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DIY Autumn Floral Bow Tutorial

Looking for a cute fall craft? This autumn floral bow took me just a few minutes to make and is just the right size for all sorts of uses.

I love making floral bows with wire edged ribbon. I use them in so many ways – for basket vignettes, for door wreaths in each season and also for all my special Christmas gifts.  

They are so easy to make, and store bought decorations with bows already made cost so much. Don’t spend the money. Make your own!

This DIY autumn bow is super easy to make and can dress up all your fall decor projects.

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Do it yourself Autumn floral bow

Wire edged ribbon can be expensive, so I keep an eye out at the Dollar Store and local craft stores to see what has been marked down.

I found some lovely, wide fall ribbons at Michael’s the other day and picked up two rolls of it.DIY Autumn Floral Bow

One roll was made into a bow for my hydrangea wreath make over.

I had originally made a wreath with fresh hydrangea flowers and a blue bow for summer, but when the flowers faded, I changed the ribbon to match the fall colors.  

The bow is simple to do. Just follow these steps.

SuppliesYou will need a roll of wire edged ribbon and some jute to tie the finished bow. My ribbon was about 2″ wide.

Make loops Start by making loops. If your ribbon is not the same on both sides, you will need to do one twist of the ribbon between each loop to make sure the pattern is always on the top.More loopsKeep making loops, twisting the ribbon one turn between each loop.Finished LoopsI made 10 loops, five on each side. Be sure to leave enough of a tail to make a front center loop and also have a left tail.

front LoopMake a front center loop.

Ribbon Tail throughTake the tail of the ribbon and insert it from the back through the top of the center loop and toward the left side. Pull the tail through slightly.Pull tails thorughTake a small piece of jute about 12 inches long and slip it through the front center loop.

Tie the bowBring the jute around to the back and tie it very tightly. The tighter it is, the more the bow will bunch out! Do not cut the jute. It will be used to tie it onto whatever project you are making, in my case my wreath.

Almost done

When you are done, it will look something like this.

Floral bows are super easy to make and can be used in so many decorating projects. Gently take each loop and fluff it open and position it the way you would like it to look. That is all there is to it.

This bow cost me $1 and looks just lovely on my hydrangea wreath. All that was needed to finish it off were a couple of autumn floral picks.

Bow used on a hydrangea wreath.Here is the tutorial step by step in photos:

Autumn Floral Bow Tutorial


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