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Christmas Home Tour – My Santa Claus Collection

I love when Christmas time comes around. Arranging my Santa Claus collection puts me in the holiday mood, and for that reason I want to share it with you.

I have always been a kid when it comes to Christmas.  I come from a very large family. Although we did not have a lot of money as I was growing up, somehow my parents always made Christmas very special for us. 

I carry that tradition to this day by being what my husband calls the “Christmas Fairy.”  I thought I would give you an idea of what our home looks like during the holidays by sharing photos of my Santa Claus collection.

My Santa Claus collection in a collage of 16 different photos.

It is not just the inside of my home that gets a seasonal make over, it extends to my mailbox too! See some ideas for decorating a mailbox for Christmas for inspiration.

If you have kids hoping to be on Santa’s nice list, make sure you include them in the fun by having them give Santa their Christmas lists by sending a letter to Santa’s address or calling Santa’s phone number.

Ring in the holidays with a look at my Santa Claus collection

The first photo shows our wall until with My Santa Claus collection on it.  It takes me days to remove everything that was on this unit and store it away for the month? 

Is it worth it?  Yes, indeed! We get to enjoy that collection each night when we watch TV.

Television wall unit with Santa Claus collection.

My Santa Claus collection

Now that you’ve seen an overview of my Santas, let’s look at them individually!

This is my pride and Joy.  I made this needlepoint about 15 years ago when my eyesight was still allowing me to do close up work. 

I just love it.  I have it framed and it is my favorite part of my Santa Claus collection.

Santa Claus needlepoint artwork.

Little did I know when my sister sent me this jolly elf on a shelf that another elf would be so popular this year. Truth be told, I like my Santa Claus elf on a shelf much more than the current one!

Sitting Santa Claus elf on a shelf.

Another little Santa Claus Elf on a shelf. As you can see, I am fond of sitting Santa Claus figures.

Little Santa Claus elf on a shelf.I have had this collectible Nordic Santa Claus for about 14 years.  He is a treasured gift from my husband. 

I’m always so worried I will break him when I put him out each year, since he cost a pretty penny!  The detail is fabulous.

Santa Claus Nordic style next to a reindeer holding a bag of presents.Two more Santa Claus figurines from my husband.  He knows that I love quirky Santas. I don’t know where he finds them but I always love them.

Two Santa Claus figures from my husband on a wooden table.

These two porcelain Santa Claus figures have been in our home for almost 20 years. They were gifts from my husband when my daughter was just a very little girl.

Two porcelain Santa Claus figures, one wearing green and one wearing red.

The Santa on the left is one of my favorites. He is a gift from a lady that I taught pre-school with when my daughter was four years old.

Traditional Santa Claus figures, one standing holding a bird, and one in a sleigh of pinecones.

This pretty wall hanging features Santa Claus on cloth.

Santa wall hanging that says "Hear the music of Christmas with your heart".

These Santa Claus figures are the largest ones in my collection. They stand about 2-3 tall.

Three tall Santa figures, one green, one red, and one with holly in his hair smoking a pipe.. These were all gifts from my mother.  The four on the left are Softique Santas and the one on the right comes from Department 56 collectibles. Five different softique Santas arranged in a line.Since I come from Maine and used to sled, toboggan and ski, these Santas are near and dear to my heart.

Five snow loving Santas on sleds.Another skiing Santa Claus figure. His head has come off and needs gluing but I never seem to get around to that chore!

Skiing Santa holding a pair of skiis and snowshoes, wearing a red sweater and red cap.I had a thing for pencil Santas for several years. I have downsized them and these are the ones that remain.

Four tall pencil Santas, one short pencil Santa, one Santa shaped like a Christmas tree, and one tiny Santa.Another gift from my husband. This one is very heavy and about 20 years old.Santa in sleigh holding a bell.When Jess was little I used to read her a different Christmas story each night in December. This Santa is one I call my reading Santa.Reading Santa who has two children gathered around him as he reads a list off a scroll of paper.  I have a fondness for all midwest Christmas decor.  It reminds me of my childhood home, which was rustic and country at times.Midwest Santa block letters, with a Santa being pulled by a sleigh of two reindeer riding over the letters.This pair of Santas was a gift from a friend of mine when Jess was little. The one on the left has a list of good girls and boys and Jessica is on the list!Two detailed Santa figures, one holding a sack of presents and a walking stick, the other holding a sack of presents and a list of names.These chubby Santas are so cute. The one one the left is an over sized Christmas ornament, but I’ve always used it as a figurine.

Two round Santa Claus figures.I hope that you have enjoyed looking at my Santa Claus collection.  If you have Santas that you would like to share with me, please visit my Holiday page on Facebook and upload photos to the page.

I would love to share them with the fans of the page!

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