Clay Pot Love Bug Candy Dish – Valentine Terracotta Bug Craft (Tutorial)

This adorable clay pot love bug candy dish is super easy to make and sure to capture your heart.  The Valentine’s Day Terracotta bug craft uses two different sized clay pots and a few inexpensive craft supplies. 

Use it as a centerpiece filled with conversation hearts for the highlight of your party table.  It says “I love you” in style. This Clay pot love bug candy dish is the perfect way to display conversation hearts. It is easy to make and takes about a hour to make. #lovebug #conversationhearts

I love making craft projects with clay pots. (See my clay pot snowman here.) The material just soaks up paint, making the drying time quick and normally I only need one coat to cover them. 

Terra cotta pots have a shape that can be transformed into all sorts of cute decor items. I made a clay pot pumpkin candy dish for Thanksgiving and loved the way it turned out.

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I thought I’d make a clay pot love bug candy dish to hold everyone’s favorite Valentine’s Day candy – conversation hearts.  Since these hearts have “love bug” type messages, they go perfectly with my sweet critter.

Making this Terracotta Bug Craft

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This clay pot love bug candy dish starts by making the love critter first.  I used a pink heart shaped candy dish to finish the project.

As with most of my projects, I started by raiding my craft bins for the supplies to use in the project and then embellished as I went along, when I saw what else it needed to look “even cuter!!” I started with two clay pots and some inexpensive Dollar Store supplies. I also ended up adding some pink raffia and a few more red glitter heart stickers and some black paint as the project progressed.Supplies for the clay pot love bug

The first step was to paint the clay pots with acrylic craft paint. I used white for the bottom pot (3 3/4″) and added a few drops of red to the white paint for a pink top pot (1 3/4″). Once the paint had dried, I painted the face of the love bug using the pattern below as a guide.Painting clay pots to make a love bug

I just painted it free hand but you can print out the pattern here and use tracing paper for a pattern.

Love bug face.

The antenna is made from a red pipe cleaner. Snip off a piece about 5 inches long.  Make a U shaped loop and twirl the ends of each antenna.  The wings are made from the large red foam hearts which have tiny pink dots added on the edges and a pink glitter heart attached in the center. (For another fun project using the foam hearts, be sure to check out my Valentine’s Day Heart Tree.  It’s super easy and pretty to display. Wings and antenna of the love bug

The next step was to hot glue the tiny red pom poms on the cheeks of the love bug and the antenna on the top of her head.  The head is done and the bug is ready to be assembled now.Love bug head

Hot glue the head to the top of the body of the love bug and glue the two wings on the back of the body, as well.  Love bug body

This clay pot love bug is cute, but any self respecting female wants a few nice clothes, right? I wrapped the piece of red grosgrain ribbon around her neck and tied it in a bow and tacked it in place with hot glue. 

Then I used the red glitter stickers on the bottom of the body and also gave her a pink heart for her chest.  All that was left was her pink raffia hair and she was done.Finishing the clay pot love bug

Tada!  Look how cute this adorable terra cotta bug craft turned out! Imagine how sweet she would look in a little girl’s room!Terra cotta bug craft

Displaying this clay pot love bug

This cute critter looks just fine on her own as part of a table center piece or as a stand alone decoration on any side table. But I had something more in mind.  I wanted to turn the love bug into something more functional than decorative.Clay pot love bug and Valentine's day marshmallow treats

Making a clay pot love bug candy dish.

I decided to turn this sweet critter into a clay pot love bug candy dish.  The first step was to trim a craft stick and paint it white.  Hot glue the painted stick to the bottom of the love bug and then add more glue to the bottom of the stick and attach it to the candy dish.Hot gluing Love bug

I used a Dollar store pink heart shaped candy dish positioned the stick forward of center. It gave me a bit more room to add candy to the dish.  You’ll need a liberal amount of glue of the love bug will be a bit top heavy. clay pot love bug candy dish

Then I filled the dish with conversation hearts (with love bug style sayings on them). I love the way the glitter hearts match the shape of the candy!Conversation hearts in a candy dish

This adorable clay pot love bug candy dish will be the hit of your Valentine’s day party table.  To make this clay pot love bug candy dish into a centerpiece, I hot glued a Dollar Store Wooden Glitter Butterfly cut out behind the candy dish. This also gives the candy dish a bit more stability too!Clay pot love bug candy Dish

Your guest will love this cute critter, you don’t have to tell the guests that it was made with a few Dollar Store crafts supplies and a hour of your time!This Clay pot love bug candy dish is the perfect way to display conversation hearts. It is easy to make and takes about a hour to make. #lovebug #conversationhearts

Clay Pot Love Bug - Valentine Terracotta Bug Craft (Tutorial)
Prep time
Total time
This cute clay pot love bug makes a great part of a centerpiece or stand alone decor item for Valentine's day.
Recipe type: Craft Project
Cuisine: Clay Pot
Serves: 1
  • 2 clay pots (3½" and 1¾")
  • White, pink and black craft paint
  • Paint brushes
  • 2 red foam hearts (2")
  • 3 pink glitter hearts (7/8")
  • 10 red glitter stickers (3/4")
  • 2 tiny red pom poms
  • 1 red pipe cleaner
  • small bunch of pink raffia
  • ⅛" red grosgrain ribbon piece for neck bow
  • Pink heart Shaped Candy Dish
  • Craft Stick
  • glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Optional Large wooden glitter butterfly with cut out opening (I got mine at the Dollar Store but you could easily make one with a skill saw and some pink paint and glitter)
  1. Start by painting the larger pot white and the smaller one pink.
  2. Use the face template as a guide and paint the face of the love bug using black and red craft paint.
  3. Add two tiny pom poms for the cheeks and hot glue them on. Form the red pipe cleaner into antennae and glue them on the top of the head.
  4. Make a cluster bow of pink raffia and hot glue it on the head behind the antennae.
  5. Hot glue the head to the body of the bug and wrap the red grosgrain ribbon around the neck, tie it in a bow and position in place with hot glue.
  6. Using the pink craft paint and a tiny brush, add dots around the edges of the red foam hearts. Hot glue a pink glitter heart on each wing in the center and hot got the wings to the back of the love bug body.
  7. Use the red heart glitter stickers on the bottom edge of the bug and hot glue the pink ⅞" glitter heart in place on the chest of the bug.
  8. Paint a wooden craft stick white and cut it to the size of the bottom of your larger pot. Hot glue it in place on the love bug. (I positioned it forward of center to give more room in my candy dish to add the candy.
  9. Position the love bug over the edge of a heart shaped pink candy dish and hot glue it in place. Fill the candy dish with conversation hearts with Love bug style messages and display
  10. For a bigger display to make more of a centerpiece. Hot glue a large wooden butterfly cut out to the back of the love bug head. (This also gives the whole dish a bit more stability.)

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