Easter Bunny Gift Bag with a Free Gift Tag Printable

Easter is such a fun time of the year for kids and grown ups alike.  There are Easter egg hunts, family gatherings and lots of opportunities to show your love of someone with a small gift, home made Mason Jar Easter cookie recipe, or a pretty gift basket. This adorable Easter Gift Bag is the perfect last minute craft idea for your Easter goodies.This Easter Bunny gift bag takes only 15 minutes to make and cost me less than $2. You can also print out free labels to add to the bag or other Easter gifts.

Decorating for Easter is a lot of fun.  You can add whimsical kid-inspired items like this project or go all in for a Farmhouse Easter decor theme.

With a few simple craft supplies and a brown paper lunch bag, you can make your own adorable gift bag. Add a gift tag that you can print out yourself and you have the perfect Easter gift for your kids or grand kids. The beauty of this project is that it only takes a few minutes to make!

Let’s Make an Easter Bunny Gift Bag.

This post contains affiliate links for your crafting experience. To make the gift bags, you’ll just need a few supplies:supplies for the Easter Bunny gift bag

I love projects like this that are simple to do and cute as a button when finished!  This adorable little gift bag comes together in just minutes.

Start by measuring across your paper bag and place a mark 1/2 way across with a pencil. I had my measurement 21 cm down from the top and 3 1/8″ in the center of my bag which was 6″ 1/4″ wide. Next, cut “bunny ears” with scissors by making a V cut.Measure and cut the bunny ears

Fill the bag with Easter Goodies and tie the bag shut with the cooking twine. I can see a bunny taking shape!Add the treats and tie the Easter Bunny gift bag

Now it’s time to decorate the bunny.

I used two pieces of pink felt cut into the shapes of the ears, a 3/4″ pink pom pom for the bunny nose and 1/2″ wiggle eyes for the front side of the bag. Everything got fastened to the gift bag with a glue stick.Add the eyes, nose and ear felt

A larger 1″ white pom pom gets glued on the bottom of the bag on the back for the bunny tail and we are almost done.

You can choose your gift tag label from this printable. It is a high resolution PDF file that prints out on 8 1/2″ x 11″ sized card stock or photo paper. I used the photo paper because I liked the glossy finish. Print out the label here.Easter Bunny Gift Bag Printable

All that is left to do is to make a hole in the label with a hole punch and thread the label through the cooking twine and tie in a bow.  Add the little Lindt chocolate candle for an extra sweet treat.Easter Bunny gift bag with label and carrotTa Da! This adorable little Easter Bunny Gift bag took me all of about 15 minutes to make and cost less than $2.  It is sure to delight your child or grand child.  And you can use the other labels for more gift bags or use them on other gifts. Both young and young alike will find them delightful.Finished Easter Bunny gift bag

Like printables? This Easter Printable is suitable for framing.

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