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Get 13 Jack o Lantern Coloring Pages – Free Halloween Printables

As the temperatures begin to drop in October, it’s the perfect time to start gathering indoor activities for the kids. Make sure to add these jack o lantern coloring pages to your list!

These jack o lantern coloring sheets are part of our collection of free printables. We have been sharing lots of printables this Halloween and these free coloring pages are the latest in our collection.

Not only would they be great to share with your family this spooky season, but they would also make excellent printable coloring pages for your local church group of classroom full of children

Make sure you check also out our Halloween word search and Halloween word scramble for more free holiday printables!

A black background with eight neon jack o lanterns at the bottom of the image, and the words "download 13 free jack o lantern coloring pages" in the center, all in white text except for the words "jack o lantern" which are in rainbow lettering matching the neon pumpkins at the bottom of the image.

How to print the free jack o lantern coloring pages

Please note: These Halloween coloring pages take a long time to make and are for personal use only.

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A square image completely filled with smiling jack o lanterns, each one has a slightly different expression, and they are all orange with a yellow light coming from them and and a greenish brown stem at the top.

You can print the individual Halloween coloring sheets by clicking directly on the image of each of the coloring pages or by clicking on the link below each image.

Doing this will take you to a page with a high resolution image that you can print. To print each coloring sheet, click “file” and then “print” from your internet toolbar.

When printing these free coloring sheets, be sure choose portrait orientation and “fit to page” on your printer settings. Doing this will give you a full page printout of these coloring pages for Halloween.

Jack o lantern printable coloring sheets

Jack o lanterns are a symbol of Halloween, and can be found all October long! To learn why they so popular around this time of year, check out our post on The Legend of Stingy Jack. 

A jack o lantern printable coloring page with two pumpkins stacked on top of each other, with leaves around them, and stars and bats in the sky with the words "trick or treat" and "Halloween" above them.

Download this Halloween coloring page printable here.

These detailed jack o lanterns in the printable above will give your kids the opportunity to use all the colors of the rainbow when filling in this coloring sheet for Halloween.

If you want beautifully decorated pumpkins for your home like the ones above, try making gorgeous these white chenille pumpkins. The best part is you don’t even need to carve these pumpkins!

Jack o lantern printable coloring pages

The Halloween printable coloring sheet below contains 35 pumpkins with various jack o lantern faces carved into them. The sky is the limit for creativity with this coloring page!

Free jack o lantern coloring pages, filled from the top to the bottom with jack o lanterns with various expressions.

Download this jack o lantern coloring page here.

If you’re interested in carving some jack o lanterns with your family this year, make sure to check out our pumpkin carving ideas. There’s ideas for varying levels of difficulty so everyone can participate!

Halloween printable coloring sheets

In addition to seeing jack o lanterns everywhere during Halloween, you’re also likely to see black cats, whether in real life or just in decorations. 

This is because of a fearsome black cat in Scottish and Irish mythology called the cat sith and its connection to Samhain. To learn more about this creature, check out our post on the legend of the cat sith.

Coloring pages for Halloween with three different cat images on it, the top image depicts a cat wearing a witches hat coming out of a jack o lantern, the middle image has two kittens playing around a jack o lantern, and the bottom image has a simply drawn cat coming out of a jack o lantern, with paw prints and tiny jack o lanterns filling in the blank space between these three images on the free coloring pages.

Celebrate black cats and their connection to Halloween by downloading this holiday printable coloring sheet here.

If you want more information about black cats, make sure to check out the national days dedicated them during the year, including National Black Cat Day and Black Cat Appreciation Day.

Free jack o lantern printables

Because jack o lanterns have faces, each one has their own personality. The jack o lantern in the coloring sheet below is a little spooky, which is so appropriate for Halloween!

Jack o lantern coloring sheets with a big jack o lantern in the center wearing a witches hat, and baby jack o lantern at the bottom of the image, with vines surrounding all of the jack o lanterns, with the word "spooky" at the top and "season" at the bottom of the coloring sheet printable.

Download this Halloween printable here.

If you’re inspired to do some pumpkin carving of your own, check out these pumpkin succulent planters and this pumpkin drink holder. Both require carving and make excellent Halloween party decorations.

Halloween printable coloring pages

The jack o lantern coloring page has so many spooky symbols in it. No only does it have a jack o lantern, but it also has ghosts, bats, a cat, and crows!

Jack o lanterns and ghosts as as classic of a pairing as peanut butter and jelly! If you like this pairing, be sure to make your kids some spooky ghost PB&Js this year.

Halloween printable coloring sheets featuring a large jack o lantern snowman, made of three pumpkins, with the top pumpkin carved into a smiling jack o lantern, wearing a scarf, and with sticks for arms, also in this coloring sheets are other Halloween creatures like bats, ghosts, black cats and a crow.

Download this Halloween coloring sheet here

For more ghostly Halloween content, check our our tutorial to make ghosts from scrap wood, to display on your front porch. 

