticated black cat with green eyes outside in a backyard garden.

Cats Protection created National Black Cat Day to celebrate black cats and black and white cats. This day also raises awareness about their adoption rates.

At the time the holiday was created, it took on average, seven days longer for cats that are black to be adopted than felines of other colors.

Though sad, this is not uncommon. Black dogs also are less frequently adopted than other dogs.

Thankfully National Black Cat Day was created to bring awareness to this topic, and help more of these black colored cats and kittens be adopted!

Fun facts about National Black Cat Day

Brush up on your knowledge of National Black Cat Day with these fun facts.

A festive black cat looking up at the camera from inside a basket with pumpkins.

  • There are two days in the year dedicated to cats that are black; National Black Cat Day (created by Cats Protection), and Black Cat Appreciation Day (created by Wayne H. Morris).
  • In Scottish and Irish mythology there’s an ominous creature called cat sìth, which is a giant black cat with a white patch on its chest.
  • On average, black cats and black and white cats take seven days longer to be adopted.
  • National Black Cat Day was first celebrated in 2011.
  • An organization located in the United Kingdom called Cats Protection created National Black Cat Day.
  • Black cats have been thought of throughout history as bad luck, and have been associated with witches.
  • The dark furred cat is a symbol of Halloween because of their perceived ties to witches and witchcraft.
  • Though many people regard black cats as unlucky, in some places, black cats are thought to bring good luck and good fortune.
  • Ancient Egyptians worshipped the goddess Bastet (also known as Bast) who was represented as a woman with a cat’s head.
  • In 1845 Edgar Allen Poe wrote a horrifying short story called The Black Cat. Be warned, this story may be triggering, as it is about the murder of a cat.

How to celebrate National Black Cat Day

There are lots of obvious ways to observe National Black Cat Day. Here are a few other creative ideas to help honor this day.

A black kitten on the floor behind champagne glasses with a text overlay to celebrate National Black Cat Day.

  • Read some sayings about black cats and share them with your friends!
  • Donate to a charity that provides help and aid to cats.
  • If you live near a cat cafe, take a trip today. Many cat cafes partner with local humane society chapters to help get cats adopted and save them from euthanasia. 
  • If you are looking for a pet, head to a shelter and see if there’s a beautiful black cat waiting to be adopted!
  • Volunteer at a shelter and give the black cats and kittens there some extra love.
  • Talk to your friends about black cat adoption rates – they might be as surprised as I was to find out how much less likely they are to be adopted!
  • Watch a movie featuring a black cat, there are many Halloween movies that celebrate these sweet cats!
  • Do the word search puzzle for October to see if you can find Black Cat Day in it.
  • Spend Carve a Pumpkin Day by having a pumpkin carving party. There are lots of ways that you can incorporate cat pumpkins into the day! 
  • Use the hashtag #NationalBlackCatDay to spread the word about the day on social media. Here is a tweet to get you started:
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A black kitten in a field of flowers with a text overlay to celebrate National Black Cat Day.

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