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20 Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipes

Halloween is such a fun time of the year. These 20 Halloween cocktail recipes are sure to set the mood for any adult Halloween party.

They are visually stunning, and have a wide range of flavor profiles. To mirror the sentiment of trick or treating, some of the cocktail recipes below are sweet, while others are spicy!

No matter which of the cocktail recipes you choose from the assortment below, they are all sure to wow your friends this holiday season.

If you enjoy making and drinking cocktails, be sure to check out National Cocktail Day for some fun facts and recipe inspiration and check out this list of cocktail themed days during the year.

If you are hosting a grown up Halloween party, these 20 spooky Halloween cocktail recipes will be sure to make the party a success.

These spooky Halloween cocktail recipes will set just the right mood for your Halloween party

Halloween parties are a ton of fun for kids, but when you get the grown ups involved, you can really go wild. Setting the mood is a big part of the success of your party. 

One thing that I have noticed about costume parties for adults. Sometimes, our inhibitions keep us from really getting into character the way the kids do.

Add a couple of these festive Halloween cocktails, and all your party guests will be playing the part in style. Be sure to drink responsibly. We don’t want any accidents later!

Witch's brew purple cocktail from pizzazzerie.comPurple is the perfect color for Halloween. This Witch’s brew cocktail combines champagne and purple Viniq to make a really super looking drink. See how to make it here.Witches brew cocktailGrey Goose vodka and blue curacao really set the scene in this spooky looking Witches brew cocktail. Get the recipe on Recipes Just 4U.

Colorful Halloween Cocktail Recipes

spooky skull cocktail from pizzazzerie.comBlack spiced rum and Amaretto combine to make this Spooky skull cocktail the hit of any Halloween party.

Witch shoes and pumpkin with an orange Halloween drink.Pineapple and cranberry juice combine with coconut rum in this great pumpkin colored Halloween drink. Get the recipe here.

White Witch Cocktail from kleinworthco.comNot all witches are black! This white witch cocktail combines vanilla ice cream, white creme de cacao and vodka for a dessert like Halloween drink.

Ghostbuster cocktail.

The whipped cream ghosts add to the creaminess of my Ghostbuster cocktail for Halloween. “I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts” with a drink like this!

Vampire cranberry cocktail with licorice spider garnish

Don’t let the spiders get you! This fun drink is a vampire cocktail. The garnish is spiders made from licorice wheels. So much fun to start any Halloween party.

Since spiders are one of the symbols of Halloween, this garnish is very seasonally appropriate!

Halloween cocktail garnishes and skull.

Using the right garnish can make or break a Halloween drink. There are so many ways to embellish and liquid potion. See dozens of ideas for Halloween cocktail garnishes here.
Candy corn cocktail from
What says Halloween better than a festive drink made with candy corn? Orange liqueur combines with the traditional Halloween favorite to make a delightful sweet party drink. Get the recipe.

Halloween bloody Mary cocktail and skull.

This traditional bloody Mary cocktail recipe is rocking on for Halloween with the addition of this whimsical lime devil garnish. Find out how to make both the cocktail and the garnish here.

Need some more inspiration? How about one of these great tasting Halloween drinks?

Blood drip Halloween martini from Betty Crocker.

Gummy Worms Cocktail from Drinking America.

Candy Corn Martini from Fashionably Bombed.

Zombie Chocolate Pudding Shots from Sweetology.

Candy Corn Shooter from The Spruce

Black Devil Martini from Cooking Channel TV.

Caramel Pumpkin Dessert Shots from Latina.

Ectoplasm Halloween punch from Gourmet Girls.

Zombie Halloween punch from HGTV.

Nonalcoholic Witches Brew Halloween drink from Pillsbury.

Pumpkin Pie Martini from The Kitchen Whisperer.

Milky Way Martini from HGTV.

Ghostly Spirits Halloween Cocktail from BHG.

Bloody Rum Punch from The Spruce.

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Chelle Schade

Thursday 23rd of September 2021

Wonderful recipes,that I will have to try. Do you have any more unspirited cocktail recipes. I'm thinking of making one of these in a punch bowl. Have you done that? I'm pretty sure that would be really fun. I'll probably make it with some fake skeleton bones but I'm not sure if I can get one's that are food safe.


Monday 27th of September 2021

All of my cocktail recipes contain alcohol. I have not tried them in a punch bowl, but they can all be multiplied for larger amounts that will work in one.

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