Halloween coloring pages

Cat lovers will be thrilled to color in this halloween printable coloring page featuring not only jack o lanterns, but also this cuddly kitten!

Halloween printables with a stack of three jack o lanterns in the background, and a kitten emerging from a jack o lantern in the foreground, with bats, stars and tiny circles surrounding them in the coloring sheet for Halloween.

Get the Halloween coloring sheet here.

If you’re carving pumpkins this year, be sure to check out our cat pumpkin carving ideas! And don’t miss our on our list of black cat quotes for spooky season.

Halloween printable coloring pages

Jack o lantern coloring pages are a great activity to do if you’ve got some time before trick or treating starts. The one below is specifically geared towards this activity.

If you’re interested in learning why we wear costumes for Halloween, make sure to check out our posts on the traditions of Samhain (the origin of our modern day Halloween celebrations).

Coloring sheets for Halloween with a stack of three jack o lanterns with the words "trick or treat" above them, with the whole background of this holiday printables filled with stars.

Download the jack o lantern coloring sheet here.

If you need some ideas last minute costumes, to go trick or treating this year, don’t fret – we’ve got you covered. Check out our Halloween costume ideas for adults, and these easy kids Halloween costumes.

Free Halloween printables

The jack o lantern coloring page below has lots of Halloween themed icons. Not only does it have a big jack o lantern, but it also has skulls, eyeballs, bones, and Halloween candies like lollipops and doughnuts!

Free jack o lantern printables with a large smiling jack o lantern in the center, with the word "boo" above it in dripping font, with various symbols of Halloween surrounding it like bones, skulls, candy and bats.

Get the jack o lantern coloring sheet here.

If you want to make your own pumpkin themed sweet treats this Halloween, try our recipes for pumpkin haystack cookies, salted pumpkin fudge and pumpkin shaped chocolate truffles. They’re all crowd pleasers.

We also have savory pumpkin themed recipes like these pumpkin cheesecake muffins and banana pumpkin pancakes.

Halloween coloring sheets

If you’ve got a little witch or wizard in the family, they’ll love the witchy halloween coloring page below. It’s got a witch holding a mini jack o lantern, with a trusty black cat at her feet!

A seasonal printables coloring page, featuring a girl wearing a witches hat, holding a jack o lantern with a cat at her feet, and stars above her head.

Get the free coloring page for Halloween here.

If you’re looking for some witchy decor this holiday season, make sure to check out our favorite witch leg decor ideas for Halloween.

Free coloring pages for Halloween

Even though a lot of jack o lanterns during this time of year are scary, they don’t have to be. The Halloween coloring page proves that with a cute and happy jack o lantern!

Halloween coloring pages with a large smiling jack o lantern in the center of the image wearing a witches hat, surrounded by crosses, bats, a full moon, a black cat, spiderwebs, vines and flowers, with the words "spooky" and "Halloween" also written on the bottom half of this holiday printable.

Download the happy jack o lantern printable here.

If you want more cute pumpkin ideas, check out these these scrapbook paper pumpkins, this wine cork pumpkins you can make with the kids. 

Cute Halloween coloring page

The jack o lantern coloring sheet below has a very happy bat, because his jack o lantern is overflowing with candy. Just look at that smile!

If your kids love candy (whether it be chocolate, hard candy, licorice or anything in between), they’ll go batty for this printable coloring page.

Halloween printable coloring pages depicting a castle on a hill at night, with a smiling bat holding a jack o lantern full of candy in front of it, with a moon, stars, and smaller bats above the castle in this free coloring page.

Get this Halloween coloring sheet printable here.

If you want to indulge your sweet tooth in a festive way, you can make your own caramel apples. Don’t forget to load them up with your favorite caramel apple toppings!

Free coloring sheets for Halloween

The jack o lantern coloring page below combines some of the most classic elements of Halloween: jack o lanterns, ghosts and witches. What a fun Halloween printable! 

Halloween coloring sheets with a large, toothy, jack o lantern wearing a pointed witches hat in the center of the printable coloring pages, and tiny stars surrounding it.

Get the jack o lantern coloring sheet here.

Did you know there’s several pumpkin themed national days of the year? A few notable ones are National Carve a Pumpkin Day, National Pumpkin Pie Day, National Pumpkin Day and National Pumpkin Seed Day.

To learn about all the national days this month, be sure to check out our list of national days in October. We also have a page for the food holidays in October here.

Free coloring pages

If you love outdoor Halloween decor, then you’ll love this scarecrow inspired Halloween printable coloring page.

Free jack o lantern printables consisting of a scarecrow with a jack o lantern head in the middle of the image holding a broom, with bats and stars around it, with the words "spooky" and "Halloween" also included in the coloring page printable.

Download this Halloween coloring sheet here

If you want to try making your own outdoor holiday decor try this scarecrow autumn wreath, these car decorations or this scary snake basket.

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A collage of nine different Halloween coloring pages with an orange bar over them with black text that reads "Get 13 free jack o lantern coloring pages for kids".

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