Easy DIY Alphabet Block Christmas Tree

Imagine how cute this Christmas Tree would be in an nursery or child’s playroom? The alphabet block Christmas tree uses child’s toys, building blocks and some small holiday odds and ends.

DIY Block Christmas Tree Project

One of my favorite types of DIY projects are those that recycle old items into something new and decorative for the home. See my post for turning old paintbrushes into ornaments  and this light bulb snowman ornament for more fun examples.

Remember the old wooden blocks that we used to love to build with as a child?  I see them all the time in thrift shops and consignment shops.

Let’s put them to a recycled use by making them into a Christmas tree. It will bring the magic of Christmas into any child’s room.

Making the alphabet block Christmas tree

The project is very easy to do.  All you need to make it are a few items you may actually have on hand.  The Dollar Store or thrift shops are also a great place gather the supplies.

The tree will be more stable if you use a piece of wood as the base. This can be covered in felt and the edges covered with some plaid ribbon and edging to give it a finished look.

Having a base also gives an area to arrange a small Christmas scene around the tree and works as a play area for your child.

The beauty of this tree is that the blocks will stack easily into a Christmas shape and you can determine how large the tree will be by the number of alphabet blocks that you have on hand. alphabet blocks

Just start with a solid layer on the bottom and keep making each layer smaller, alternating the block placement for best effect. It is a good idea to glue the blocks into place with a hot glue gun for this part of the project.

End with a single block on the top row where you can add the angel later.

You can, of course, purchase the items to use in the display, but there are also lots of ways to keep it inexpensive. Check out the Dollar Store for mini ornaments and snowy trees.Christmas figures

You can also use old Christmas ornaments that no longer grace your tree, or even your child’s plastic toy figures will look great.

Arrange your display items here and there in the display. (There is probably no need to spend a lot of time of this…you child will be playing and moving them soon enough!)

base of the tree

Note:  there is no need to glue the toys in place unless you want to keep the whole arrangement for another year. The beauty of this is that the children can use it to play as well as wait in anticipation for Santa to come!

The tree looks best when the bottom base layer is loaded with Christmas figures and trees.  This makes it look almost like presents under the tree. (and gives your child lots of things to play with as they wait for Santa to come!)

Would you like a reminder of this Alphabet block Christmas tree project?  Just pin this image to one of your Christmas boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later.

This alphabet block Christmas tree will bring the magic of Christmas into any child's room. Admin note: This post first appeared on the blog in December of 2013. I have updated the post to add new photos, a printable craft card and a video for you to enjoy.

Yield: 1 'Christmas Tree

Easy DIY Alphabet Block Christmas Tree

DIY alphabet block Christmas tree

This cute alphabet clock Christmas tree will bring the magic of Christmas to any child's room.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $10


  • A large piece of wood the size you want your display to be.
  • Plaid fabric
  • Gold scalloped edging
  • Green felt
  • Child's ABC blocks
  • Small artificial Christmas trees with snow
  • Small Christmas themed pieces (old ornaments work great)
  • Small children's toys
  • Small wooden Angel


  • Hot glue and glue gun


  1. Cover the top of the piece of wood with green felt and tack it down with hot glue along the edges
  2. Cover the edges of the wood with a strip of plaid fabric and glue it where it meets.
  3. Add the scalloped edging at the top where the felt and plaid fabric meet and use it to cover the joint, gluing with hot glue as you go.
  4. Arrange the alphabet blocks into the shape of a Christmas tree and hot glue them into place.
  5. Place the Artificial trees at the base of the Block Christmas tree.
  6. Arrange the child's toys and Christmas themed piece around the base and also on the blocks in a pleasing arrangement.
  7. Place the Angel on the top.


The toys don't need to be glued into place, unless you wish to save the whole arrangement for another year. Part of the fun of the project is for the child to be able to place the toys and other items where they want them to be on the tree.

Inspiration for this project is from a vintage issue of Crafts 'n Things.

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