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DIY Christmas Centerpiece

One of my favorite types of crafts to do are those that re-use, recycle or re-make crafts that I have already finished. This DIY Christmas centerpiece is one of those projects.

Reusing materials saves me money, saves me time and gives me a great “I helped to save the planet” feeling.

Do you love Christmas decorating? Check out my recent post featuring the Incredible Christmas Place. They really know how to decorate! 

This Christmas centerpiece will definitely give your home a more festive feel, and be conversation starter for anyone who comes over during the holiday season.

This DIY Christmas Centerpiece is a remake of my Thanksgiving project. Just about an hour changed the seasons for me in such a pretty way!

If you read my blog often, you will know that I am redoing my kitchen and have a LOT of reclaimed wood that is available to me for projects.

My husband made me a great looking centerpiece box for my dining room table recently.  I used it to make this Thanksgiving centerpiece and it was time to turn it into something more suited to the Christmas holiday.

In about an hour, I went from Thanksgiving to Christmas in a very pretty way!  

It’s time to make the DIY Christmas centerpiece!Some of the supplies for my DIY Christmas Centerpiece

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To make the centerpiece, you will need the following supplies.

  • 1 wooden rectangular box sized 24 x 4 1/2″ (tutorial here if you would like to make it)
  • Floral foam to fit the box
  • White acrylic craft paint
  • Silver glitter
  • Small paint brush
  • 2 large pine cones
  • 2 pine cone floral picks
  • 2 holly floral picks
  • Red and green dried flowers
  • 2 silver wire Christmas tree ornaments (I got mine at the Dollar Store)
  • 1 peppermint candle (see the tutorial here)
  • Red flower floral pick
  • White berry floral pick
  • Gold glitter floral pick
  • 2 seed pods sprayed with gold paint

I started by painting the tips of each of the petals of two large pine cones and then dusting them with silver glitter.

While they were drying, I cleaned out the old centerpiece and turned the floral foam over in the centerpiece box.Paint the pine cones and add glitter

I had a peppermint candle ready that was made in a previous craft project. It would sit in the middle of my box.

Burning the Peppermint Candle I clipped the ends of the floral picks with wire cutters to give me about 3-4″ to stick into the foam. I also cut each stem of the picks so that I would have lots of pieces to use in the centerpiece.

By this time the pine cones were dried and I arranged them on the right and left side of the candle on an angle.  Then I added the pieces of the floral pick.

I made the right and left side mirror each other, but placed the greenery slanted in the opposite directions.

I didn’t do this in my DIY Christmas centerpiece, but if I was to do it again, I’d definitely add poinsettia floral picks. The plant is a symbol of Christmas, and National Poinsettia Day falls in December, so it would be festive all month long!

Greenery arrangement for the DIY Christmas Centerpiece

The little silver trees cost me all of $1 at my local Dollar store. It is my go-to place for inexpensive craft supplies.

If you have one near you, almost all of the greenery in this DIY Christmas Centerpiece can be purchased there.

I just clipped off the string and holder and plopped them into the centerpiece 1/2 way along each side. Silver wire Christmas tree ornaments adds a festive touch

The centerpiece is almost done! A pretty red and green plaid Christmas runner under the box is the perfect way to display it.

Finished DIY Christmas Centerpiece

I have a very long dining room table that seats 10 people, so I wanted a little more length to my centerpiece.

These two cone Santa Claus Christmas decorations were from my late mother’s Christmas decor items, and I decided to put one on each side of the centerpiece.

If you have little kids hoping to be on Santa’s nice list, make sure you check out our posts with Santa’s address and the official Santa phone number.

These cone Santa Claus figures were my mother's and look great next to the DIY Christmas Centerpiece.

That’s all there is to it. One hour, a few supplies and the DIY Christmas Centerpiece is ready to place on my dining room table.

You could also add some battery powered Christmas lights if the room you’re putting this centerpiece in needs a little extra lighting.

I love the way it looks, don’t you?DIY Christmas Centerpiece

One of the great things about this centerpiece is that it can be changed out easily to suit any holiday. See how I used it for a spring centerpiece here.

Do you re-purpose old craft projects into new ones? What is your favorite make over!

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