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Christmas Quotes and Graphics

The holidays are such a lot of fun. Everyone seems to be in the festive mood and fun. Christmas quotes and graphics are really great way to share the holidays with loved ones.  

Keep Calm Christmas is coming

Christmas printables and quotes are a great idea to use as holiday greeting cards, inserts in gift baskets and for using in Christmas crafts.

Quotes can celebrate special days of the year, like Christmas Day, or even associated aspects to a day, like my Black Cat Quotes as we near Halloween.

Enjoy the Holidays with my Christmas Quotes and Graphics.

I love to take sayings from Christmas movies and TV shows and then tinker with them in a graphics program to come up with a graphic to share with my fans on my Facebook page Always the Holidays.

Have you ever tried doing this?  It’s a lot of fun and, for me, ends up being a very creative way to spend a few hours.  My favorite online program to make graphics like these is PicMonkey.

The program gives me a lot of fonts and special effects to play with and is worth the small fee that they charge for using it.

Much of the fun of Christmas is the anticipation. Keep calm, Christmas is coming!

Jack Frost Nipping at your noseOh the weather outside is frightful.  Especially if Jack Frost is Nipping at your Nose!

Grinch poem - see more holiday graphics and fun

 Maybe Christmas, he though, doesn’t come from a store.  Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.  From How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Christmas is when you buy this year's gifts with next year's moneyChristmas is when you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money.

Christmas Treats songOh Christmas treats, oh Christmas treats. How tasty can you be?  Oh Christmas treats, oh Christmas treats, please don’t put pounds on me!

When you stop believing in Santa, you get underwearWhen you stop believing in Santa Claus, you get underwear!

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas - see more Christmas graphics -’m dreaming of a White Christmas, and when I run out of white, I’ll start on the red!!

He knows when you've been naughty!You better watch out.  You better not cry…cause he knows when  you’ve been naughty!

Christmas Tree GraphicChristmas Tree Graphic with the words of Christmas.

Christmas is getting Closer. Tomorrow is December.Christmas is getting closer…Tomorrow is December!!

One of the most beautiful messes is created on Christmas day under the tree

One of the most beautiful messes in the world is created under the tree on Christmas morning!

Fun for the kids - Santa BeardFun craft project for the kids.  Have them paint on his beard each day until Christmas.

Hello December. You are the last month. Let's make it the best month!

Hello December.  You are the last month.  Let’s make it the best month!!Reindeer FoodMagic Reindeer food recipe!  (Get the recipe here.)

Sprinkle on the lawn at night.
The Moon will make it sparkle bright!
As Santa’s reindeer fly & roam,
This will guid them to your home!

It's almost the holidays. Time to put the scales into hibernation for the winter graphic.It’s almost the holidays.  Time to put the scales into hibernation for the winter!

Calories don't Count At Christmas GraphicCalories don’t count at Christmas!Yippee! It's Candy Cane Season - see more Holiday graphics!  It’s candy cane season.What your cat thinks about your Christmas tree!This is what your cat thinks about your Christmas tree!

Most of the images used in the post are public domain images from Pixabay and MorgueFile.  To see my list of public domain and royalty free stock photos, please visit my article on The Gardening Cook.

Would you like a reminder of these Christmas Quotes and Graphics? Just pin this image to one of your Christmas Boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later.These Christmas quotes and Graphics can be framed, shared on Social media or made into Christmas Cards.

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