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Mummy Door Decoration – DIY Halloween Door Decorations

Halloween door decorations turn any door in your home into a spooky entrance. The kids will love this mummy door decoration. It is super easy to put together and perfectly eerie to behold.

All you need are a few inexpensive supplies and your door will be a Halloween masterpiece in no time at all. The door cover will make a great prop for your next Halloween Party or the front door of your house.

Halloween door decorations - Door covered with white tape and big eyes with text reading "DIY Halloween Door Decoration."

How adorable is this door covering?   It will delight your trick or treat visitors.  You can do it on both inside or outside doors and the kids will love to help you put it together.

This project is one of my favorite quick and easy DIY Halloween decorations!

Halloween is the time for mummies!

Halloween is the time for mummies. I love to use the theme of this spooky monster in all sorts of ways. I made spooky mummy cake balls, and also pumpkin spice mummy truffles.  Now it’s time for a DIY project featuring mummies.

Mummy figure with hands up.

Who isn’t scared by the thought of a mummy moving around in your house? This simple door cover is the perfect way to set a spooky mood in your home on October 31!

What could be Halloween like than greeting guests with a front door or inside door made up to look like a mummy?  Let’s get started!Mummy and fire with words reading"Mummy Door Decoration."

Turn an ordinary door into something that will scare your Halloween guest silly with this mummy door decoration project. Head on over to Always the Holidays to find out how to do it.🦴☠☠🦴 Click To Tweet

Getting started on this mummy door decoration

You will be covering an entire door for this project. The project is fairly easy to do but takes a bit of time to finish. 

The longest part of the project are the criss cross mummy wrap sections, but I’ll show you a few tips to make this easier.

To make the mummy door decoration, you will need the following supplies:  Black and yellow poster board, paper streamers and tape.

I started by covering my whole door with the black poster board (be sure to save one strip of it for the eyes.)  

When I began the project I used tape, but changed that over time to Blue Tack. This holds the weight of the poster board up better and will work best if you plan to leave it up for quite some time.Cover the door with black poster boardUse a lunch sized plate for the yellow eyeballs and a glass for the black pupils, then trace the eyes and cut them out.Blue plate on yellow poster board.Place the eyeballs with Blue tack about 1/3 down from the top of the door.  Start to criss cross the white steamers around the eyes. 

Arrange the white streamers so that the eyes show fairly well.

Eyeballs and paper streamers on black board.Continue covering the door with the streamers.  Use the Scotch tape to fasten them to the door.  I found this worked best to work with the door open.   

This allows you to wrap the streamers around the inside and outside of the door with ease. (if you do it with the door closed, the inside door jamb gets in the way.)

Also, be sure not to do what I did! I started by walking back and forth to a table for each streamer.  Let’s just say I got a bit of exercise before I figured out the short cut of cutting dozens of streamers and putting them on my lap with the tape near by. 

I love my exercise but not when I am making mummy projects!

Taping paper streamers around the side of a door.What a fun project this mummy door decoration is!  Your Halloween guest will find it so much fun and it was so budget friendly. 

I was lucky enough to get all of my supplies from the local Dollar Store, so it only cost me $3.50.  Tada!  Here is my mummy in all his spooky glory!Halloween door decorations - closet door covered with tape and eyes to look like a mummy.

Looking for more tips for a budget friendly Halloween party?  Be sure to check out this article on my my blog, The Gardening Cook.

What have you used for Halloween door decorations? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

Pin this mummy door decoration project for later

Would you like a reminder of this DIY door decoration for Halloween? Just pin this image to one of your Halloween board on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later.Halloween door decorations - Closet door covered in white streamers with eyes and the words "Mummy Door Decoration."

Admin note: This post first appeared on the blog in October of 2013. I have updated the post to add new photos, a printable project card and a video for you to enjoy.

Yield: 1 door decoration

How to Make a Mummy Door Decoration

mummy door decoration

Change a normal closet or front door into a mummy with just a few supplies and a few hours of your time.

Active Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $6


  • 2 sheets of black poster board
  • 1 sheet of yellow poster board
  • 4 rolls of white paper streamers
  • 1 roll of scotch tape
  • Blue tack


  • Scissors


    1. Cover the whole door with black poster board, saving one piece for the eyeballs. Blue tack holds it best.
    2. Cut out the eyeballs from yellow poster board, using a lunch plate for a pattern.
    3. Cut black eyeball centers using a coffee cup as a guide. Combine the two pieces to form eyes.
    4. Arrange the eyeballs on the door about 1/3 way down.
    5. Criss-cross the white streamers around the eyes.
    6. Finish covering the door with white streamers in a diagonal pattern.
    7. Use Scotch tape to attach the streamers to the door. It works best if your door is open.

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