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Monster Mouth Apple Snacks – Halloween Healthy Treats for Kids

Tempt your child with a healthy treat by serving these monster mouth apple snacks instead of sugary sweets. This kids Halloween snack is easy to make and so, so good for them.

This is the beginning of months of temptations for both young and old alike. Why not tempt your child with one of these healthy apple snacks instead? They are the perfect snack to enjoy while you carve your Halloween pumpkin!

Kids love peanut butter treats all the time and these spooky treats made into the shape of monster mouths will make the snack even more tempting. There is even a National Peanut Butter Day, celebrated on January 24.

Peanut butter is used in all sorts of sweet treats. You can make peanut butter chocolate truffles, Vegan peanut butter fudge, and peanut butter and jelly ghost sandwiches

Monster mouth apple snacks are healthy and fun to eat.

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Turn apples into monsters with this fun and healthy Halloween snack for kids. Head on over to Always the Holidays to see all the variations of this fun and spooky treat.🧟‍♀️🍎🧛‍🍏 Click To Tweet

Apples are such a staple of fall – after all, it’s apple picking time! We use apples to make caramel apples and candy apples (find out the difference between the two here) and we learn about Johnny Appleseed in school.

Bobbing for apples, a game based on old Celtic traditions of Samhain, a precursor of Halloween is also popular.

Today, we’ll be combining peanut butter with apples to make some fun monster mouth Halloween snacks.

Making monster mouth apple snacks 

The monster mouth apple snacks will appeal to kids, since they have a spooky look, but all the ingredients are healthy and they will love the taste of them!

To make the treats you will need these supplies:

  • A firm apple
  • Lemon slices
  • Slivered almonds
  • Peanut butter (I used reduced fat)

Peanut butter, walnuts, lemon slice and apple.Choose apples that have a nice shape and are quite firm. You will want them to look like lips when you quarter them.

Quarter the apples and remove the core piece and sprinkle them with lemon juice so that they do not oxidize and go dark.Dip apples in lemon juice

Remove a wedge from the center of the apple quarter and fill it with peanut butter. Add slivered almonds around the edges of the cut out to resemble teeth.

Halloween mouth apple with peanut butter and almonds.Don’t worry if the almonds are all cut into even pieces or is some are broken. This just adds to the gory look of this Halloween treat.

These monster mouth apple snacks are one of the easiest Halloween treats that you can make. They are as much fun to make as the kids will have eating them.

Send a batch to your child’s classroom for a healthy snack, or take them to your next Halloween party. Be sure to keep some on hand in the fridge so the kids will have something healthy to eat all the way up to Halloween!

Halloween monster mouth apples.Enjoy!

For more fun Halloween snack treats, try my owl cookies and dirt pudding cups. The kids will love them both.

Variations on these healthy Halloween snacks for kids

In the same way that there are lots of caramel apple toppings, these healthy apple mouth snacks also have variations.

Your child won’t get tired of the same treat if you switch it up from time to time between now and Halloween.Apples made into mouths with big eyes and text reading "Spooky monster mouths - fun Halloween snack."

Here are a few other versions to try. Some are still super healthy, and others make use of a small amount of sweeter items. All are better than the normal round of candy treats so prevalent this time of the year.

Yogurt raisin Halloween apple mouths

This fun apple mouth is made with green apples that are quartered and cored. Remove a section for the mouth.

Spread your favorite nut butter in the cavity and fill with yogurt covered raisins of varying heights to resemble teeth. Dip a large edible eyeball into the nut butter and attach to the top above the middle teeth.

For the girlie version, cut tiny strips of black licorice for eyelashes. So cute!

Yogurt raisons in mouth apples with big eyeball.

Peanut marshmallow Halloween mouth snack

This version of our snack uses Granny Smith apples cut into quarters with an area removed for the mouth. Fill the cavity with peanut butter and push whole blanched peanuts directly into the apples.

To finish, thread a toothpick through large marshmallows and attach them to the top of the mouth. Add a dab of chocolate frosting for the center of the eyes.

Serve him with banana ghosts and orange pumpkins for a fun and healthy snack. This guy has quite an angry look to him!

Peanuts and marshmallows on apples to make mouths.

Green apple monster mouths with sunflower seeds

This versions of the snack is more whimsical than frightening, which makes it perfect for the younger crowd.

To make this version you’ll need green apples, fresh strawberries, almond butter and small sunflower seeds. Each monster has a pair of candy edible eyes for a sweet finish.

