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July National Day Calendar – Free Printable – 2022 – Updated!

It’s time for our monthly free printable.  I hope you enjoy this July National Day Calendar for 2022.

The calendar features one special national day for each day of the month that I have picked out to showcase.

You can use the calendar to plan your food, craft projects and outdoor activities for the whole month!

This free printable calendar is exclusive to readers of Always the Holidays and gives you lots of reasons to celebrate the month, one day at a time.Kitten, ice cream, man grilling and words July National Days Calendar for July

July is National Grilling Month, and while celebrating outdoors with family and friends is on our minds, that is not all there is to celebrate.

This month is a month full of days that honor our country’s independence, summer time food, cowboys, and even lipstick!

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Which days do we feature in our July national day calendar?

In addition to National Grilling Month, it’s also National Picnic Month and Independent Retailer Month. Let’s find out what other notable events happen this month.

DNA image on pink background and words July is National Fragile X Awareness Month.

On the medical scene, July is National Fragile X Awareness Month.

The great outdoors is featured in a big way in our calendar this month. From National Blueberry Month to National Hot Dog Month and National Ice Cream Month, July is a fun month with friends and family.

Celebrate July with these fun national days

July is a month full of days that honor our country, the outdoors, pets, food and fun activities.

Girl in bikini, giraffe and carousel with words July national Days.

Here are just a few of the days that we honor in July:

National days in July for animal lovers

May is the month to honor our furry friends. There are many days devoted to pets.

For all the animal lovers, there is National Kitten Day and National I Love Horses Day.

Teddy bear picnic and camera photo of dog with words Honoring our furry friends in July.

Other animal themed national days are:

  • Teddy Bear Picnic Day
  • Don’t Step on a Bee Day
  • All American Pet Photo Day
  • National Pet Fire Safety Day
  • World Snake Day
  • National Rat Catcher’s Day
  • International Tiger Day
  • National Mutt Day

July national day calendar

The readers on Always the Holidays love the national day printable calendars!

You can print out the calendar here, or just click on the image below to go to the download page.  The calendar will print out on letter size paper.

Be sure to click landscape orientation and “fit to page” to print it out on a normal size sheet of paper.

(The project card at the bottom of the post prints out the calendar in a smaller size.)

Calendar for July 2022 with images of national day events.

Learning more about national days

Would you like to discover more about each of the National Days? Be sure to check out my National Day Guide.

The guide has lots of information about all the pages that I have on the site with details about these special days.

You will get plenty of ideas for celebrating all the national days. There are over 2000 special days to honor each year!

Yellow sign with red arrow and word JULY.

If you’d like to find out what other days are celebrated in July, be sure to check out the complete list of National Days of July.

There are over 200 days to celebrate this month!

Do you love to celebrate national food days?

Foodies are in for a treat this month. There are over 100 national days devoted to food and drink.

Each month of the year has so many food and drink days to celebrate and July is no exception. There is more to this month than planning 4th of July food!

In July, we also have National Gingersnap Day on July 1. Then we can eat and drink our way through the month to end with National Raspberry Cake Day on July 31.

Food in a jar with a striped straw and decoration with text reading July is for Foodies.

In between these days, we can celebrate many other food inspired days:

  • National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day
  • National Ice Cream Day
  • International Chicken Wing Day
  • National Eat Your Beans Day
  • National Caesar Salad Day
  • National Pina Colada Day
  • National Barbecued Spareribs Day
  • National Blueberry Day
  • National Mojito Day
  • National Fortune Cookie Day
  • National Avocado Day

Some of these food holidays are featured in the July printable calendar, but there are many others, as well. Check out this list of other National Food Days in July, too.

There is at least one food or drink day for every day of the month.

Each of these flavor filled days tempts us to indulge in our favorite foods or drinks.

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Always the Holidays has a large following on Pinterest. You can find many interesting boards to find information about the national days and other holidays each year.

Also be sure to check out my National Days Board on Pinterest for lots of great ideas.Pinterest boards and words Follow on Pinterest Always the Holidays.

For all my calendar printables for national days check out these pages

This is a list of the national day printable calendars.  A few of these calendars are for last year, but check back soon. 

I will be updating them with a new calendar for this year as the months approach.

Block calendar with 4th of July items.

For the national days calendar printables calendars for the months other than July, check out these pages:

Please note: These pintable calendars take me a long time to make. These national day calendar printables are for personal use only.

If you are sharing these (and thank you for that!) please link directly to this post and not to the actual image.

I appreciate your help in supporting my site. The calendar may not be used for any retail purpose or for any mass distribution.

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I update each of the national day calendars as the year progresses. My weekly newsletter gives readers a notification when the calendar is ready for printing.

The newsletter will come right to your inbox, and you’ll get a heads up when the new calendar comes out.

Fire words and greenery with words Newsletter Sign up.

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You can opt out at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email.

Pin the July national day calendar printable

Would you like a reminder of the July printable calendar? Just pin it to one of your Boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later.

Red white and blue ribbon and calendar for July 2022 with words July National Day Calendar.

Admin note: this post for the July national day printable calendar first appeared on the blog in May of 2019. I have updated the post to add all new photos, an updated calendar, a printable calendar card, and a video for you to enjoy.

What is your favorite National Day to celebrate in July?

Yield: 1 printable

July National Day Calendar Printable

July printable Calendar

Plan your activities, DIY projects and recipes for the month with this Free printable National Day Calendar for the month of July.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $1


  • Glossy photo paper or heavy card stock


  • Deskjet printer


    1. Load your heavy card stock or glossy photo paper into your Deskjet printer.
    2. Choose portrait layout and if possible "fit to page" in your settings.
    3. Print the calendar and display. Calendar flipped sideways with words July 2022.


Using this print function on this card will print a calendar that fills about 3/4 of an 8 x 11 sheet of paper.

To fill the entire page, choose "fit to page" on your printer if you have this setting, or use the link in the post above and print using the browser print feature.

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Tuesday 29th of September 2020

Thank you for providing this. Your work is really great, I appreciate it.


Saturday 29th of August 2020

Love your calendars. We are now using them in our pre-school program. When will you publish November and December to round out our year?

Thanks, Lois


Sunday 30th of August 2020

I'm not sure of the exact day but it will be a few weeks before the month starts. Please note that the calendars cannot be mass produced and sent out as school mailings. They are for personal use only.

Ramesh Rao

Thursday 2nd of July 2020

Hi Karen,

These calendars are very cool and my clients would love them. I am a real estate agent. Is this something I can print and share with my current and future clients? Pl let me know. Thanks.




Thursday 2nd of July 2020

There is a print feature at the bottom of the calendar, and you can also click on the calendar in the post and use the print function of your browser to print the calendar. However, the calendars are for personal use, not business use. Printing them for your clients is not allowed.

Karen Cline

Thursday 12th of September 2019

Thank you for doing this. Your work is so lovely and it’s really kind of you to share.


Sunday 15th of September 2019

Glad you enjoy the calendars, Karen.

Sharon Gore

Tuesday 6th of August 2019

Thanks for the printable! I love this calendar! It’s really cute.

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