Prepare your apple mouth and spread almond butter in the cavity. Add sunflower seeds on the top row for teeth and a slice of strawberry for a tongue. Position the big edible eyeballs above the teeth and serve.

Green apple monster mouths

3 eyed monster mouth snack

You don’t need any peanut butter for this version. Cut your green apple into thirds for a larger mouth. Remove the core and cut out a mouth section.

Insert sunflower seeds with the pointed end into the edges of the cut out mouth. Position a slice of dried apricot and use a drop of edible glue to attach three small edible eyes for a fun and creepy look.

3 Eyed monster mouth snack.

Marshmallow monster mouth snacks

These fun snacks are a little sweeter. Make them with sunflower seed butter (tastes much like peanut butter but is Paleo friendly.) 

Use red apples cut into quarters and remove the mouth area and core. Fill the opening with sunflower seed butter. Position mini marshmallows top and bottom of the mouth opening, alternating them.

Dip two marshmallows in some of the seed butter and position above the mouth. Add a dab of chocolate for the eyeball.

Gruesome, funny and the kids will love them!

Marshmallow monster mouth snacks.

Strawberry monster mouths

Make this version of our snack using strawberry jam instead of peanut butter. Start with Granny Smith apples, making the traditional cut out for the mouth. Layer on some thick strawberry jam for a tongue.

Insert sunflower seeds pointed end first into the apples on top and bottom of the mouth.

Secure large marshmallows with toothpicks for eyes and add a couple of dabs of chocolate to complete the eyeballs. Licorice pieces make the eyelashes for the girl version of the snack.

Strawberry monster mouth snacks with marshmallow eyes

Add some apple eyeballs!

This mouth monster uses no filling. Start with a firm red apple and core and cut out the mouth area. Insert finely slivered almonds into the flesh of the apple mouth.

Using a melon baller, cut balls of apple flesh from another apple and then cut the balls in half.

Secure to the top of the open mouth with toothpicks and add a dab of chocolate frosting to complete the eyeball.

Apple mouth with slivered almond teeth and apple eyeballs.

Monster mouth apple snack with bloody teeth

This hair-raising looking mouth apple snack can be made with either red or green apples. Cut the traditional mouth and insert blanched almonds into the opening around the outside of the mouth, top and bottom.

Place some strawberry jam into the open mouth area and dip some of the “teeth” into it before inserting in the apples for a gruesome look.

Apple mouth with bloody teeth

Peanuty Monster Mouth Treat

This simple version of the snack has a smaller cut out for the mouth area, since only one row of teeth are used.

Fill the cavity with peanut butter and insert whole blanched peanuts into the opening. Easy, peasy, ready in just minutes!

Apple mouth with peanut butter and peanuts

Serve any of these mouth snacks with other healthy food ideas for kids. The kids will love chowing down on the Halloween treats and you will love knowing that your are offering them a very healthy option.

Banana ghosts, clementine oranges, grape eyeballs and a low fat yogurt dip all make great healthy snack options.

Healthy Halloween snack plate with orange pumpkins, banana ghosts, grape eyeballs and mouth apples.

Pin these monster mouth apple snacks for later

Would you like a reminder of these heathy Halloween snack ideas for kids? Just pin this image to one of your Halloween boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later.

You can also watch our video on YouTube.

Halloween apple snacks in a collage with words reading "10 Monster Mouth Halloween Snacks."

Need something to drink with your mouth apple snacks? Try a glass of warm apple cider. It’s perfect for fall, too!

Yield: 4 snacks

Monster Mouth Apple Snacks - Healthy Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

Halloween mouth apple with peanut butter and almonds.

Tempt your child with a healthy treat with these Monster Mouth Apple Snacks instead of sugary sweets. This Halloween food idea for kids is easy to make and so, so good for them.

Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 1 large apple - quartered
  • 4 tablespoons of reduced fat peanut butter
  • juice of one lemon
  • slivered almonds


  1. Quarter the apples and remove the core area.
  2. Cut a section out of the middle of each apple.
  3. Spread one tablespoon of peanut butter on each section opening.
  4. Place 10 slivered almonds around the opening to resemble teeth.
  5. Enjoy!


Be sure to choose large and firm apples.

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Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 157Total Fat: 9gSaturated Fat: 1gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 7gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 98mgCarbohydrates: 16gFiber: 3gSugar: 8gProtein: 6g

Nutritional information is approximate due to natural variation in ingredients and the cook-at-home nature of our meals.

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